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  1. Yeah that's too close. You're better suited to the Steve Hoffman forums for really technical gear questions, as there's a ridiculous wealth of expert knowledge there. Your tracking force balance weight is probably out of alignment. Investigate that, as others have said. You usually don't see the cartridges THAT close to the record itself. Some are different, but that's really close and usually not how most setups go.
  2. Of course they won't do that, because then people have the chance to pass. When announcing separately, you keep the excitement and FOMO going hard. Also Pelagic is far, far too under water to ever coordinate something like that. Have you seen their Facebook group? It's day after day of "Where is my order?" "You sent me the wrong thing" "Nobody is responding". I had to email them to ask about my "Yes I Am" order from PG.Lost, because everyone else was getting it weeks earlier, and they said "Oh sorry you aren't getting it, we oversold." Okay. So, they send me a replacement.
  3. "fee on currency" lol I'm sad though because "Something Wicked" is a special special album to me. My childhood best friend Kyle killed himself in 2010, and so "Watching Over Me" resonates quite strongly, as does "Melancholy." Sigh.
  4. Does this mean we'll have an official outlet to pick up "Aurora"? I've been meaning to get that forever
  5. Man I keep meaning to dig into the new Golden Hymns. I'm not sure I even did the last one. There's just not enough time!
  6. if you're looking to upgrade, any TT that has the USB port is going to be of lesser quality. Lots of options out there for decent upgrades though!
  7. Yeah that's kind of why i went for the shirt bundle. It's a bit for one song, but... they need it. And if it helps the full-length for next year, then awesome.
  8. Yeah i feel you. I don't go to the 7" records that often. They're a bit trickier to play. I'm still holding out on listening to this until i get it!
  9. Awesome! I think it would be a good fit; they already have the in-house screen printing operation, they have the Dunk! distribution chain in place, and a recognized and respected name in the post-rock world. I think it would be a great fit.
  10. @Sad Heart CJ from A Thousand Arms said he would love to have them on board, if they wish to go with an indie label that has their hearts in the right place.
  11. Big big news! Lots of updates here. First - 2 new releases! There are threads here on the boards for Coastlands and Her Name is Calla (final performance ever) Live at Dunk! Festival. Then, A1KA has rolled out a new points reward system. Just log in and make an account. If you've bought before, your info should be transferred to your new account and you should have a ton of points like I did. It's also real cool because there's extra non-purchase means of accumulating points. Really easy to navigate! When you sign up, you'll receive a $10 off coupon for when
  12. Live at dunk!fest 2019 by Coastlands releases in February 2021 by dunk!records. 180g Grey vinyl (disc 1) and Gold vinyl (disc 2) in a gatefold cover. Artwork by Error! Design. Recorded live at dunk!festival 2019 and mixed and mastered at dunk!studios by Jannes Van Rossom and Jonas Everaert. Limited to 300 copies worldwide. Fun fact: guitarist Jordan Patrick blew up the Fender Twin Reverb amplifier he was using during this performance. Track Listing: Departing Void Earthless Bottomfeeder Tired Eyes Quiet beneath the Yangtze River Keepsake In li
  13. Live at dunk!fest 2019 by Her Name Is Calla releases 2021 by dunk!records. 180g Colored vinyl in a gatefold cover. Artwork by Error! Design. Recorded live at dunk!festival 2019 and mixed and mastered at dunk!studios by Jannes Van Rossom and Jonas Everaert. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. This is the final Her Name is Calla performance. Track Listing: Nylon Pour More Oil Condor And River Wren Long Grass Frontier New England European customers please buy directly from dunk!records. All orders are pre-orders and are expected to ship by Feb

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