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  1. The debut LP from Pittsburgh, PA's Remainders is up for pre order at A-F Records. Random mixed colored vinyl. "Remainders is a melodically dejected punk band. Formed in Pittsburgh, PA in 2014, Remainders writes heavy hearted, simple, and sincere songs that speak to the inevitable coping that comes with forced adulthood, processing loss and dredging through heartbreak, all the while figuring out how to somehow function on a daily basis." FFO: Iron Chic, Menzingers, Get Bent Pre Order: http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/577999-remainders-self-titled-lp-mp3 Song streams: https://www.punknews.org/article/62063/remainders-first-blood-part-ii-punknews-exclusive http://newnoisemagazine.com/song-premiere-remainders-two-twenty-two/ http://www.fortheloveofpunk.com/premiere-remainders-streamtrying-too-hard-from-a-f-records-debut/
  2. Thanks for the orders! Everything will ship out tomorrow morning.
  3. The Homeless Gospel Choir's first official full length record has been reissued via Between the Days Records. Pressing of 500. 100 White, 100 Blue and 300 Black. Available now. Purchase: http://betweenthedays.storenvy.com/products/15361845-the-homeless-gospel-choir-luxury-problems-lp Stream: https://thehomelessgospelchoir.bandcamp.com/album/luxury-problems
  4. Bike Tuff - "Into Shore" LP out April 7th. Originally released as a CD in 2013, available now on vinyl with new artwork. First pressing of 300 on black, blue and white with red splatter. Comes with download code. A few random pre orders will get a test press with screen printed cover. Use code: VCBOARD for 15% off. You can stream the whole record here: https://bikingtuff.bandcamp.com/album/into-shore Pre Order here: http://betweenthedays.storenvy.com
  5. It seems to be the 4th pressing according to discogs: "4th press - "car on fire" black and white glued sleeve. Black borders around the front cover and Dr. Strange Records logo added to the back. Black vinyl"
  6. Selling some stuff to help pay for some records I'm putting out. PM offers or questions. Will trade for Lookout Records stuff as well. 7" Boy Sets Fire - Consider $5 Compound Red - Angel Danced Away $4 Dave Hause - Time Will Tell - Black/Maroon $5 Face to Face - No Authority (worn cover) $3 The Gaslight Anthem - Tumbling Dice - Baby Blue $4 The Horrible Crows - Ladykiller - Red $6 Masked Intruder/The Turkletons - Split - Blue $5 Oi Polloi/Appalachian Terror Unit - Split $4 Operation Cliff Clavin/The Max Levin Ensemble - Split - Pinkish/Purple Mix $3 Pohgoh - Resolution/Bernadette $3 Polar Bear Club - The View, the Life - Gray w/ Blue /300 $7 Post Marked Stamps No. 7 - Very Secretary/Compound Red - Split Seven Days of Samsara/Cobra Kai - Split - White 460/500 The Ergs!/Modern Machines - Split $4 Too Many Daves - 2008: A Shit Faced Odyssey - Pink $3 The Wonder Years/ Fallen From the Sky - Split - Brown V/A - More Songes About Plants and Trees - The Lookouts, Cringer, Nausea, and Antischism $4 10" Gatorface - Sick and Stupid - Purple/Etched B-Side $6 Teen Idols/Spread - Split $6 12" Balance and Composure - Separation $8 Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw - Green 1st Press Braid - The Age of Octeen $6 D.I. - Tragedy Again - Orange $7 Fifteen - Survivor 2XLP $10 Four Hundred Years - Transmit Failure Limbeck - S/T - Brown $12 Masked Intruder - M.I. - Purple Night Birds - Born to Die In Suburbia - Screen Printed Cover $8 Old Flings - Spite $8 Palatka/Asshole Parage Split - Gray mix $6 Panthers - Things Are Strange 2XLP $6 Planes Mistaken For Stars - Knife in the Marathon Sage Francis - Climb Trees $4 Strung Out - The Element of Sonic Defiance $5 Virgins - Miscarriage - Brownish/Gray $5
  7. New split 7" from Pittsburgh, PA's Barons and Remainders. Barons are catchy and gruff. Members of American Armada, Voice In the Wire, and Teddy Duchamps Army. Remainders are a melodic punk band (ex Incommunicado/Worlds Scariest Police Chases). Artwork by Righteous Indignation. Split release between Drink and Destroy Records (exclusive White) and Between the Days Records (exclusive Transparent Gold). Stream the entire split HERE. Available via Barons bandcamp and Between the Days Records
  8. Added a few extra test presses I have to the store if anyone is interested. Thanks again for the orders!! http://betweenthedays.storenvy.com/products/9757399-one-if-by-land-in-the-fire-of-my-youth-test-press