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  1. I was actually talking about Korean artist releases, not necessarily imports. The more expensive one I bought was a copy of Vivid by the band Adoy. I've noticed that the $50 mark tends to be around the average price for many notable artists: Justhis, nafla, Oohyoo, Surl, etc. Like you said, it probably does have to do with small runs, limited market, and potentially even pressing outside the country. Because of the smaller market, Korean music on vinyl is in a rough state where alot of the old music is hard to find and out of print so it's expensive, and the new releases are made in such limited quantity that they're also hard to find and import and end up being expensive.
  2. Importing from Korea in general very expensive. That's if you're lucky to find a shop that'll even ship releases you're looking for to your location. The retail price of records seem to be much higher too. Last time I imported from Korea, one single LP cost me $33 while another single LP $48, and shipping was $40. I think the shipping has gotten more expensive now too.
  3. Never saw the live action version, but Ein is not the first thing I think of when I hear Cowboy Bebop. For 160 bones, I just hope it doesn't shed.
  4. I'm in the same boat. I feel like they have the makings of a great Slipknot track like solid riffs, fierce vocals, and good drums parts, but song structure doesn't flow. Taking The Dying Song as an example, they only use the intro part once and that could have easily been a verse that they recycle at least one more time. After the first pre-chorus/chorus they go straight into a long bridge before going back to that pre-chorus/chorus and ending the song. There isn't a satisfying loop and we can't anticipate what the next part of the song will be. And the choruses are lackluster. They're just not catchy.
  5. All hope is gone next?? According to some guy on reddit apparently going up for pre-order in a couple days.
  6. Wonder if these are just manufacturing errors and they're trying to pass them off as variants or something haha
  7. Honestly, sometimes it doesn't even take a release fully selling out before they start raising prices. Cool store, but awful practice.
  8. I hope Vol.3 gets some kind of remastering treatment. I don't know about the OG pressing, but the RSD version has the awful Rick Rubin mix with relentless compression.
  9. Somethin' be fishy. It has purity listed. But also, Frail Limb Nursery isn't on it.
  10. @satoshi – Newbury is up! https://www.newburycomics.com/products/denzel_curry-melt_my_eyez_exclusive_lp?variant=41336273207476 Really love how much this one matches the obi.
  11. Yeah, that shipping is not friendly. Wonder why they couldn't have just put them up on the quarter prod web shop. Or at least offer some other items on that new site.
  12. Tbh I kind of get it. Quality is a crapshoot, everything's a pre-order, production costs are rising, and getting records damaged in the mail sucks. But I dunno, I don't think these things should be affecting how you feel about music. At the end of the day, it's just stuff. Don't sell your collection. Just enjoy what you have and maybe focus on buying from labels you know will ship things securely or have a good return/replacement policy.
  13. It's up! Going back to freaking sleep. Edit: holy hell...3 min, and it's sold out...