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  1. Sn agged the /200. One of the most anticipated of the year. Blanket is a perfect merch item for this release
  2. Anyone happen to have, or know where i could buy, a test pressing for Stay Inside? Last piece I need for the Elder Brother variant collection
  3. If anyone has a spare copy of Green Day - Woodstock 1994 let me know. My buddy missed out and that was the main thing he wanted so I gave him my copy
  4. hey man, you messaged me on discogs too. Same username just with a 1 after
  5. Half Black / Half Clear with Royal Blue Splatter acquired. Last bump for this thread
  6. Recover some of that money you spent on beer & burgers this Memorial Day Weekend bump
  7. Sorry to hear that man. I recently bought a used record from them and it was in near perfect condition
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this. Ordered. Curious where you found out about it though, dont see them advertising it anywhere so good looking out!
  9. Looks to be 394 left in stock. Also, Free Slipmat - Have Mercy orders of $50 or more Free Beanie - Have Mercy orders of $75 or more
  10. I just tried putting one record from their sale in and it gave me the media mail option for $5.77