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  1. well fuck, i don't know what happened there haha.. That setlist is literally perfect. Throwing on Tertia now because it's been so long. Caspian is so good.
  2. Jesus fuck. When/where was that? I thought I saw the only Heart that Fed because it's only got one entry on Setlist.FM which was my first show.
  3. Yeah no Tertia material is a letdown, especially given the context. I was kind of with you on the orchestra for some tunes; maybe my thoughts would be different if i was downstairs with different sonics. However, i found it interesting that I *DID* miss the thickness of the orchestra during Castles. It felt a little empty after the thickness we'd been hearing. Not sure how I'd rate it. It's probably un-rateable. I think my first show is my favorite because I got Sycamore and Raven, and haven't seen either since.
  4. Everything about everything you just said. I think I've listened to Allochiria before but fuuuuuck I cannot get ENOUGH of this fucking band now! It's like the hypno-grooves of Isis mixed with the spacey Jakob waves and Cult of Luna structural foundations. Cannot stop. Also yes to PFS and Kokomo. Don't have a favorite Kokomo song yet but I am 100% in love with "Talus" and "Waves" from Waves. Dancey post-rock FTW.
  5. Yeah that show was fun. Glad I made the drive. Audiotree snagged video and audio, but Triple Crown bought the content so they're releasing it at some point. The dudes didn't know what would end up happening with it, so we'll see. Kinda surprised we didn't get Sycamore, but the bustouts were fucking sick. D&D live was maybe my highlight, although Rioseco and ASA crushed hard. New songs are fantastic. I definitely could have done another full set last night. That time went by so fast.
  6. Pretty sure label is dead. Caspian/Phil even made some announcement way back about ending things with them, serving them with legal papers, etc etc. My guess is that one of the owners died and the other one spun into madness. Their IG posts are so weird and cryptic. It's very sad.
  7. Okay so i'm not sure how this one slipped our radars, but man...... the Cult of Luna is strong in this one.
  8. New song is up, and it's reel gud. Watch out for those Daft Punk voxals though! This is the sound I love from them, though. Big Insomniac Doze vibes.
  9. Absolutely awesome, one of the best bands going. They crush live, too.
  10. I thought there was some science behind the heavier weight helping to reduce sympathetic vibrations on the platter, thereby lowering the noise floor? Also helps to prevent warping too I would imagine.
  11. Haha. Yeah. Honestly though I think its the 180g thing, because the A Thousand Arms and Dunk! pressings are now all 180g and they use colors and they all sound fantastic. But the 180g with black combo... it's the best you can get. Sure, there are always good pressings with splatter and whatnot (ie: every Jesu and Isis splatter I own) but outside of someone with absolutely batshit crazy quality standards (ie: Aaron Turner) it seems safe to say that the odds are always in favor of the 180g black sounding better than a non-180g colored variant. But who the hell knows haha. Could be totally psychological.
  12. I have definitely been hopping on the black 180g bandwagon hard lately. Maybe I'm just tired of splatters and such; I definitely used to be WOW for them when I started, but now i just want the music to sound good even more than I care about a cool variant. See you there
  13. I would check all of your connections... but remember this album always had weird production. The drums are very strange sounding, especially the kick drum. It kinda sounds like wet cardboard.
  14. Interesting that the black 180g is the limited variant! Picked that up and the splatter. Trying hard to wait until after school to listen. Saturday is gonna rule. Really curious what old tunes are getting dusted off for this.