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  1. Hello guys, Phil from Elusive Sound here. From 2015, we have had an amazing run with our label, but have decided to let it come to a close in the near future for personal reasons, work-life-balance issues and future projects that everyone involved in the label has. We published a statement on social media, and you can read it on our website here. tl;dr: We'll continue with a few last releases and make our way out after those. We are not quitting right away, because there are still a few nice things to come, and we want everyone to get whatever they would like from us befor
  2. Cheers! You're in for a great and sturdy mailer and our packaging Thanks a lot! Big big thanks to everyone that showed their support! We sold out of the Glasir Deluxe LP in less than 30 minutes which is a new record!
  3. Heyo, Phil from Elusive Sound here. Gumbo may got us a little bit wrong here. We don't mean to disappoint anyone of course! I mentioned to him that we're not doing a "box / book" for this release cycle (regarding the Silent Whale Book Sleeve or anything the likes). Of course, there will be a "deluxe"-treatment for every upcoming album, so don't fret! I recommend anyone to just keep a close eye on our facebook presence, where we post all the news first. Also a big thanks and shout out to anyone supporting the label, it means a ton to us! We're very lucky to have you on board! Also, as

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