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  1. Beginner’s Guide to Hi–Fi Created to hopefully aid anyone venturing into this stressful, beautiful hobby. I will update this with more information whenever I have time to waste. Anyone is welcome to chime in. Basic Hi-Fi Chain: SOURCE -> AMPLIFICATION -> SPEAKERS (click to jump to section) The source component reads the recorded information and translates it into the signal that will be later perceived as sound. Amplification takes that signal and amplifies it (no, really?) in order to make it strong enough to move the drivers of the speaker. A speaker is a collective of drivers that are moved by the signal, producing air pressure in front of them which to us, mortal beings, means hearing sound. When putting together a hi-fi setup, always keep in mind: The end result will only be as good as the weakest link. Buying an expensive turntable and a good phono preamp is useless if you're using cheap computer speakers. By no means should you decide to just get a shitty turntable then. Instead, think carefully how to ration your budget across all important components. Jump to setting up & use: SOURCE, AMPLIFICATION, SPEAKERS LIST OF RECCOMENDED EQUIPMENT FOR DIFFERENT BUDGETS
  2. I know this is a long shot, but State Champs just released their new album today. They also released an alternate cover that's limited to 80 and I unfortunately missed out on it. I variant collect for them and have every variant of every record they have released, including Living Proof, except this release day bundle. If there is any way someone got one, or knows someone who got one, that would be willing to part with it, I have some stuff I can offer to buy/trade you. If you'd be willing to sell it to me, I'll: -pay you double what you paid for the bundle -pay shipping both ways -give you the Banquet Records exclusive variant of Living Proof which is limited to 300, since I bought two -give you a Like Pacific vinyl that I have a duplicate of -give you a Broadside vinyl that I have a duplicate of -you keep the hat. I don't want the hat from the bundle, just the vinyl/cover All of that listed above for just the cover/vinyl from the bundle. I know I sound desperate, but I am. Please, if there's any way you can share this around, I'll do anything to get that cover. This band means the world to me and it broke my heart to see that I missed out on something to keep my collection complete. I've spent an insane amount of money and time on my SC vinyl collection and it's so discouraging that I missed this. If anyone wants to make this deal, just PM me here or on twitter, my twitter is @elevatxd. I'm 100% open to alternate negotiations if there is nothing in what I listed that you want. Thank you so much in advanced
  3. Do you want to start a vinyl collection? Or maybe you have one and you want it to last the more time possible. Great! Learn this method for cleaning vinyl records. Remember that the process of reproducing vinyl it is so delicate that even a tiny particle resting on the surface of the record can damage its reproduction. That is why you have to take good care of your records. For having the best listening experience possible. And not only that! While CDs are read by the player with a laser, when it comes to vinyl, the stylus needs to physically touch the surface of the record. With that said you are also taking good care of your turntable by keeping your collection as clean as possible. I will share with you a method that I have for cleaning vinyl. I have come out with it thanks to a huge research online of different methods. After some days of consolidating all the different strategies out there, I’ve concluded that this is maybe one of the best, easy, and cheap ways to do it. To be honest, the things you need for this method are probably in your home. Check out the video and let me know if it was helpful to you or do you have any questions. Cheers!
  4. Been waiting for this one for a long time! The 2010 Afta-1 release F O R M is finally coming to vinyl via Non Fiction Phonics. Limited to 300 white vinyl. Scheduled for a November 28th, 2017 release date. Highly doubt these will ever be pressed again. Source #1 (Cheapest shipping to USA): Vinyl-Digital Source #2: hhv.de Also, there is a limited compilation cassette entitled "The B_4 Tape" up for grabs here: pronouncedlove Get at em! https://afta1.bandcamp.com/music
  5. I am well aware it is probably WAY too early to make this post, but my all-time favorite band, State Champs, released a hand numbered /100, alternate cover version of their latest release Around the World and Back DELUXE Edition, the day after I celebrated my birthday with my friends. I (over) slept in cause I got home so late until about an hour after they posted about it's availability on Merch Limited, and not surprisingly, it sold out. I'm literally heart broken, I have every variant of every record they've ever produced, including all of the other variants of the ATWAB Deluxe edition. I've seen them live 13 times and have met them most of those times. My wardrobe consists of only things that have their logo or lyrics. I plan on getting a tattoo soon. I'm so sincerely upset that I missed my chance to get that limited variant. So the point of making this post is to see if anyone might have gotten it that'd be willing to part with it. I know it's a long shot since there were only 100, but I have a lot of other pop punk records in my collection that I can trade for it, or I will just buy it. I will go to the ends of the earth for this thing, it's all I need to have a complete collection. I will trade anything from my record collection save for any other SC records. Please if you know anyone that has it, or you have it and wouldn't mind selling it, it's the only thing I need to once again have a complete collection. Thanks so much in advanced and for taking the time to read this. Here's my collection: https://deadformat.com/collection/statechamps Here's my twitter in case you want to contact me: https://twitter.com/elevatxd
  6. https://store.noidearecords.com/products/grab-bag-of-ten-12-records -- Hooray! -- Overseas humans: as much as we love you, the fact remains that this is an eight-pound box. That's expensive to ship for you. End of story. --
  7. SELLING A BUNCH TO FUND TUITION Willing to make a bundle for everything as well. All new and sealed. I have lots of mailers. Please ask questions Thanks guys! Will also bundle with anything listed here: https://www.discogs.com/seller/RoachRecordsCanada/profile Between The Buried And Me - Hypersleep Dialogue RSD $10 Anti Flag - American Spring $12 Transit: Listen & Forgive, Keep This To Yourself $12 each (Listen & Forgive is on color) Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds $12 Balance And Composure - Only Boundaries $12 Jezabels - Prisoner $10 Silverstein - I Am Alive In everything I Touch Red/White Vinyl $12 Hot Hot Heat - Future Breeds Green/Yellow $10 Prophets Of Rage - Partys Over Red Vinyl $10 Local H - Hey Killer $13 The Cure - On Top $14 Dillinger Escape Plan - Under The Running Board Gold/Brown Vinyl $10 Bouncing Souls - Simplicity Brown/Gold Vinyl $ 15 Sesame Road Color Vinyl $15 Blue Man Group Blue Splatter $20
  8. Here it is, the vinyl collection. ALL FOR SALE. Don't forget to scroll to the right for all the info. Shoot me offers. I have 197 ratings on discogs, all at 100%. Everything will be shipped in a proper LP sleeve with inserts. All LP's (unless sealed) will be shipped outside of jackets to prevent tearing. In this link you will find everything (artist, title, catalog number, condition, price). Please let me know if you see anything you want. All prices negotiable. Paypal only. Shipping: US $5 Canada $20 Everywhere else: $25 Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/144AL2SgMnnpSr2vsnwMAWoIfz6cKEi0yt8vKw9l08Po/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Hi All, I'm looking for a record, I'm wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of any and could point me in the general direction. (Anywhere worldwide) Thanks!
  10. Everything is for sale! Prices are listed but if you buy through here I can take some off. PM me or comment if interested in anything. Link: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Robfrenzy/profile?sort=artist%2Casc Paypal only. Ships Worldwide. All Sales Final. 12 inch: USA: $5.00 Canada: $20 Rest of the world: $27.50 7 inch: USA: $3.50 Canada: $15 Rest of the world: $22
  11. Entire collection for sale. If you see anything, let me know. Prices are flexible! Shoot me offers. Ships anywhere with proper LP mailers and inserts. Collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/Robfrenzy/collection
  12. The Beatles......Abbey Road......Apple Records....UK PCS 7088.......The last record officially recorded by The Beatles and one where they are at a creative peak. George Harrison is on for here and contributes two of his strongest Beatle songs "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun." John and Paul are working well, if not totallt together on this album and contribute some good work in cluding"Come Togeher" and "Oh Darling" ...There is the first use of a synthesiser on a main stream pop album and oh yes that excellent second side medely.......all in all this album is a great listen and well worth getting a copy of.
  13. I am selling my entire collection. The reason is because I am helping my wife complete one of her dreams which is to go to Ireland. We've been married 10 years and I'm very excited to do this for her....finally! I ship worldwide. I accept Paypal. All sales final. Shipping: US: $5 Canada: $17.50 per record Anywhere else: $27.50 per record (An additional $1 will be added for each record) I have 63 seller ratings on discogs and I'm at 100% rating. 12” Collection: - Blessed Feathers - Order Of The Arrow First Press (NM) - Blessed Feathers - From The Mouths Of The Middle Class (NM) - Blessed Feathers - There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow Vinyl Me, Please (NM) - Born Jamericans - Yardcore (Sleeve: VG Media: NM) - The Bruce Lee Band - Community Support Group 1st Press (NM) - Capital Cities Self-Titled Numbered EP (NM) - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone/The Donkeys - Daytrotter Presents No. 26 (NM) - Carter Tanton - Freeclouds (VG+) - Echosmith - Talking Dreams Hot Topic exclusive limited to 600 (NM) - Emarosa - Relativity/Self Titled blue & white hot topic exclusive comes with autographed poster (Very small tear on top of sleeve everything else is perfect) - Foxing - Dealer Green (NM) - Future Of The Left - Travels With Myself And Another (Still in shrink NM) - Harvard (HRVRD) - The Inevitable And I Hot Topic Exclusive (NM) - Harvard (HRVRD) - From The Bird's Cage Hot Topic Exclusive (NM) - House Of Heroes - The End Is Not The End (NM) - iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook - iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook (VG+ Media: NM) - J. Tillman - Singing Ax (NM) - Lower Dens - Escape From Evil (NM) - Lungfish - Feral Hymns (NM) - Mike Park - Smile (NM) - Nils Frahm - Spaces Vinyl Me, Please (NM) - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Days Of Abandon (NM) - Paper Route - The Peace Of Wild Things Yellow/Black split (Sealed) - Relient K - The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek (NM) - Run River North - Run River North (NM) - Secret Machines - Secret Machines (NM) - Slayer Repentless Box Set (Sealed) - Steven Price - Gravity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (VG+) - Sullivan - Heavy is the Head Green (NM) - Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface Hot Topic Exclusive (Sealed) - Twin Forks - Twin Forks Clear Variant (NM) - Unconditional Arms - Kinship (NM) - We Are The City - High School (NM) - We Shot The Moon - Love On Test Press limited to 5 (NM) - Wild Beasts - Present Tense (NM) 7” Collection: - The Apple in Stereo & Bis - Heroes and Villains (Powderpuff Girls) pink (sealed) - The Bruce Lee Band - Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend Orange 7" 1st Press (NM) - Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City UK release 7" (VG+) - Fall Out Boy - Pax-AM Days RSD 7" (NM) - Freedy Johnston / Death Cab For Cutie - Bad Reputation RSD 7" (NM) - Harvard (HRVRD) - Cardboard Houses Grey 7" (NM) - The Helicopters/Adam West - Stab Your Back/Neat Neat Neat 7” Limited to 700 (NM) - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Kinder Words Yellow 7” (NM) - The Mutants - New Dark Ages 7” Green Logo Version (NM) - Mutemath - Backfire 7" Extremely rare. Only pressed for VIP members (NM) - Unconditional Arms - Fever Basin 7" (NM) - Various - A Kinder Gentler Genocide 7” (NM) - VIS - No Waves 7" (NM) 10” Collection: - The Lulls in Traffic, States - The Lulls in Traffic | States Split EP 10" (Sealed) - Wolves - Simulation.Transparency.Alienation 10" Clear (NM) Cassette: - Mutemath - Vitals Cassette limited to 1,000
  14. Hey guys, I just got a Mitsubishi DA-L90. It has a Phono input section on the back. I have the record player plugged into the phono inputs, and my two fisher monitors plugged into the Rec. Out (L/R). Theres also a CD/Aux. in that i tried plugging the monitors into. When the monitors are plugged into the Rec. out, i can hear the album playing (and not from the needle on the record player) however, you cant control the volume and its extremely faint (just a tiny bit louder than the needle). The volume, balance, and tone controls dont work at all. The Radio is doing the samething: i can slightly hear it coming from the monitors but none of the controls are doing anything. What do i do? Do i have something plugged in to the wrong place? My set up works fine with a different reciever, however i want to use this one because it also hold cassettes. Thanks for the help!!
  15. So I recently bought two new records from the Basick supplies website and both came with tears on the top of the sleeve. I contacted their customer support to try and get an exchange about a week ago and haven't gotten any response since. I tried emailing them again a couple days ago, still no response. Anybody else had/having any issues like this with Basick Records? It's very irritating, and the records weren't cheep so it's pretty disappointing too.
  16. I Bought some albums that have nearly destroyed jackets and sleeves for cheap today.... But i dont really want to put them on my shelf because their practically crumbling from water damage. Does anyone have spare jackets/sleeves for the albums i listed below? Let me know a price and the condition of yours... If you dont have a spare cover laying around but have the album in bad shape and a good cover then let me know and i might be willing to buy it. The albums that need jackets,sleeves, inserts,etc. are: The Doors- Alive She Cried... 60269 Elektra Beatles- Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band... smas-2653 Capitol Beatles- Let it be... ar 34001 Apple Queen News Of the World... 6e-112 Elektra Beatles- Yellow Submarine... sw-153 Capitol Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath (Self Titled)... 1871 Warner Bros Foreigner- Double Vision... SD 19999 Atlantic Van Halen- Women and Children First... HS 3415 Warner Bros Lynyrd Skynyrd- (Pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd)... mca-5221 Mca Records Prince- 1999... r252483 Warner Bros The Who- Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy... Mca 37001 Mca Records Rush- Exit... Stage Left... srm-2-7001 Mercury Records
  17. I am in need of a survey answered on how the majority of the vinyl community would appreciate a new Vinyl Organizer that's portable, built for protection, small and out of the way, prevents damage to the art sleeves and can be organized by protective dividers. The link for the 10 question survey is located right here and would me much help in furthering my teams development into this project https://kttrecords.wufoo.com/forms/z1ijqsv313mvran/ Thank you for your time PS: this is not a scam, this is not a bot, this is nothing more than an engineering project in a high school that needs further evidence of need before the actual engineering process takes effect.
  18. Looking for the Flexi Disc they sold on the Discovering The Waterfront 10th Anniversary Tour if anyone has it. Its the last thing I need to complete my Silverstein discography so if you have it and don't collect or you are willing to part with it please let me know.
  19. Looking for a copy of Indonesia by August Burns Red. If anyone has one that would be willing to sell let me know.
  20. “There is a magic place where folky warmth meets lurid technicolour horror, where progressive rock complexity and all out skull-crushing doom combines with classic songwriting to flesh out a sinister but romantic vision of twisted dreams and lurking threats hidden just out of view. That place dwells in the debut album by Purson. The Circle And The Blue Door finds the missing link between Pentangle and Pentagram, by way of David Bowies dream reality and The Beatles feel for the perfect melody. And while it owes a debt to front woman Rosie Cunninghams clear love of the late 60s and the early 70s, it is her poetic, evocative lyricism, tight song craft, sonorous vocal style and dedication to deep musicality that takes this wonderful album far beyond the waters of pastiche. There are not too many 21-year-olds out there who are familiar with the early 70s golden age of satanic flute rock, when bands like Black Widow and Monument terrified Middle England with slow yet ominous odes to the devil, all the while dressed like sociology lecturers from the Open University. But Rosie Cunningham has gone her own way from a young age. Being named after the great god of Hell, may evoke the colour-saturated English countryside of early 70s Hammer Horror movies, but they do so with Beatles-esque sophistication, baroque charm and minor key reflection.” (vinyl color is unknown) Tracklist: 1. Wake Up Sleepy Head 2. The Contract 3. Spiderwood Farm 4. Sailor’s Wife’s Lament 5. Leaning On A Bear 6. Tempest And The Tide 7. Mavericks And Mystics 8. Well Spoiled Machine 9. Sapphire Ward 10. Rocking Horse 11. Tragic Catastrophe Available at Rise Above Records very soon. North American folks can pre-order a copy now at my shop - http://lastrightsrecords.storenvy.com/products/1173916-purson-the-circle-the-blue-door-vinyl-color-unknown-pre-order
  21. Looking for these two records to complete my silverstein discography so if you have either one or both and would be willing to sell please let me know.
  22. Calling all vinyl traders and stallholders! We're looking for more of you great vinyl sellers to come to Lou Lou's Vintage Fairs. Our customers keep asking for you so you're in high demand! We're the biggest vintage fair company in the UK and the winner of the best vintage fair in 2013, 2014 and 2015, which means that our fairs are consistently popular and get great footfall – running a stall at the fair is an excellent way to boost awareness of your business and meet new customers, as well as being an extra source of income. Our stallholders sell everything vintage, retro and upcycled from fashion and furniture to homeware, music, collectibles and handmade products. We have a bunch of regular traders who come back time and time again, but we’re always looking for first-timers to our fairs too. To join our new traders mailing list, fill in our online form (not mobile compatible) here: http://www.thevintagefair.com/#/new-traders/4544529288 We’ll then email you details of prices and availability at our fairs so you can apply for a stall. Any questions, email [email protected].
  23. Looking for the dance or die vinyl from family force 5

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