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  1. Haha right on. Brains sure are weird, I couldn't disagree more about the clumsy feeling. Perhaps you are right about the new album being where they wanted to go; there's no way to tell. Although the existence of Black Brick from the OCHL sessions leads me to believe otherwise I guess?
  2. Well this sounds great, thanks for the information. I'll have to spin my 2 original copies on my new table, i haven't yet. I have a 3rd press black 2005 black and a 2007 clear with green splatter. I don't remember what i prefer. Would you say that i'm likely to be safe if i go for a 3rd press via TNO? When I recoup some of my recent expenses I'll be submitting offers; lotta dudes in Greece asking silly money. But I'm willing to pay $100 for sure.
  3. haha yeah sure man. They're all cool. Go say hi and make them feel like rock stars.
  4. Any hardcore Envy fans care to solve a mystery? Their live stream features a few songs I can't place, and their setlist they posted seems incomplete. I will have a rip of it tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they're playing brand new songs to end the set and during the encore.
  5. Right on, that's why I like the original mix/master. The 2014 remaster took everything and separated them and cleaned them up way, way too much. Sure, it's much more dimensional and spacious but it lost the dense, living, organic feeling that made this album so great.
  6. I mean, they may very well still sound different due to a better lacquer cut. That can make a big, big difference.
  7. Scattered is a great word, that's what I was trying to convey. I know the feeling well, from my own drug use past. I can relate to it, and I feel that's why I can see through the NB writing a little bit into what it was like to be in their shoes. It's not a fun place, and I'm forever grateful to be well beyond that bullshit. I suppose I can understand the transitional sentiment, but i love the experimentation and having George screaming over the happy parts. I think what solidifies it for me is that the melodies are solid. The writing is solid, hooky, and delivers. They got REALLY
  8. You need to get super high and listen to Honeycomb again dude! That ending! New Bermuda suffers from the place the band was in when it was made. Drugs, alcohol, and general darkness... i feel the cloudy arrangements when I listen to those tracks, and think about it from a musician's standpoint. When I hear OCHL, i hear well-adjusted professional adults killing it at their job, which is to make Deafheaven music. New Bermuda to me sounds like a bunch of kids who write great music but are trapped by addictions and couldn't narrow the focus enough to really make the ideas hit home. That
  9. This is a valid theory. I just spun OCHL yesterday on the new system for the first time (Rega Planar 6 with Hana EL cart > Mofi Ultraphono > Yamaha RX-V573 > KEF Q550's) and holy mother fuck. This music is god damn incredible. I even liked the Chelsea Wolfe track this time! The writing is just so impressive. Glint and Honeycomb are the big standouts. Those tracks fuck so hard. To me, this album is Deafheaven just being REALLY AWESOME at being Deafheaven. But i guess if you're like, a Marduk or Mgla or Drowning the Light guy, you're not going to accept the major cho
  10. I was up front about it, but the dude didn't care. He wanted it. And yeah if you check discogs, Robotic Empire used the creepy person photo for the 1st USA press, while Trust No One used the sky image for the first press in Europe. USA CD's had the sky image though through Ipecac. I wish they'd told us its the same remaster files though, especially given that Panopticon's original analog master tapes were stolen/lost, so we can never get an original remix or anything. Hopefully the new lacquers mean they sound better. I have the 2014 remaster, and people are asking... a lo
  11. Word yeah I didn't even know there was a different cover than the sky, because when it came out that's the only cover I ever saw. The ominous one is also original, they seem to have been used concurrently in different markets upon release. I do believe both of my copies were super glossy. I sold my OG 1st press black last year because it was pressed off-center and drove me fucking crazy with the pitch rising and falling. Some dude in Australia gave me $150 or so for it, so I said sure!
  12. Spun my copy last week, it sounds badass. Ryan has confirmed to me that this is indeed the same remaster as the Triple Crown edition. The plant just kind of made them, and didn't inform the band or the label. Evan and Alex work at Zia Records and even saw them in the store haha. He says Mike Kalajian did the justice that Holy Roar kind of fucked them on. He's a mastering engineer, and responsible for the new cuts.
  13. ***UPDATE*** I just heard back from Aaron Harris. These are NOT new remasters. They are both the remasters from 2014, just new lacquers being cut. His quote is as follows: "It's the remastered version from a few years ago but we had new lacquers cut by Matt Colton" No i got that, i was addressing what seemed to be your unfamiliarity with this blue sky-shot cover.

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