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  1. Gumbo72203

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    still need to check this out, but I'm spinning the new Deafheaven right now What email did you get??
  2. Just got the KRM EU group buy package in! They threw 5 records in a mailer with no padding but somehow all we ended up with were a few minor bumped corners. No seamsplits or anything! Spinning my copy now... this sounds fantastic! The green with black smoke looks great. Also, very happy that they went with the anti-static sleeves for this. Everyone should just do that. Sure, it'll add a dollar to the product but I'd rather pay more than have shitty white sleeves that leave dust, give sleeve burn, and disintegrate over time. It's nice to hear this in full fidelity after showing the album to my friend this weekend on our drive down to NYC via his Spotify account. That compression is rough lol. This album is so good though! I can totally see how people don't like it; it's very triumphant and upbeat. Lots of major key jams! Not sure it tops Sunbather for me, as I'd wondered earlier, but man.... this is fucking good. EDIT: Man, I gotta give props to KRM for this one. This pressing is wonderful. No surface noise. It's a tad on the quiet side, but man, everything sounds really fucking good. No pops, no clicks, no static during quiet parts. Absolutely wonderful.
  3. I forgot you're in Albany too! We need to meet up some time, man. Come see my band! Also, you're right. Nobody realllllllllllly exists in Delmar. It's all empty suburban shells. Also, if you guys haven't checked the setlist so far for this tour, be prepared. It's a monster.
  4. Delmar, NY right here! I swear, every time i go to a show I say "this is the last time I'm driving 3 hours by myself to see a band i love..." and then I do it again. And again. I drove 3+ hours in a snowstorm to see Appalaches in Burlington back in Feb. That was pretty epic. 4 hours to see Shy, Low in Salem, MA by myself in March. Sigh.
  5. real jealous of you guys getting to see them on this tour, it's going to be impressive. The dates in the Northeast are all weekdays which sucks, so I likely won't make it to any of them again. It's a bit annoying when bands ONLY play Boston and NYC. People exist elsewhere!
  6. Yeah that's how it works, we bundle the shipping from Europe and then I ship 'em out to whoever... it usually allows us to all save at least $9-10 depending on how many we get. I wish you guys had seen this earlier because now I'm getting all sorts of requests haha. We could have saved even more because shipping was 18.90 euros regardless of quantity. Imagine.... 3 euros shipping for a record! But sadly it does look like this variant is sold out
  7. Gumbo72203

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    Yeah i mean, I'm not buying this until I hear the whole album. $36 is a lot for a blind purchase. I'm sure it's great, and I'm sure they'll sell out of everything eventually. What are you talking about with the free shipping though?
  8. I love Steely Dan and this is hilarious. Their site on mobile keeps switching up to Neil Young on me though haha, which I guess is okay too. Hopefully it won't matter and this will sound killer on all variants. I'm going to wait and see once ours arrives.
  9. So, this will be cool as fuck. https://theellentheatre.secure.force.com/ticket#details_a0S0W00000lorjwUAA I hope some of you are somewhat close to this and can go!!!
  10. Do you mean the green with black smoke? I did a group buy for that one, but the order has already been put through. KRM doesn't amend orders, but I suppose I can message them and see if they can refund me and I place another order as long as they have the stock. That one comes to $32.50 shipped, including media mail. I'm debating getting a black 180 copy of this though just for listening sake.... because man, this album is good.
  11. lolwut at those comments... but i'm glad they're okay. The Jakob drop is going to hurt like a mofo... I just hope they press enough because they're going to need about 2k at least of each record to satisfy demand. If they pull something like only 300 copies of each record I'm going to explode.
  12. I think people are comparing this to Sunbather because it's so uplifting and full of major key jams, as well as the fact that they have "interlude" songs in between the black metal stuff. Sunbather is it's own thing, though. If your tastes are the early material, you're probably not going to like this album because this album is full of major key bliss jams, not unhinged aggression serving as a catharsis for personal struggles and pain. As they talked about in the interview, the band is healthy now. This is what healthy, happy Deafheaven sounds like. I'll take it, and more please!
  13. I can't argue with this. That piano, man.... Also, I listened to this album again today on my bike ride. It's fucking incredible, but I must say... I am agreeing with the critics of Night People. It's not that the song is bad, although it seems a bit under-developed... it is just SO glaringly out of place compared to the rest of the stuff. I think it would have fit better had they bracketed it with 2 interlude segments that took us down from the guitar-based stuff into that song. On another note, I am LOVING the sound-scapey pedal work that they're using. Lots of reverse guitar, and then they do something on Worthless Animal that I'm not exactly sure what it is yet, but it kind of sounds like when you mess with a delay pedal's delay time knob and it whips the repeats around, messing with their pitch. But man, what an uplifting record. I love it. If Night People was segued into better, this would be a perfect record. Maybe I'll love that hard turn more in time, but it just seems so haphazardly placed at the moment.
  14. Yeah, this. This album is the pretty, happy, we're grown up and life is good Deafheaven. All that old, angry stuff came from struggle and pain. They're in a good place, and it comes through in the music. Personally, I'd rather them make happy records like this than New Bermuda which you could tell was rushed and came from a less creatively healthy place. But the black metal will always be there underneath, so maybe it will grow on the people who live for tracks like Violet and Vertigo. I never thought I'd ever feel this way, but this album might top Sunbather for me. Inconceivable.
  15. Oh this is fucking good. The opening track is something I've been waiting for them to write forever, a nearly full clean song (instrumentally). The piano is gorgeous. Love the vocal samples too, it reminds me so much of the sample used on "Gamemaster" by Paul Oakenfold/Lost Tribe (90's trance which I'm sure you guys will all hate!). Deafheaven is all grown up now. I love it. This is wonderful. I hope they bring "You Without End" to the stage.