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  1. Princess Mononoke is up on Amazon JP. You can nab these at like $5-6 cheaper than most other US distros. First time I felt compelled to grab the symphonic suite in addition to the OST. Came out to roughly $55 shipped for the OST and $45 shipped for the SS. Original Soundtrack (¥4,926 + ¥1,495 shipping) Symphonic Suite (¥3,821 + ¥1,347) Image Album (¥3,821 + ¥1,347 shipping)
  2. Whole discography is actually reissued. Available through Dunk! too: https://dunkrecords.com/collections/dunk-records-on-vinyl/we-lost-the-sea
  3. If you order off amazon Japan they end up being much more affordable. I ended up paying around $42 each for Kiki's and Porco Rosso (albeit, they were single lps). Still not cheap, but Japanese media has always been more expensive compared to many other countries. Their standard CDs retail for around $30-$35. As for the sound quality on these releases, I've picked up all the OST versions of the recent Ghibli re-issues and they all sound fantastic. Nice dynamic range and clean audio. The packaging and artwork is really high quality too printed on sturdy material with hi-res artwork and often contain little extras like inserts (or even a cell animation page for Castle in the Sky). I wouldn't have any reservations about whether or not these are good pressings.
  4. I think there were around like 5,000 copies to start. Already down to less than 3500
  5. Technically, I think it's being re-issued but for the first time one vinyl.
  6. I loved All Out Life. But since it wasn't on the album, I didn't count it. Wish they did though. I honestly didn't really feel Unsainted. I couldn't get into the chorus and the choral vocals. And it sounds close enough to All Out Life that I end up listening to that over Unsainted. There were some good tracks on it, but I just didn't think it came together as an album. And just being heavy doesn't cut it for me. There are plenty of heavy bands out there with tight songwriting and well written melodies. And this album didn't quite have that for me. Tracks like "Nero Forte" and "Orphan" start great but have an absolutely awful chorus. "Critical Darling"'s chorus doesn't even sound like Slipknot. A problem I have with Slipknot albums is that they're always too bloated. Either too many songs or songs that are too long. And WANYK suffers from the same issue which isn't helped with the addition of interludes that I don't think really add anything. I'm ok with long songs. I listen to plenty of post rock/doom metal albums that have four or five 13+ minute tracks back to back. But I guess with what was offered here I felt like they could have said what they needed to in a shorter amount of time. I seem to be in the minority, but I actually really liked The Gray Chapter. It has its problems too, but I thought as an album it felt more cohesive (that might explain more about my tastes considering it's regarded by many fans as one of their worst albums). Don't get me wrong though, I'm happy for the band and their success and I think it's great they were able to make an album that so many fans enjoyed this far in their career.
  7. I thought the album was ok. Overhyped tbh. Less bloated than .5 but not alot of standout tracks. Probably my least favorite of their outputs. Solway Firth and Red Flag were cool though.
  8. Felt the same thing with synthwave. Just cherish the classics and think of better times.
  9. For anyone curious about the Studio Ghibli image albums, I think a number of them are on spotify. Here's a couple I found: Kiki's Delivery Service https://open.spotify.com/album/0Y168qDgdE5wnEIyxRT6es Porco Rosso https://open.spotify.com/album/4CD6wcfmrKCorMP2K8DMkw My Neighbor Totoro https://open.spotify.com/album/7MBpoM8AdFooU6g2nB3MZf They even have some of other versions for laputa: castle in the sky and nausicaa and the valley of the wind.
  10. Nesi Media purple/white marble tour copies up for sale. Hurry, 13 copies left: https://www.nesimedia.com/product-page/alcest-spiritual-instinct-purple-white-marble-lp-ltd-china-tour-version