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  1. SILENT HILL 2 AT 8:00
  2. Looks like Mondo might still have more to release from the Castlevania series. Hope this means there's a possibility for Lament of Innocence and the DS games. https://mondotees.com/blogs/news/mo-shafeeks-top-10-soundtracks-of-2018
  3. ghost

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    That Reptile variant lasted less than my first fight with any of the hidden characters.
  4. That cover does not speak to me....couldn't be more generic.
  5. I don't live in Seattle anymore, but pre-welcome to Seattle! For food - I recommend Uneeda Burger or 8oz. burger for, well, burgers (Uneeda has got a pretty decent rotation of beers, can't remember what they served though...). Paseo's has got some really great Caribbean sandwiches. Afterwards you can hit up Molly Moons for a decent scoop of ice cream. For things to do - Pike Place Market is a must. It's right across the venue and there's a lot to see. Mostly just food, but if you wander inside there are a couple shops that sell random knick knacks. Definitely check out the gumwall. It's kind of disgusting, but cool to see. (The smells you'll discover) There are a few places you can check out for food too. My personal favs are Pike Place Chowder, the gyro stand, and the Crumpet Shop (if you're into overpriced British breakfast goods) Also, I'd highly recommend checking out Chukar inside the Pike Place Market. They have AMAZING chocolate covered cherries and phenomenal chocolate covered pecans. Good for souvenirs. The Seattle Art Museum is nearby the Pike Place Market too Westlake Center is worth a visit if you're looking for some good old commercial shopping The EMP is pretty cool (Excuse me, the Museum of Pop Culture). As its name implies, they showcase a lot of modern pop culture related things like props from shows, history of bands from Washington state like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, that kind of thing.
  6. I've listened through all the albums once and S/T and Toxicity sound pretty great. Steal This Album - Hypnotize seem to suffer from inner groove distortion though because the last track of each side sound awful. Anybody else's copies sound like this too?
  7. Haha Billy West. What a stupid, phoney, made up name.
  8. Did they every say if they're doing the rest of the Silent Hill series? I messaged them about it last month and they just told me "your interest in this has been noted thanx"
  9. I'm just starting to buy test presses for music I really like. But, in all honesty, I don't really know what's the point to them. From my understanding, labels use them for quality checks to make sure everything sounds fine before sending off a large order to the pressing plant. So, they're basically just a black pressing of whatever record. I'm curious to know for what reason they're appealing to other people. I've rarely (if never) seen any posts with a poll, so I thought why not try using one. I can only add 2 questions to the poll though, so a couple other questions I have are: 1. Do people play test presses? 2. How much would you pay for a test press?
  10. Ah man, I echo KingTacoMunster. It's such a good album. It might've been the 3rd CD I ever bought after Toxicity and Gorillaz Demon Days. Well, it's not bad to have $20 to spend on something else. I was actually just referring to batman not ordering S/T. Nabbed all 5 myself earlier. Thanks for looking out though.
  11. It took a good 5-10 minutes for me. Also, no S/T????????
  12. Copped from the bull. I canNOT wait to crank up the volume on "soil"