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  1. afaik Arctic Drones just succumbed to overload.... money, time, management, etc. Was run by one dude really and it just got too much. Right now, your best best for a blog is Heavy Blog's Post-rock Post or whatever they call it. My buddy David writes for them. This Soldat Hans album is fucking.... interesting. It's achingly beautiful, and sounds kind of like Godspeed meets Isis haha. EDIT - this Soldat Hans album is fucking amazing. Holy shit.
  2. Came here to say this. Really dig the first song too though. These kids can do no wrong.
  3. Well, this might explain why Tetsuo eventually came back after leaving originally....
  4. make sure you do yourself a favor and check out the other bands associated with these individuals: Show Me A Dinosaur - https://showmeadinosaur.bandcamp.com/album/show-me-a-dinosaur (my favorite tracks are Gone and Lights, but the whole album is wonderful) Somn - https://somnband.bandcamp.com/ (the whole album is short, but Awe is a good track - you'll like it all I think!)
  5. that will certainly be an amazing experience. Wish I could make it, but it's a weeknight Godspeed
  6. yes all tapes are /33. The poster, as well as the maps that come with the tapes, lead to a secret marketplace where you can use your coins to buy things. I will say that the packaging of the tapes is your key. The packaging and the maps go together. Like, literally together. Turns out, this is likely a bonus track from Babel called Pharmakeia. It's a single-sided 12" single. It's very nice. It's fast. It's got a lot of parts, and is similar to the Babylon series of songs where it revisits themes from previous songs. It's good. And per CJ, the packaging for THIS single has more clues to more things, which..... ehhhhh I don't even want to start getting into haha. There are maps inside the gatefold. It's crazy.
  7. So, they've done it again. Ranges have another cassette out, V, and this is already almost sold out. I love these releases, it's nice atmospheric ambience with piano and guitars and sometimes full band stuff, it's great. They're cheap and move fast. Also..... if anybody got a deluxe version of "Babel", check your mailbox because you have something special on it's way to you..... https://athousandarms.store/collections/ranges/products/ranges-cassette
  8. it's mostly because A) Black usually sounds better and B ) a lot of labels now are charging like $5 more for the colored variant, and I really don't care that much anymore. I just want it to sound good. I used to care about snagging the most limited thing, which sometimes I still do... but with labels now charging more for the colored stuff, I just usually go black for price point and chance of better sound.
  9. doing the lord's work here friend. I went against my current protocol and got the limited... hoping it sounds as nice as the black
  10. I wish I could react to Derek's react. Weird that Maserati won't be at the Kingston gig on 4/5.... guess I'll have to go to NYC.
  11. ....can you elaborate? I'm not sure what you mean, but I'm interested.
  12. Well that's fucking awesome. I've been chasing down the remastered CD's for like 3 years now, and Maurice finally messaged me back. I didn't want to bother him too much, but I tried to see what info I could get out of him since this is such a mystery. He said that they WERE talking to TMS about the reissues, but it never went anywhere and that was the end of it. Nothing was ever sealed, no deals. So, perhaps this last push will finally get them to see how in-demand this stuff is. There should be no compromises, but it's just weird how epic their "meh" attitude seems to be haha. Such a hobby band!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Just a couple things! If you haven't seen the A Thousand Arms thread, starting tomorrow everything is 30% off! That includes new represses for Babel, Earthcult, as well as the Tukor release from Torz (post-rock literally recorded IN A CAVE) in addition to the new releases from Pray For Sound and Kokomo My wallet already hurts. secondly, some personal business. Mouth of the Architect - The Ties that Blind. Do I want the OG mix or the remaster? I love this album, and I need it. But TL is now out of the repress, so it's off to Discogs... What say you!?
  14. Holy BIG SALE batman!!! A couple things to post about. First off, BIG SALE starting tomorrow. A lot of new releases to talk about, as well: Ranges - Babel 2nd pressing (looks badass) TRNA - Earthcult 2nd pressing (limited to 20 copies from A1KA - you better hurry) TORZ - Tukor (on Golden Antenna, distributed by A1KA in NA) Next, if you bought the Ranges - Babel /33 deluxe edition, there is a special marketplace for the Gemini coin that came with the release. That can be found at www.godsofthemarketplace.com Not sure what exactly it entails, but it seems there is a new Ascensionist-inspired shirt. If you got a Deluxe edition, it seems you will get an email about the password. I think. Lastly, there is a new Facebook group for A Thousand Arms music where you can get exclusive deals and early information about releases pertaining to them and their affiliates (ie: Dunk! Records). Facebook is currently down so that link will be supplied later. Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone!!! LASTLY, if you are on Facebook - join the new group!