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  1. Getting ready to add that new Slipknot album to my collection.
  2. That cover art is worse than some fan versions I've seen. I liked All out life, but I'm not really digging this one as much. Maybe it'll work better in the context of the album. Also [2] damned bundles.
  3. Nice, this is great news. I always thought the original pressing lacked dynamic range. Will most definitely be grabbing a copy.
  4. Yeah, not really sure. As far as track listing goes, it looks to be the same. Maybe they'll do a color like the last repress. The price does seem really low. That's the only one I know of for now. Good to see you were able to order one.
  5. @wellnow Actually, looks like there's a pre-order for a repress at only £17.98: https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/110020-AS044-va-samurai-champloo?fbclid=IwAR2XvWqBEjbFYWM4XoUIbtPUjU6bTmO3gb2Ez1er2f-pHDqx3WRxr7oDdv0
  6. @gracetoo Boom. I just assumed you meant the Fright Night version.
  7. Wow, didn't think anyone else still really scrobbled. hmu https://www.last.fm/user/dansukyoungyun
  8. First round was definitely better. But I'm glad I could snag some GosT shirts and pins.
  9. I'd wait for a re-press. Chances are they'll repress it on a different variant like with SH1.
  10. Pre-orders up for GosT - Skull via CM Distro. https://www.cmdistro.de/Search?q=gost 100 Neon Orange 300 Red (Tour only variant) Retail Green +2 bonus tracks -She lives in Red Light -Call of the Faithful
  11. I think SH2 variant might've been out of 2500 and SH1 white maybe 1000-1200?