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  1. Loved this album back in the day, gonna have to revisit it before a pre-order goes up. Sucks it's ETR, but whatever 🤷‍♂️
  2. Scooped this up because I'm curious how the remaster will sound and how that color changing vinyl turns out.
  3. Super excited this is finally getting pressed! I remember seeing them live a couple months before this album came out and they opened the show with a song off of Singularity and my wife and I weren't even sure if we were seeing the right band haha different from The Everglow, but still so good.
  4. After the first listen, this album was already one of my favorite releases this year. Immediately picked up the ATO splatter from a local store, haven't stopped listening since!
  5. Dropped the price on Blurryface again. If you're interested in it, message me and let's work out a deal!
  6. Armor For Sleep Sold. Hit me up if you're intersted in anything, I'm sure we can work something out!
  7. Dropped some prices, added Anderson .Paak - Venice, Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface and Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead.
  8. 12/13 is the only Friday in that list. I wonder if we'll have to wait until December for an album drop. Though that is also her birthday so that could be the reason why there's a seal, and she said the album would be out before she turned 30, right? So I don't know haha
  9. Agreed, this sounds more like a Panic! song to me with the horns and the awfully cheesy can't spell awesome without me stuff towards the end. Definitely catchy, but hoping for better with future releases.
  10. Looking to purge the collection a little bit. I'm flexible so if a price doesn't work for you, just reach out and I'm sure we can work something out. Newer, higher priced items are all in NM shape and have only been played once or twice. Older stuff I would need to take a look at to confirm. See my Discogs in my signature for the exact pressing info. Shipping to US is $4, otherwise, let me know where you are and I'll try to get a price for you. Message me if interested, thanks! Newer stuff (aka NM condition): Florence and the Machine - Lungs - $12 Older stuff (aka unconfirmed condition): ABBA - Arrival - $3 Billy Joel - Glass Houses - $3 Diana Ross and The Supremes - Live At London's Talk Of The Town - $3 Diana Ross And The Supremes With The Temptations - The Original Sound Track From TCB - $3 Marvin Gaye - Midnight Love - $3 Sold: A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders (Experience Vinyl version with Talib Kweli liner notes) - $16 Anderson .Paak - Venice (Black) - $20 Anderson .Paak - Oxnard (Red Vinyl) - $30 Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead (Black/Green Marble /1000) - $90 Blink-182 - Greatest Hits (Clear with Black and Silver Splatter, /3000) - $40 Ed Sheeran - Divide - $14 Matchbook Romance - Stories and Alibis (Black /550) - $30 Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface (Red/Black Split) - $60