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  1. Oh man. You guys are going to want to keep the new Pray for Sound on your radar. I was afforded the chance to listen to a few of the tracks from the album tonight, and they're a fucking doozy. You'll notice the trademark high-energy aspects of their sound, but there is a lot more keyboards on this album, and they take some chances with new songwriting styles. Definitely them, but definitely not re-treading old territory so much. This might be my favorite work of theirs yet. The mix absolutely CRUSHES too. It just SOUNDS so good. I'm very excited for this one.
  2. I thought it was a little weird at first but then it settled down. The music is utterly killer. This band is the best.
  3. Translation Loss has recently tended to borrow heavily from something that someone else already did, so with the Elusive Sound Blankenberge pinwheel, the Caspian tri-color, Man Mountain's tri-color, Shy Low's Hiraeth pinwheel, I just assumed this would be the same. I'll be very surprised if it's not. Very psyched to see it though.
  4. They've signed to my buddy's PR firm, and he posted it up in one of our Facebook groups and I'd never heard of them before. I was liking it a lot - I figured you guys would be really into it. The vinyl is available from Bandcamp but I don't know of any distribution - but I would check Dunk! because my buddy also works for them writing copy. If it's anywhere, it's in the Dunk shop.
  5. I have a buddy from Facebook/Dunk! Festival who has everything so far. I'm curious about that tri-color but for $35 I'd rather go for the black from Holy Roar and know that it's going to play well. I don't have luck with split-color things haha. The galaxy merge sounds like it could be cool, but do you guys think it's essentially the same as the Rosetta - Wake/Lift merge?
  6. I know We Lost the Sea is eating everyone's wallet today but I think you guys will be really into this too. A breath of fresh air for the post-rock sound. Very chill, very beautiful and WELL produced. This sounds great. FFO: Not to Reason Why, Arms and Sleepers (it's not trip hop but gives me similar vibes), EF https://oftenthethinker.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-possible-tenderness
  7. UPDATE: Dunk variant will be limited to /500 copies. Color undecided at the moment.
  8. snagged the /150 from the band this morning along with a CD. That went fast haha This first song is MASSIVE. I had a small demo segment of it some time ago, and the final product is infinitely greater. That tri-color from TL looks like it could be epic... but I'm holding out for a black play copy from Holy Roar since they got their shit together and won't be shipping albums loose any more like with Holy Fawn. We'll see if they can withstand the infrastructure nightmare that is having WLTS on your label lol. anybody wanna do a group buy from Holy Roar for the black variant? Also, you guys better get your Dunk! Festival tickets this year because they're coming back
  9. yeah if any of you have some close-ups of the iridescent sand, I'm very curious!
  10. wow really? I feel like i got a copy for like $20 a few years ago before the breakup announcement. Kinda surprising, but this is great for those who don't have a copy!
  11. lol they look exactly the same, texture-wise, in the center.
  12. So you guys think this is definitely worth picking up? I'll probably go black, although that Sand variant does look cool. It's essentially what Sannhet did with their "So Numb" clear with gold orb variant.
  13. Yeah I've got a few things I needed.... I could buy so many.
  14. Fuck my wallet.... lotta stuff in there I need. Also, Post. Fest lineup is indeed ridiculous. You guys are silly if you skip this!