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  1. yeah I get you. They're special. Kind of like Maybeshewill. Never knew how much I missed them until this came out.
  2. took the plunge because Remedies is sold out too.... i hope i don't get burnt. Got the deluxe 2xLP with the bonus material, whatever it is.
  3. that Mondaze track is fucking awesome. Can't wait to hear the rest. Picking that one up for sure. Also just discovered an old band called Malory last night via a Youtube compilation. Their song "Sleeper" was a joy. So good. Reminded me of Blankenberge in the guitar work. Sadly no full lengths on vinyl at all....
  4. yeah it's everything up through Key haha. Versus and Oscillate are almost a different band, and just not my bag. But everybody seems to flip shit for that stuff...
  5. yeah holy fucking shit this new song. way, way too short but my god, if this is the caliber of stuff they're doing now, holy crap.
  6. yeah Parallel Lives didn't hit me the way the debut EP and Bloom did; it was a little more poppy and not so edgy. It's not bad though, and I enjoy it more now.
  7. I can see what you mean with the Ranges stuff. I like it because I like the sound. HOWEVER, you guys really ought to visit the new album, Cardinal Winds. I think it's their best, by far. The production and the songwriting, it just works. I really, really like it. The TNBD album is a grower too; I never have visceral reactions like you guys where I think "omg this sucks" haha. I don't know. I understand the effort put into albums, so I feel like having an emotion like that is... not fair. But that's me. I could never throw shade like that knowing what it takes to put something out. Gathering Half the Deep by PSOTY? And what's with the PG.Lost reference? I'm a bit lost here haha.
  8. Fantastic. I thought these guys were dead. Glad they're not.
  9. if you're after Oceanic I'll probably be ditching my copies because I don't like the remaster of that one.
  10. it was also bad. With Caspian, I figured there was a lower shot of them letting shitty pressings come out. For the most part, they do sound really good. The mastering is well-done, it's just that my copy of Four Trees is fucked. YATC is fine, no better than my OG and I do enjoy the Tertia pressing better than my original.
  11. Just got my shirts and hoodie in the other day! Was super confused why a big poofy bag showed up from some random place in Kansas haha.
  12. I'm noticing this ALLLLL the time on new records. My Dark Operative "The Four Trees" from Caspian is unlistenable because the right channel is all kinds of fucked. It's like the stamper had a rock in it or something. Ripping static all through the entirety of LP1 on both sides. Same thing too: right channel. Anybody grab the 2nd presses? It seems all copies save for the Rough Trade variant have problems with shitty pressings.
  13. That's why i made the post! Dude it's so good, and their pressings are fantastic. It's going to sound fucking incredible on vinyl. You can go take a picture with it next to the location!

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