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  1. mine was supposed to be delivered by 8pm and it's a no-show. Still says 'In-transit'
  2. ELUSIVE PRE-ORDER GROUP BUY ANNOUNCEMENT PO's go live on Friday for Bruit and NOT-TRNA (which means you know what it is). I have pricing, please PM me if you want in on any of these so I can save a spot for you. We've been waiting a long time for the 2nd one, and it's the only Elusive release not yet put on vinyl that isn't TRNA. Do the math I think you guys will love this Bruit album. It's weird. It's different. It's post-rock but with like, no guitars. If you like Arms and Sleepers you're going to be into it. We only have a week on this; they go up live Friday next week, and I have a gig that night so we need this settled Thursday night! CJ will be getting a limited number of standards for both for A Thousand Arms, but I can get you whatever you want through here.
  3. Next Elusive Sound pre-order cycle begins soon! There will be 2 releases. TRNA will NOT be coming now. You should know what the other release is; it'll be officially announced Sunday/Monday. Bruit - Monolith. FFO: Arms and Sleepers. I literally don't know any other artists like this. "We're happy to announce our next pre-order cycle with this great, first variant of Bruit's EP! Presented in a heavyweight gatefold featuring the first use of spot UV ever for Elusive Sound, this 180g-vinyl LP shows off the endless possibilities of color combinations. Be sure to grab one - only 150 ever made! Pre-Orders will go live Friday, 29 March 2019 20:00 CET on www.elusive-sound.com Once again, THIS IS NOT A MOCK-UP. These are real pictures. This is the standard variant. Deluxe will come tomorrow I'm assuming. I will be handling a group buy for these 2 releases. PM me for pricing details, as we only have a week to get this arranged!
  4. New Paint The Sky Red is up for pre-order!!! I'm doing a group buy if any of you want to join - Evan, Don, Derek, etc.
  5. FINALLY! The new Paint the Sky Red album is available on 180g black vinyl (/300) and the album is available for listening now. I will be doing a small group buy for this as it will help us save significantly on shipping (1 record starts at $25 and increases only $5 for each one after that. I'd like 2-3 more people to join up) FFO: This Patch of Sky, Of the Vine, Immanu El So far, my favorite track is "Amber", track 2. It's got their signature super-happy and upbeat sense of melody coupled with some cool loops and really energetic drums. I like it a lot! From Bandcamp: This is the very first time we are releasing an album on 12" vinyl. Limited quantities are available and we have no intention to restock. Each piece will be hand-packed and numbered by us with lots of love and gratitude. In a world of digital piracy which heavily affects independent bands like us, it speaks volumes if you choose to purchase our music in the best manner. Show your support; own a physical copy of our hard work. Thank you. - Nurazman, Hakim, Yasser & Fahmi - https://painttheskyred.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-a-tomorrow-you-dont-know
  6. You say that like it's happening haha. I think i actually prefer the old master of Four Trees honestly, the songs sound so different to me because different elements take the foreground and command your attention. Also, i don't know if you guys have ever posted about them here but a band announced for Dunk is doing it real nicely for me at the moment: https://letempsduloup.bandcamp.com/ They've got the heavier European post-rock/post-metal hybrid thing down. If you like Terraformer, Jeffk, All We Expected (basically any Dunk! band haha) then you're going to dig this. Heavy, moody, but hints of other post-rock stylings as well.
  7. Checked the new song out again with my girlfriend who loves black metal. She loved it, of course haha. And is psyched to get it. The song isn't BAD by any means, but compared to the rest of their current output, it just feels empty. It feels like they deliberately tried to write a "metal" song and it just came out a little unfocused. Curious to see how it hits live, although I am very bummed that they swapped out You Without End for this one. I'm still chafed over skipping the last tour with DIIV so that my band could play a gig :X :X :X :X
  8. Yeah apparently he's playing with my buddy Eric from the band Lastdayshining haha. Super random. Eric lives in Albany, like 15 mins away from me haha. I'll probably go hang out when they record XD I checked it out and it was fine. I try so hard with this band but they just don't hook me. They're not bad, it just never moves me.
  9. I think you guys will be pumped for this - Deluxe repress of "Young and Courageous" by Tides of Man featuring the B-sides, never before pressed. https://athousandarms.store/collections/tidesofman/products/tides-of-man-young-and-courageous-2xlp
  10. B-sides included for the first time ever! Also, the rest of the copies will be removed from online stores and given to the band for their tours after this PO period. So, either buy it now or get it from a show! Dunk Pressing! has been killing everything so far. So glad there's a post-rock centered pressing plant in operation now.
  11. the new Wander is good and i like it better than Glass, but Mourning is still their best. The problem with them now is that all their songs are basically exactly the same, lots of business and lots of riffs and melodies, all of which are great, but the STYLE of songs is all the same. Some of those melodies are damn good, but they need some more writing input. The drummer writes everything, and it shows. They need more input. New Swarm of the Sun is fucking badass. I'm very keen on the new Seeress and Mono albums too. I still haven't done the entire Old Solar album, waiting on a time when I can spin the whole thing. Apparently Cult of Luna is about to drop a new one as well, as I'm told they have been posting tons of studio updates on instagram. @mrewest its funny you mention the new TSBB album because I loved it when I listened to it digitally, and then i got the CD and played it in my car and now I hate it lol. It's SO BORING to me now. It has some moments, but I don't know what the hell happened cuz i thought it was great when I was listening to it at home in my bedroom. The mix sounds very flat on the CD too, so maybe that has something to do with it. But i was very surprised at my 180.
  12. New Fourteen Nights at Sea is.... different. https://14nightsatsea.bandcamp.com/track/artefacts I enjoyed it, but wow what a shift
  13. I'd probably be into that too, but this track makes me think of like..... so Deafheaven is a venn diagram, right. And this song is just them going into one of the constituent components of their venn diagram, when it's the venn diagram itself that makes Deafheaven so great. They're making a whole song out of one of the elements that makes them great, and on it's own, i just don't think they're that strong at that. Perhaps my thoughts will change, but I missed the melody in this song. Throw some blissy atmospherics over top of this though, and then we're talking. also lol