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  1. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Same. And neup, don't think so. Not even a chance.
  2. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    It's a lot, but for what it's worth, Neuropa's level of quality is high. Also, anyone else grabbing L'enfant? Our boy James Kent does good on whipping up some spooky vibes.
  3. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    It's liiive people https://www.neuroparecords.com/application/shop/index.php?shop=neuropa-records
  4. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Don't forget "The Shape" repress And Daniel Deluxe "Instruments of Retribution"
  5. ghost


    Haha yeah, surprisingly it's not so easy. Just pokin' fun at cha. Enjoy your copy!
  6. ghost


    p i c t u r e s y o u c a n b a r e l y s e e
  7. That's a lovely variant. Also, looks like a fried egg with black pepper.
  8. True, but I get paranoid that I'll drop it wrong and damage the record.
  9. yah forget what I said about 45rpm. I still stand by a double lp though!
  10. I never had a problem with flipping sides. Personally, I like having chunks of an album cut across multiple discs so that you can listen to certain songs more immediately. 2xlp, 1xlp, 7" single boxset, I'm still buying.
  11. It's a bit snug with each side sitting at roughly 22-ish minutes, but I don't think audio quality should suffer. Agreed though. A 2xLP set cut at 45rpm would be better I think.
  12. Take with a grain of salt
  13. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    FM-84 Atlas repress apparently coming in October. No word on if it'll be through EPR or a different label. https://twitter.com/fm84/status/1023748907648471040
  14. Gotcha, thanks. Shedding bloody tears for Rondo.