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  1. damnnnnn any info on US distribution? i agree $30 for one side is steep, that's more than a dollar per minute of music haha
  2. Hey friends! So, this is a crazy thing - our band is doing our latest record on vinyl. I figured what the hell, I'll share it here. It's limited to 100 copies, 25 of which able to come as a deluxe edition with an alternate screen-printed cover. The records will be pressed by Dunk! Pressing in Belgium on Milky Clear with Rainbow Splatter, and the screen print is being done by A Thousand Arms. So, all the post-rock connections haha. We only have 8 of the deluxe editions left for purchase. You can check it all Glass Pony plays psychedelic, improvisational rock and roll. We have big influences from Oasis, Phish, Bright Eyes, Moe, the Cure, etc. We're a "jamband" but I don't quite think we fit the traditional mold of that. I am a big post-rock and metal guy, so our jams, while groovy and danceable, are often angsty and dark. You can check out some tunes here: PRE-ORDER HERE: https://glasspony.bandcamp.com/album/washed-away
  3. so, apparently there is a massive world of batshit crazy rich people who buy these wildly expensive chess sets and I guess they're expecting someone from that world to buy it. I don't think there's a post-rock fan anywhere in the world with that kind of cash. My friend did buy one of the other sets tho.
  4. Billy Breathes is up! https://drygoods.phish.com/product/PHLP52/billy-breathes-above-the-trees-green-pressing?cp=773_1429
  5. i hate you so much lol enjoy the show, super jealous of anyone who's been able to see Envy. Caspian is mighty too! Will be a legendary show.
  6. holy crap this is amazing!!! you can hear the tape warble from the cassette source there in the middle song haha
  7. DO IT. I have a couple extras I got for people, because it sold out and the label is folding. So if you like it, one of them can be yours for cost! It's got an old song from the Canopy era too, "Architeuthis". So good!
  8. ha yeah i know the feeling. I think Realms will stick around a bit. Did you do North by Silent Whale yet?
  9. For anyone who missed out, I picked up 2 extra copies of Silent Whale 'North' (1 standard, 1 non-box deluxe) so if you don't want to pay Discogs flippers, let me know. Yours for my cost.
  10. Right on, that's awesome. They're so nice. Ryan is such a sweetheart. Spun my Discord variant yesterday, sounded awesome!
  11. so bummed our travel plans made us on opposite sides of the country lol. was this your first time?

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