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  1. Pretty much what the title says, I'm trying to finish a variant collection for them quickly and this is all I need now. Please and thanks for looking!
  2. curtbug89

    WTB - hail the sun 'Pow!' Cd

    I'm offering 100 right now to anyone who will sell me this haha. It's all I need to finish their cds/ vinyl variants
  3. I lucked out and only paid $60 for the red press, got the blue for cheap too haha. Don't think I'll be so lucky with the white (if it ever pops up)
  4. curtbug89

    WTB Anything State Champs and Dance Gavin Dance

    There's new dgd represses on srcvinyl.com, check it out!
  5. What's up guys, as the title states I am very determined in finding a copy of this specific variant of Sprained Ankle. In terms of what I'm offering, I am willing to either pay slightly over the discogs 'average' (only one recorded sale of $100) or do a cash+trade deal. I have the first press blue/300 & red tour variant/200 of the same album. Send me a PM if you can help out!
  6. Looking for a few things that mostly fall under the "swancore" label, any help is appreciated! Tides of Man - Dreamhouse - white vinyl Tides of Man - Self titled ep - cd Stolas - Losing Wings ep - cd Secret Band - Self titled full length - cd
  7. Just another dude looking to waste his hard earned money on more records/cds. Slide into my DMs if you're willing to sell any of these gems. The Acacia Strain - Coma Witch - green/black starburst/250 ---Wormwood (any press) Animals As Leaders - The Joy of Motion (any press/preferably red) Chon - Grow - red/blue haze/? Closure in Moscow - Pink Lemonade The Color Morale - Know Hope - grey/blue starburst 1st press/500 Dance Gavin Dance - Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean - self released CD ***I will drop stupid $$$ on this*** Hail the Sun - Pow! Right in the Kisser cd Issues - self titled - black/gold starburst/200 *been looking for this forever, will gladly overpay for it* ---Headspace - clear w/purple splat/500 I See Stars - New Demons (any press) Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle - looking for either the 1st press white /100, blue/300, or tour exclusive red/200 Knocked Loose - Pop Culture (any press besides grey) Melanie martinez - Dollhouse - pink/blue/3000 ---Cry baby - picture disc/1000 Phoebe ryan - Mine - transparent green/? PVRIS - St. Patrick 7" (any press) Secret Band - self titled cd Silverstein - This Is How The Wind Shifts - purple marble/300 & white cassette/? Silent Planet - The Night God Slept - clear/600 Stolas - Allomaternal / Losing Wings CDs The Devil Wears Prada - Roots (any press) ----Zombie (any press/preferably black cause le cheapest one) Tides of Man - Dreamhouse - white We Came As Romans - To Plant A Seed - pink /300 ____Thx for looking____