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  1. Also, I don't know how often you guys scour Discogs, but one seller has something interesting going on. They've put up an entire "personal archive of Hydra Head Records vinyl and CDs from someone closely associated with the label". LOTS of old stuff... test presses, etc. I would venture a guess that this was sold off to help give money to Caleb's family. https://www.discogs.com/seller/rockawayrecords/profile
  2. That red looks sweet but I'm hopeful that the black has the best sound. The mixed color looks meh and likely sounds the worst :\ Got shipping notice the other day tho!
  3. We're going to feel so bad if they come out and say "guys we had a kid that was born with cancer and they died from complications of heart surgery when they were 11 weeks old".
  4. What variant did you get? Gregg is a swell guy. I decided to go all-in on collecting them since i have every variant of Binary Opposition and both jewel case and digi-sleeve versions of the S/T CD. He wasn't sure which variant(s) the band still had last I talked to him a few days ago.
  5. You only live once, man! I'm trying to finagle a way to get out of work for a 2nd weekend in a row to do it...... I'm not sure it's going to happen though. Fucking Isis reunion has to ruin everything! XD
  6. I know man. Someday I'll pry that demo out of your cold, dead hands too XD XD Also, ALL of you need to know about this. If you're within any reasonable radius distance, you owe it to yourself to go. It's being co-run by the Dunk!USA crew, and they do not fuck around on production quality. Plus, that fucking lineup man...
  7. https://www.thepostfestival.com/ https://www.facebook.com/events/187075345341983/ Heavy Blog Is Heavy and A Thousand Arms present Post. Festival, the post-rock/post-metal/ambient/whatever event of the year. Single-day tickets: $22.00 Weekend pass: $40 Lineup: Friday - October 19th: Bulletpoints Staghorn Coastlands PILLARS Heron The Appleseed Cast Saturday - October 20th March On, Comrade Minor Movements Seeress Zaius Metavari Man Mountain Shipwreck Karpathos Lume This Patch of Sky Outrun The Sunlight Indiana City Brewing 24 Shelby St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 Parking is available for free on-site at Indiana City Brewing Co.
  8. Yeah they've been around for a long time, their previous album "The Madrean" was a pretty big hit a few years ago. I still need to pick that up as well. Thankfully they all have their stuff on Bandcamp. That's probably my next paycheck. Either that or all of The Seven Mile Journey stuff I don't have yet XD
  9. Going with black because that's the best option for best sound. Slightly off-topic, but do any of you guys have the Cerulean blue Young Mountain 10th anniversary? I have a clear that I got at the first run of shows and sonically, it's one of the best records I own. However, it's pressed off-center so there is massive pitch issues which make it unlistenable. I'm curious if anybody can comment on the Blue's quality? It's really a shame because that clear sounds absolutely wonderful, sonically. The remaster is powerful.
  10. Yeah, they really want to be Godspeed.
  11. is that what all those pressings are, recycled? I hate them, they look so weird.
  12. oh fuck i forgot about this! I saw the email from Bandcamp and meant to spin it and just haven't had time. His 2 other albums are fucking incredible, I love this dude.
  13. It is so much better than that record. It's funny how some people have different tastes because to me, that is the most boring post-rock record made. It seems very unfocused and directionless to me. This album is heavier, and peakier. The last 2 tracks are really the only time the band gets ambient like their other stuff.
  14. It doesn't actually show the track lengths for me, but I asked Jason and will report back, him and I were chatting a bit this morning through the ordering process. Quote: Yes! we had to do that because Departing void and In lieu of Dust had to be on one side since they bleed together a little. Here are the side times and such! Side 1 0:00 - 7:32.0 7:32.0 - 13:49.8 Side 2 0:00 - 6:27.6 6:27.6 - 14:38.3 Side 3 0:00 - 6:11.0 Side 4 0:00 - 5:15.8 5:15.8 - 11:29.5 But since Quiet is more bass heavy and dynamic track our producer suggested that be on its own to make sure it sounds the best, especially since its the single
  15. It is awesome! I'm liking this an awful lot. /35 is half gone already. Be quick!