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  1. Omg. Dude. Their previous one was another AOTY contender for me. It's really different for post-rock, which means you should like it. There's almost some funk elements in it, with organ and stuff. It's fantastic. Sort of like if Echoes-era Pink Floyd was merged with their post-rock sensibilities.
  2. Literally just came here to post this! I'm loving it. It's giving me big Wang Wen vibes, along with maybe some We Stood Like Kings. I can see the Spurv/Mono sort of thing going on too. The piano and meditative song structures give me The Seven Mile Journey vibes too. This may be album of the year for me so far. I like it a lot. https://whalefall.bandcamp.com/album/it-will-become-itself
  3. what were the speakers and amp? The lack of information isnt' helpful haha
  4. these guys and If These Trees Could Talk are my top 2 "god i hope they aren't dead" bands. Pretty sure gates is coming back, and ITTCT just made the teaser the other day, so we'll seeeeeeee
  5. I believe Don loves these guys too. "Imprecari Island" is his favorite i believe, but my favorite is Obsidian. Also see this fucking band. They are so good live
  6. that's how i'm feeling as well. Not enough liquidity to burn on albums I hope will be good haha
  7. What funny timing.... I just came in to update the thread! After years and years of seeking out the remastered albums on CD, I literally just connected with Maurice a few minutes ago. After we conducted our business, I had to ask.... and he filled me in. Quote: No nothing yet. We have been in touch with Drew and he has expressed his interest but we also have someone interested in it in NZ. We don’t know who we will go with at the moment but when we do we will let you all know what’s happening. Right now we are writing new songs which we hope to record later this year.
  8. Happy birthday SNGL>05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBesS-a7HsA
  9. This just popped up on Youtube yesterday. Not sure if you guys are big Jesu fans, but it's pretty cool to see these tunes in a more stripped-down setting without all the production flourishes from the album. The sound really comes together nicely on Conqueror. Aaron Turner also in the crowd! Old Year, Conqueror, Silver, Tired of Me, Transfigure.
  10. Finally had some time to spin this, man it sounds good!! The mix is great, and a lot of the electronic details in the background come out really nicely. Not super into the vocals honestly, but that's okay. Caspian can do whatever the hell they want.
  11. But he participated, and couldn't say anything nice about any of the bands that played. That's lame. They just come off as "heheh.... all these other bands suck, but we were good." Like, fuck off haha. Anyway, do you guys like Leech? I can't stop listening to this stuff. Synthy, up-beat, almost dancey post-rock (But not always). Really digging it.
  12. :::shrug::: I think it's a shitty thing to take the paycheck and then throw shade after the fact. They didn't have anything nice to say about any of the bands. Not even one "Oh I really liked that Circus Trees group, young kids doing a great job."
  13. So, this has me quite angered. The guy from The Life and Times has a podcast, and he just had Mario from Spotlights on. Both bands played Post. Festival. In the podcast, they both lambaste the bands at Post Festival for being derivative, talentless musicians. They said they all sound the same, have no inspiration, etc. This is a lineup of Girih, Circus Trees, The end of the Ocean, Holy Fawn, I/O, Wander.... etc. These are kids they're talking shit about, some of them teenagers. Coincidentally, Spotlights has an opening slot on the Korn tour which is stopping in Indianapolis on the same weekend as Post Festival. This shit pisses me the hell off, because they took the money from Post Fest and then are slinging mud at them after the fact. Meanwhile, Spotlights still uses the tag "post rock" for their new album. 22:00 and 78:00 for the shit talking if you're curious. Fuck these guys, and fuck them hard. e ar
  14. Good description. I like the new album too. Very Kokomo, very heavy. Wish I had known the tunes better when they dropped them all at Dunk last year haha
  15. They were at Dunk..... 2 years ago, and i very much enjoyed their set. Listened to them a bit after and wasn't totally thrilled on their recorded work, but they play very well live.