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  1. Everything looks great, but I wish the cover was more enticing. I'm getting super mario 64 start up screens flashbacks. Mamma mia!
  2. Android52 - Ultra Groove Product Astronoid - Astronoid Denzel Curry - Zuu Otoboke Beaver - Itekoma Hits Saor - Forgotten Paths Tyler, The Creator - Igor
  3. Not sure when this happened, but the blue is available as a standalone purchase finally. There's a little over 800 copies left: https://slipknotmerch.com/products/exclusive-limited-edition-2lp-aqua-vinyl
  4. Guess I should take a closer look. It looked resolution related look to me though, like blurred pixels from when an image is stretched beyond its original dimensions.
  5. The effect on the iridiscent sand is absolutely stunning. But for how amazing the vinyl is, the cover art sure is low quality. All the covers are blurry. Not too much a loss I guess considering I'm not too much a fan of the art style.
  6. Yup. Apparently someone ratted him out and the pressing plant decided they would keep his money and destroy the copies they printed.
  7. Getting ready to add that new Slipknot album to my collection.
  8. That cover art is worse than some fan versions I've seen. I liked All out life, but I'm not really digging this one as much. Maybe it'll work better in the context of the album. Also [2] damned bundles.
  9. Nice, this is great news. I always thought the original pressing lacked dynamic range. Will most definitely be grabbing a copy.
  10. Yeah, not really sure. As far as track listing goes, it looks to be the same. Maybe they'll do a color like the last repress. The price does seem really low. That's the only one I know of for now. Good to see you were able to order one.
  11. @wellnow Actually, looks like there's a pre-order for a repress at only £17.98: https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/110020-AS044-va-samurai-champloo?fbclid=IwAR2XvWqBEjbFYWM4XoUIbtPUjU6bTmO3gb2Ez1er2f-pHDqx3WRxr7oDdv0
  12. @gracetoo Boom. I just assumed you meant the Fright Night version.
  13. Wow, didn't think anyone else still really scrobbled. hmu https://www.last.fm/user/dansukyoungyun