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  1. It's beautiful, so glad I went with both variants. I wish more labels did that instead of etchings; I really don't like them, you can never see them well-enough IMO. Also, I've been in that building! The new pressing of The Ascensionist will actually be done tomorrow too! Lastly, this just came across my FB groups today and I rather like it. I think you guys will also. https://laidellenubi.bandcamp.com/album/tu-ri
  2. ooooo.... I can see how that would be weird, but I do kind of like how there are two different faces to the band: the chill, laid back studio stuff, and then the batshit intense live band. But yeah dude, I heard the album in like October or something and we both were like "This needs a vocalist". The music isn't written with stuff to stand in for the absence of a vocalist the way the old material and other post-rock bands do. I really hope they do well though because they deserve to. This album is just like PG.Lost's "Versus" - a change in style that just didn't equal up to the power of the old original material, and THAT album came after a long break as well.
  3. I had an advance listen some months ago through a friend, and we both agreed that the music they're writing now sounds like it's supposed to feature vocals. The only song that gives me the old vibes is ironically "Homesick" lol. It's not bad stuff. It's just not moving like their old stuff - i'm hoping repeat listens will make it grow, and I'm curious to hear how the songs translate live. Hopefully they get some traction outside of the regular post-rock circuit so that they aren't a bomb for the label. Also you're CRAZY if you don't find Pacific-Atlantic listening
  4. You bastard. You got to see "With Grace" and "A Quiet Place". I hate you! :::throws CD-R's in your general direction::: XD XD XD
  5. Gumbo72203

    Athletics - BFRSD

    I know that the heat paint is hand-painted, but i must admit i thought it would be a bit more responsive to my hand. You have to hold it on there for while to see anything happen.
  6. Gumbo72203

    Athletics - BFRSD

    He has; when I've chatted over FB, it's often been another dude (Dave maybe.... i forget the name). I think he has 2 other people now. I haven't spun my WYAINE yet but that's weird that they are at 2 different speeds.... also, are you saying that the jackets for BOTH of these releases are different than the original presses?
  7. nah my guess is this spring. They all have other full-time lives besides this, and one of the dudes is finishing his college studies.... it's coming haha. Don't worry. But seriously.... RAVENA ON VINYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU READY!?!?!?!?!?!
  8. Re: Caspian - i know the band served TMS with legal papers some months ago, so I think it's fair to assume that the label is toast, completely. Re: TRNA - It's coming soon. Looks like Ravena is next, then another one (maybe Bruit) and THEN TRNA. It's being worked on, that's all I know. It's coming though, don't worry. I'd guess probably late spring?
  9. where do i start with this band, I think i've listened to like one song and wasn't super into it
  10. @mrewest Ah I see. it frustrates me to no end when sick bands do nothing haha. Like, ITTCT totally died after Bones. Have you ever heard of a band called Temples? They released a couple albums (BLAK's album was mastered by the dude who runs Temples) and they're SICK but the band JUST released a live-in-studio performance of their latest album and it's like 3 years old lol. I ordered their vinyl and it took like 5 months to arrive (domestic). Oh Hiroshima just pressed their first studio effort which is a 36-ish minute mini album and it's absolutely awesome. Also fuck this PSOTY track is awesome.
  11. The new TEOTO record is more in line with what their live sound is like, style-wise. I think you'll see a connection. We got a few of the new tracks at Dunk last year! Where did you hear PSOTY was doing new stuff?!?! Also, Of The Vine and Oh Hiroshima
  12. I didn't love the new TEOTO which makes me so sad to feel. Kind of like the last PG.Lost album.... it's different. It's not Pacific-Atlantic, at all. It's not BAD by any stretch, but it's just not what I was hoping from them. I feel so utterly terrible saying these words because their first 3 releases and all the old Sunlight Ascending material is so dear to me with Trish but... I'm just not into it yet. I hope that changes in time. New WLTS is going to be huge, hopefully. Following Departure Songs is not a place i want to be in. New TPOS potentially too, and Ranges.
  13. I just went back to the album again this morning and the vocals were a bit more endearing - i think over time we'll all get used to them and come to like it; there's just one word she pronounces oddly that doesn't quite jive, and it's likely just because of the Japanese accent, it just sounds forced when she says "The wind". Everything else is great, nice and airy and sits really well with the music. Even now on this 2nd listen today, I'm appreciating it more. I think once we all get used to and more familiar with how she sounds, we'll come to really dig it. I'm already digging it more. Also, those electronic flourishes at the ends of some of the songs are fucking choice. I love it. Just some extra coloring around the edges. And man, what a mean song the title track is!
  14. If you go back to the original thread for this album, I stated more than a couple times that I didn't get it and thought it was boring. It took me a solid 5-6 full listens over the span of 6-8 months I think to finally "get it". Sort of like "Requiem" by Silent Whale. But once you see what they're doing, and you really take in the stories of all the songs, and the emotional arc of the album.... its absolutely unreal. Especially the way the album wraps with Challenger 2's hopeful tones. All this darkness and pain... finally resolved. Dude, just take a half hour and do Challenger 1 + 2. You'll see.