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  1. Gumbo72203

    The Walking Dead

    Rick's story will be finished in 3 made-for-TV movies by AMC. He's not done with Rick just yet, but doesn't want to leave home for 3 months at a time to film because his kids are getting older and he wants to be there for them.
  2. For those keeping score at home, Silent Whale Becomes A Dream is on tour in China right now. They have been packing houses, which is great. Furthermore, their drool-inducing setlist is as follows: Dies Irae, Dies Illa Cor Contritum As Walking On Canopy Architeuthis Recordare Lacrymosa Dies Illa Fuck!
  3. Apparently this album has accomplished it's goal because every time I finish it, I always feel like "Fuck.... that's it? It's so short!" but it's like over an hour long haha. I need like, 1 or 2 more "metal" songs from them on this. But better to be left wanting more, unless you're Ancestors and their new album, where you make brilliant music but your album is only fucking 38 minutes long. That is some bullshit.
  4. Its weird, for sure. Some of it I love, some of it I hope grows on me. But i have a soft spot for obscure DIY demo stuff... it was my achilles heel when I was into death metal. Kvlt, underground hidden gems. I can't say no.
  5. Gumbo72203

    PO (soon) Glasir - New Dark Age

    And we're off! Paid the label on Friday, so thank you guys for being prompt in payments! Now we wait For those of you unfamiliar with this titan, I urge you to get acquainted with this because it's the next one out of the gates from Elusive afaik. https://ravena.bandcamp.com/releases
  6. Gumbo72203

    (PO - 10/26) Blankenberge - Radiogaze

    Hey guys! Payment to the label has been made, so now we begin the waiting game! Thank you guys all so much for another successful round. If you guys are unfamiliar with this titan, check it out because this is next in line from Elusive afaik. https://ravena.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. Gumbo72203

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    180g black and white though..... fuuuuuuck. That probably sounds killer.
  8. Gumbo72203

    (PO - 10/26) Blankenberge - Radiogaze

    Noted. Given the speed with which this sold out, there will be a repress. So, sit tight if you didn't get a copy this time around!
  9. Gumbo72203

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    Finally made my way through the whole record, vinyl-wise. This has aged very well! I'm absolutely loving the back half of this release, side C especially. My side C and D are pretty noisy though; the minute you put the needle down, you hear sandpaper before the music comes in haha. So weird how some records have this, and others don't.
  10. But people like it better when a band never releases a dud, even though you are right.
  11. Gumbo72203

    (PO - 10/26) Blankenberge - Radiogaze

    Thanks to everybody who's started paying up! All messages have been out and some payments have begun to come in. I'll keep you guys updated as things progress!
  12. It seems that the people hate on the album because it's very bright, emotionally-speaking. There's a LOT of major chords. It's happy. It's well-adjusted Deafheaven. The people that dislike this album seem to like New Bermuda and Roads to Judah the most, which just speaks to style preference. However, that is bewildering to me because Deafheaven has never lost the aggressive side of their compositions. Canary Yellow is like 12 minutes of onslaught. I think people want them to be more like Wolves in the Throne Room rather than contemporary Alcest. This was something I was thinking about last week when I was listening to again, because i was worried that they may get to a point where the blastbeats go away and I hope that never happens. Some metal bands grow and change A LOT (see In Flames, Hammerfall, Isis) and while I ***love*** tracks like "You Without End" and "Near" I don't want that to be the only thing they do. Overall, I do think this may be Deafheaven's best work; it's just so well-written, and so robust, compositionally. Which is very weird to say and think because Sunbather is such a towering achievement.
  13. This is probably what I'll do with the new TWDY album. I wanted to like it so much but on vinyl, I just can't take the sound of the production, chiefly the drums. Are you somebody who loves New Bermuda?
  14. Yeah dude, I got the CD for my car and I listen to it at least 3 times through before I switch it out. Fucking "Glint" and "Honeycomb" man... Please listen again! I've seen so many polarizing aspects of this album, people utterly hating on it because they added a lot of melody and post-rock kinda stuff to it. However, I thank that demonstrates it to be their most mature, accomplished record yet. I know many people who think New Bermuda is the best thing ever, but I feel within that record you can hear the disconnect and unhealthy place that the band was in - they were rushed, trying to follow up Sunbather (no fucking thank you to being in that position!) and it's not a bad record, but this record feels so much more together and focused. You can tell the band is in a good spot, rather than under the gun and stressed out. The new bass player helps a lot too, the bass playing on OCHL is fucking fantastic. My only gripe is the Chelsea Wolfe track... it just feels kind of unfinished. If they had interludes that faded out from Glint and into Worthless Animal I think it would have been more well-received. But the silence makes it stand out in an unartistic way for me.
  15. Seeing them on Saturday. So excite. This album is absolutely incredible, it gets better every time. I really think "Honeycomb" might be the best song they've ever written. I just can't get enough.