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  1. I *finally* just got the Restorations split. "So Warm a Solitude" might be my favorite split release. Clavius is no joke though. I still need that Balboa split...
  2. I'll have to throw mine on to compare; Probably will pick this up if they have a copy next week in NYC anyway haha.
  3. Cool! I guess it was available on Mono's bandcamp too.
  4. Someone on my FB post-rock vinyl group said they got the black. Weird.
  5. Yeah, they were in a sour mood it seemed when I first saw them in Boston; it was the 3rd night of their Fri/Sat/Sun "Quintessential Ephemera" run where they played the whole album. There was maybe 15 people in the tiny bar. Mostly, it's the fact that America does not support this kind of music. That's why they play Russia, the Balkans, South America, Europe, etc. The culture is so vastly different over in Europe when it comes to music like this. A band that draws 10 people here will draw 100 over there. It's wild. But you're right - Rosetta are incredible, and may be my favorite band. Don't skip the split releases either, some gems of songs there that didn't make it to full-lengths.
  6. Not my favorite Mono album, so I'm not sure i need a re-master. Will have to hear it first. Oddly though, the black variant is sold out already...... that's weird. 2,000 copies gone in a day? The limited variant is still in stock though. I'm not interested enough to pay $5 for colored stuff. CD sold out already too.... this is weird. Can't wait to see them next week though!
  7. I've never found anybody besides Astralia that nailed Jakob. Jakob is 2 crucial things: Jeff's guitar swells, and then Jason's hyper-syncopated drum patterns. The bass brings it all together, but I wouldn't say he does anything terribly unique. However, therein lies the magic: it doesn't have to be revolutionary to function. He's the glue behind all of that. That band is also hyper-frustrating as a fan because they won't sell the stacks of Remastered CDs they have, and the vinyl thing has been held up for what.... 6 years now? Also do you mean The Seven Mile Journey? That band is so fucking good, and under-rated. You never hear anything about them.
  8. deetz on this convo? I'm unfamiliar with what you guys are talking about. In other news, the 2nd new Pillars track is great. PO went up yesterday, I'll get to making a thread at some point... life is so busy right now!
  9. Thanks for the insight, I'm going to do some experimenting with my cleaning solutions. I just got a new carbon fiber brush and I think that's making a huge difference already! I know i mentioned it before, but i think its hilarious that people are trying to dump their copies of this now. One dude can't even get $40 for a 1st press Wake/Lift - that shit used to sell so fast for $100. Markets are funny!
  10. ah yes thanks, I just saw it on FB today. So, my girlfriend stumbled upon this yesterday which made my ears perk up. I'm sure you guys all know this band but they were new to me, and man.... it's THE SOUND! Driving, dancey post-rock. I can't get enough. That opening track... FFO: Maserati, Baulta, Glasgow Coma Scale
  11. where'd you hear that? I can't find anything on Facebook.
  12. Interesting, I'll have to try again - i just lowered my counterweight, I think I had it too heavy. But literally, and i mean literally, every half/half record has done this. It's dead silent on one color, and then on the other color you hear the static "shhhhhh...." noise. Also, LOL at everyone trying to dump their copies now on Discogs. Even the $50 white variant isn't moving. last week that would have been sold instantly. Hooray for capitalism!
  13. Yeah the /100 sold out yesterday evening sometime. The /200 colored is still an option, but you can't go wrong with a black variant for this album to preserve the sonic integrity as much as possible. This album is better than drugs!
  14. Same for me - this was the album that took me through the door into post-rock. Red Forest opened it, All The Memories closed it behind me. Incredible stuff.