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  1. Yeah that name is really, really dumb. I'm usually forgiving with dumb names but this one doesn't even make sense, and doesn't have any relation to their sound. PSOTY isn't any better either, but so it goes. And yes, album is killer. One thing I've been listening to A LOT and CANNOT STOP listening to (aside from Outlander's new album) is the latest from Leech. It's a bit old by now, but man... it's just SO creative, so engaging, and full of so much energy. If you don't know this, you need to.
  2. Much excite!!! They played like 3 new songs at Dunk! this year and it was so great. Copied from Facebook: Say hello to HOLD ME CLOSER, UNKNOWN DANCER, the first song from our upcoming album TOTEM YOUTH! TOTEM YOUTH is our fifth album and will be released on November 15th via Dunk!records, I.CORRUPT.RECORDS and A Thousand Arms (USA) as double-12” LP on heavy, colored vinyl with an artwork by Christian Brix. Pre-Order starts October 7th! Streaming: https://kokomoband.bandcamp.com/album/totem-youth Youtube-Link: https://youtu.be/NZueTdo1mlA
  3. Lots of exciting news to post here! Ranges - Babel pre-orders are still live. This one is moving super fast. Don't sleep on it. https://athousandarms.store/collections/ranges COMING SOON!!!! Pray for Sound - title TBR Kokomo - TOTEM YOUTH
  4. That's next on my list. I did the new Immanu El today, which was really well done. My favorite from them in a long while. I think they've finally figured out their new formula. The songs are energetic and engaging but still have that low-dynamic vibe they've leaned into lately. I like it a lot. This is my favorite
  5. Big, big thanks to Derek for assuming this for me. I'll be helping out any way I can, I just don't have the time to manage this currently. I'm not sure what the /50 looks like yet, but I'm certain it will be bonkers. I know that the label has altered the PO time in order to allow for us North American folks to have a more practical chance at getting this.
  6. Hey guys, Yeah I'm trying to clarify with the label. At first they said no more group buys, as it was getting too much to handle on their end, but for me right now it works out because I just don't have the time to manage it. I am doing my student teaching right now, and that coupled with a very active band and a relationship... it's just too much. EDIT - we may be able to work a group buy. Stay tuned.
  7. No info so far, but the label posted a teaser picture so I wanted to get this going. Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer group buys from Elusive Sound. Thank you for everybody who helped participate in these for the last couple years. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and we were able to snag some great records. Stay tuned! Pre-orders go LIVE on Tuesday, October 1st at 20:00 CEST (2:00pm EST)
  8. I'm gonna tell you up front that if all you do here is post links to your band, people will not like you. Contribute to discussion, and you'll be fine. But so far, you've only posted about your band
  9. Forgive me if this is already up, but the search function seems to be gone... so here we go! Deluxe versions are almost gone - MOVE FAST! https://athousandarms.store/collections/ranges/products/ranges-babel-confusion-of-tongues-deluxe-edition-bundle Babel by Ranges releases September 30th, 2019 via A Thousand Arms Music, dunk!records, Bird's Robe Records, and LeRock Psicophonique. Art direction and layout by L U X I N V I C T U S. Confusion of Tongues Deluxe Edition is limited to 33 copies available exclusively through A Thousand Arms. Deluxe Edition Includes: - 'Babel' on 2xLP 180g gold vinyl in upgraded-cardboard gatefold jacket with gold foil stamping - Wooden vinyl slip-case designed and constructed by Matt Fitch of Fitch Ironworks - Custom screen-printed slip-mat - 'Babel' on CD - Wood-fired ceramic shot glass thrown by Chris Bieniek of North Ridge Ceramics - Lost-wax bronze ‘Æterno II’ coin cast by Elaine Hansard of Mountain-Gypsy Studios - Æterno coin pouch designed and produced by Jennifer Blessum - 'Decadence' espresso roasted and packaged by Ghost Town Coffee Roasters - Screen-printed 'Tower of Babel' wall flag (3’x4’) - Screen-printed t-shirt - Digital Download Combine any two RANGES items and use promo code 'APOCRYPHA' at checkout to receive $5.00 off your entire order. All orders are pre-orders and are expected to ship by September 2019. <a href="http://ranges.bandcamp.com/album/babel">Babel by Ranges</a>
  10. I regret sleeping on the tri-color, because i already did the most limited band variant. I'm getting a black play copy from Holy Roar as well. I can say that the Dunk variants WILL come out looking awesome, and totally unique. They do them all by hand over there and it's awesome. I can't wait for this to drop.
  11. you guys should check this out. The sound is great, and the playing is fire. This band deserves more recognition.
  12. There has been chatter about Translation Loss doing the Jakob represses. I heard that through Kit from This Patch of Sky. Whether it happens is another story. The most frustrating band in post-rock. They should have 10 albums by now, but they have 4 lol. I don't understand their disdain for marketing. They've been sitting on those remastered CDs for a couple years now, and just refuse to sell them.
  13. it's what got me into them, but "Presence" will always be my favorite. The new stuff is fucking dope too, it's just sad they didn't get the Burning Day tracks pressed anywhere. Those things are MONSTERS live.