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  1. Give vacation vinyl a call. Mark (of hydra head) still has hella daughters vinyl and he owns that store
  2. Just messaged you mah man. Dang I have both those gallows records too haha
  3. saffydukes

    WTB: Converge - Jane Doe 1st press

    Looking for that too haha but yeah I know I'm asking for a gem. Been after it for awhile and had the chance to grab it but missed it by 2 mins
  4. Looking for the Orange/Red split /150 from the equal vision press, if you have a copy you'd like to sell please message me. Haven't tried on here in awhile so I thought I'd give it a shot again
  5. I have the full beloved variant collection if you need pics for reference
  6. Looking for these variants of these albums: The current will carry us (Clear w/ Black smoke /100) Tragedy will find us (Simpsons screen print cover /100) If you have a copy you'd like to let go of, I'd love to buy it
  7. saffydukes

    WTB: Van Nuys by Hotel Books

    I have 13/25. Feel free to shoot me an offer if you're interested
  8. saffydukes

    WTB: Ion dissonance - Solace

    Title says it all. Any variant will suffice. I just wanna lose mah mind spinning this. Hit me up if you have a copy for sale Thanks
  9. saffydukes

    FS: Punk, Hardcore, Emo vinyl! NEW STUFF ADDED

    All good mah dude. I've been after that smoke variant for seems like forever now
  10. saffydukes

    FS: Punk, Hardcore, Emo vinyl! NEW STUFF ADDED

    If that current will carry us is the clear w/ black smoke I'll buy it right now
  11. I just sent him a text asking about it for you and mah gawd I am so envious of your rosetta collection. I'm trying to variant collect them but what left I need never pops up
  12. saffydukes

    WTB: Panopticon - Kentucky

    Looking for the Clear/Green/Black splatter /300 variant. If you got a copy and want to let it go, please message me. Thanks