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  1. Hey friends! We are down in the studio finishing up album 2. It's coming together really, really well. I wanted to share a clip from our last live stream, though, because I think it's right up all of your alleys https://youtu.be/u0hRk-uuWqw
  2. They keep getting heavier, which is cool. I wish they kept some of the spacey light aspect, but they seem to be wanting to go full metal. Good for them, they're making waves which is great.
  3. Just got my 180g clear splatter from Dunk. This is definitely the best pressing I have of this, it's dead-quiet and sounds awesome. They threw in a free Dunk! slipmat too which was sweet!
  4. Yeah i love the look of the new All is Violent but I'm not dissatisfied enough with my OG to pay $50 for a copy. Been listening to a lot of Oceansize lately, and I'm suprised to see that they never pressed Home and Minor. The back half of that EP is so, so good.
  5. I still have to check that out, I'm not as familiar with the older stuff like Instarmental. Some of it I like, some of it tires me. But man, Stolen View, Gates, and FBOFW are just golden. Look out for USA dates next year too.
  6. Some of you guys will probably like to know this.... A Thousand Arms just became the USA distro for Leech. Represses of The Stolen View are on their way, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, if you still haven't picked up their latest, or the Instarmental stuff ( i think you guys will dig that) then now you've got an affordable way of procuring. https://athousandarms.store/collections/distribution
  7. GREAT NEWS!!! A Thousand Arms has just become the official USA distribution outlet for Switzerland's own LEECH. If you guys haven't checked out Leech, you need to do so pronto. A fantastic mixture of post-rock and synthwave, I suppose you could say. FFO Barrows, Lost in Kiev, Sleepmakeswaves https://athousandarms.store/collections/distribution
  8. He's like, the most gentle person you could ever imagine. A total sweetheart. Meanwhile, this bad boy turns 22 today.
  9. I can't tell what that face is supposed to be. He posted it on his page. They were sitting on their porch.
  10. I don't know where to put this, so mods please feel free to remove.... but Ryan from Holy Fawn and his g/f were attacked and beat up by police at their house last night. Maybe throw them on Spotify today to gets some $$$ going their way.
  11. dude with all of the discount codes offered here from Indie Merch Store it should be a no-brainer! The only cover I've ever questioned is the latest Shipwrecks cover. This is goofy, sure... but the music rules
  12. Ha. Fuck. You guys got the deal! Does Pelagic always put their stuff on Indie Merch Store?
  13. Do you have any recommendation for Floyd pressings? I'm a little overwhelmed on where to start. Part of me wants to have the OG 1st press for the original mix, but I'm unsure of which masters I grew up on via CD. I do have the Meddle remaster, whichever is newest and it definitely sounds good for sure. Animals and WYWH are next in line, I just don't know which to get.