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  1. Dug the first song! Need to listen more, but I've becoming more and more hot on Mogwai after kind of being meh on them for the first chunk of my post-rock life. I'm finding I prefer mid-to-current Mogwai more than the early stuff. I like the dancey electro sort of thing they do now
  2. I had to go to Ebay to find the track listing. Those Ozzfest tracks are real interesting. I never knew that this album was never widely available on vinyl, though. Seems to be the case for most of their old stuff.
  3. how do you like the 2007 pressing? I see some reviews critical of it's sound.
  4. Here is the whole set, you can watch! Soundboard audio sounds killer. https://youtu.be/WsLBqj7rkQg
  5. More news! Live 6/6/20 from a quick break in the Swiss quarantine. 11 songs, a 2-hour set. Songs from The Stolen View, If We Get There One Day... and For Better or For Worse. 3LP Deluxe Triple Vinyl, 180g, Black Vinyl, Gatefold Limited to 500pcs worldwide Individually numbered by hand Facemask with Logo included First track available here: (Melide) https://leechofficial.bandcamp.com/album/live-06062020 TEN (10!!!) copies available from A Thousand Arms in the US. 9 if you subtract the one I've bought already. https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/distribution/products/leech-live-06-06-2020-3xlp-pre-order
  6. You guys may want to move on this too! Live album, 3LP... only 10 copies coming to the US! https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/distribution/products/leech-live-06-06-2020-3xlp-pre-order
  7. So Dunk is pressing Beware of Safety's "Mabon" album, which has never been pressed before. I guess it's 5 years old. Listening now, it's pretty good. Definitely different, these guys don't follow the standard formula at all. You may enjoy. https://bewareofsafety.bandcamp.com/album/mabon
  8. Here's the link for USA residents! https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/distribution/products/leech-the-stolen-view-remaster-2xlp
  9. The next 2 full lengths after this are incredible. The early stuff has moments, but it's more weird Krautrock sorta stuff. But this, Gates, and FBOFW are fucking stellar.
  10. I'm holding out for A1KA. I'm sure if you have an old code it may still work, I'm not sure. Leech said about 25 copies will probably get sent but that hasn't been finalized. I'm not sure they're really used to working in this sort of manner haha. But he assured me, there will be copies coming over here. I think it's around $50 from bandcamp, yeah.
  11. Link is live! check the OP. It's nearly half-sold out already in the span of hours. So, move fast if you are international!
  12. FUCK YES!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO. Literally shaking. What a thing to wake up to. Mooncake is probably my #1 pick for most under-rated post-rock band. They are incredible. If you aren't familiar, you really need to fix that pronto. https://mooncake.ru/zaris-vinyl-presale?fbclid=IwAR3HTSnLzIVaPOulBrDAkk0nBYt6VkQw3aBD0Rp7UM0sFaxriqT33mjeQkU Dear all, 7 years ago on October 18th our album ZARIS was released. We know that all these years you've been waiting for a Mooncake's vinyl. And so have we. Now we can make it become true altogether with you! We're starting a pre-sale campaign of our first vinyl release - ZARIS 2xLP 180g Gatefold. The goal is to make 100 pre-sales. If we manage to do this with your help then ZARIS will be released on vinyl. The first 100 of you who support the campaign will get a 15% discount, so don't miss it guys!
  13. Sad news if you haven't gotten your splatter - you aren't. Pelagic over-sold and under-pressed this variant, so myself and about 20 others aren't getting it. I am not thrilled with how they handled it; not telling anybody (had to ask about it since others had been getting it going back over a month now) and then ordering a 2nd pressing before even alerting anybody. So, if you are still waiting on your package you may want to ask.