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  1. this is meaning that Appleseed are the ones stiffing him? Any reason why? That's lame and weird, I always saw them as rather professional and adult.
  2. Okay, so i went back to LLO the other day and it finally clicked haha. I like it. one song is ABSOLUTELY the same as a Caspian song though... it's on LP1 and it sounds just like Epochs in Dmajor. I found that rather funny. I assume LLO came before Tertia?
  3. Word, that sucks man I know the feeling. Had to go through that with all 3 of my cats in the span of a year from 2020-2021. Godspeed friend.
  4. If you didn't go, that's a bad decision. Last night was awesome. Here is an open offer to anybody/first come, first served. There are no videos from this tour with the rarities. Everyone is grabbing Death Is a Relief. I have a proposition for anybody will to take it - if you film the whole set, or SPOILER SPOILER STOP READING IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW -> -> Yawning and Take Me With You, I will cover your ticket price or drinks. I am 100000% serious. Yawning and Take Me With You will likely never be played again. They were rare even when they had less material, and what with the drunk tourists talking over all the quiet stuff, I think it's to be expected that these tunes never come back unless they do a Death Spells anniversary tour in 20 years. It doesn't have to be up front or anything. Full set gets you ticket price + drinks because that's a haul. Yawning and Take Me With You gets you your first drink. Candy through Take Me With You (first 4 songs) gets you ticket price. That's probably the best deal because your ticket is covered and you can enjoy the back half of the set. We have enough videos of Arrow lol.
  5. i really don't get the allure of spending THAT much on TP's. The few I have come across have sounded awesome for sure, but man that's a lot of money haha
  6. I have it, but haven't been able to connect with it. I ***LOVE*** Sagarmatha and I really like Fleeting Light. I have had most of their albums at one point, because I got them cheap, but sold them because none of them had great production or hit me like Sagarmatha does. I really tried! Sagarmatha is so good though, I love that album. I can't believe that people are asking what they are for that one, I thought it was universally loathed by hardcore fans.
  7. why would he suddenly choose to do this out of the blue?
  8. So I spoke with my buddy, it's not the recycled vinyl thing. It's just mixed pellets that have never been used, so it's the same quality. This was a band decision to go with, not sure why but that's what I was told. The "eco vinyl" is when they recycle records and melt them and reheat or whatever, which in my estimation would compromise the structural molecular integrity and result in a softer, not-as-good sounding product. This is not that.
  9. Not sure what or where or how to note this, but for the first time that I can recall, I'm not allowed to use my ad blocker on the site here. Is that normal or a new thing? It's definitely never asked me to turn it off for years, and it won't let me access the site now unless i do that. Anybody?
  10. I'm seeing ads all over the place now for the first time ever, and it's asking me to turn off ad blocker
  11. You want to go with Dunk! Pressing. They've been cranking out really nice products and are about to scale up in a big, BIG way. Their turnarounds are not crazy, and they are some of the nicest people. Shipping from Belgium. I have so many of their records, and they all sound great. They're still small enough to care about the product and not just crank out shit to make product. They're good people, I know them personally through their festival. You can tell Wout and Luc that Greg sent you. https://www.dunkpressing.com/
  12. **Gumbo72203 marked safe during the TRNA - Vostok group buy**
  13. this is very interesting music. Kind of hitting me in the Viva Belgrado feels. If you are into this band, you really ought to be listening to Viva Belgrado. Glad you're carrying the group buy torch, Derek. It's a tough job, but it's fun if you've got the time.
  14. I was going to say... I've met Ryan a bunch, and him and the rest of the band are super, super nice guys. He's been kind enough to talk with me a few times and help sort out some variant questions. I had a hard time believing it was them. This is what happens when bands get big: other people make decisions for them. To the band: Sorry for always yelling for "Yawning". I promise I'll try to stop. Anyway, I snagged both /250's. Hopefully the oxblood looks cool, unlike that clear/black mix for "Red Forest" by ITTCT that was literally black with like, a few litttttttttttle teeny tiny clear blips, as if someone spilled a drink a foot away and got a few drops on it haha.