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  1. Have a Toxicity boot, will probably grab this if it sounds good.
  2. Hoping for an individual pressing of TTTYG as well, for some reason I doubt it'll happen though.
  3. From the forum: I told Storf our best guesses so far were: Classics, Professor Longhair - Rum & Coke James Booker - The Lost Paramount Tapes RHH, MC Lyte - Lyte as a Rock Queen Latifah - All Hail The Queen His response: “You guys have them both.”
  4. But on 'Untouchable' he says: "I wish he'd do a funny rap, like SNL did. If I don't take myself serious, who the fuck else will?" But this was released after Culdesac, so I don't know, just figured I'd point that out.
  5. RowBearToe

    StickerCollective (TM)

    I've got one extra Discogs sticker from the buy I just did this week, would be willing to trade it since no one has asked to buy it for $1ppd. Mostly looking for music stuff personally.
  6. Just got these in, have 1 left. Let me know if you want it!
  7. RowBearToe

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    Now back to the music, really digging this after a couple listens!
  8. One more open slot for a $1 Discogs sticker. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  9. Unfortunately that one is sold out right now. Not sure how long it has been or will be. Thanks though! You interested?
  10. Since my original post isn't very clear, I want to clarify it would work this way: I would buy a 25 pack, you would send me $1 via PayPal and I would mail one to you.
  11. Hey guys! I'm planning on grabbing a pack of Discogs stickers, but the fewest I can buy is 25. I have absolutely no need for 25 of these so I figured I would see if anyone else is interested. I'm thinking $1 per person would pay for stamp, envelope and the sticker. They also have Crate Diggers stickers that I could add for an extra 50 cents if enough people wanted those as well. Let me know if you're interested and I'll put an order together and get details from everyone. Thanks! https://shop.discogs.com/products/discogs-stickers https://shop.discogs.com/products/crate-diggers-stickers?variant=40976333766
  12. A Mark is one of the albums I've been looking to get repressed since I started collecting. Would never consider paying $150+ for this, so pumped for this repress! Really hope Places is up next.
  13. RowBearToe

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Shocked this got a vinyl release. Wish I could grab this and Push and maybe KSG and Nas together in 1 package while only having to pay that $6 shipping once.
  14. RowBearToe

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    Yeah, I find myself listening to DAYTONA and the new Black Thought more than this. I'm just not drawn to it, I feel like I have to force myself to go back and listen to it again. Though I HATED TLOP the first few times I listened to it and then eventually fell in love with it, so I'm going to give it some more time.