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  1. Selling the recentish mellon collie and aeroplane flies high reissues. I have one copy of each. Neither have been played, but are open. Also, the MC&IS reissue is from 2015 Let me know if you're interested. $60 each or both for $100. Price includes shipping in the US.
  2. Ok. Have a few sales pending and will update the available list in a few hours once those are finalized. As of now only have a couple left though.
  3. All vaults sold or pending sales. Will post a new list of available packages if anyone or the pending sales fall through. Everyone who paid: your packages have been shipped! I'll be updating all the tracking info in PayPal over the next day or so. Thanks all!
  4. Title is self explanatory. I'm moving to a smaller apartment and also need to raise some money for the move so I'm here to sell my Third Man Vaults. I'm not a flipper and I'm not even usually a seller, but the time has come. I have one of every thirdman vault available. I've been a subscriber since day one so I am the original owner of each of these. Only a couple have been played, but all of them are in pristine condition. Asking price is $70 each. If to want three or more I could do a deal and knock them down to $65 each. Due to the weight I'm only willing to ship within the US. I have mailers on order so anybody who buys any between now and Monday 4/18 I apologize in advance that I won't be shipping anything until the morning of 4/19. Throwing that out there now so there aren't issues later. Haha. Thanks for looking. Hoping these find good homes.