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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. Ordered. Curious where you found out about it though, dont see them advertising it anywhere so good looking out!
  2. Looks to be 394 left in stock. Also, Free Slipmat - Have Mercy orders of $50 or more Free Beanie - Have Mercy orders of $75 or more
  3. I just tried putting one record from their sale in and it gave me the media mail option for $5.77
  4. If anyone has these pressings of Elder Brother albums they’d let go on the cheap let me know. Looking for: Heavy Head - Mint Green with White, Orange & Yellow Splatter - Half Black / Half Clear with Royal Blue Splatter Stay Inside - Test Pressing - Red - Half Cream/ Half Red I know a lot of these are on discogs and merchnow, but figured some people here might have them and be looking to sell
  5. Looking to unload a couple things. Some are sealed so not sure of variant, happy to provide pictures of anything 7" Cynnamon - I Did A Bad Thing - hot pink New Found Glory/Yellowcard - VIP 7" (sealed) Scrawl - Misery/Just Plain Bad - juke box 7" The Wonder Years - Dismantling Summer - bombs 10" The Gaslight Anthem - Hold You Up - RSD red vinyl in PVC sleeve Protagonist - Jean Jackets In June - clear yellow 12" Anne - Pulling Chain - sealed Forever The Sickest Kids - Underdog Alma Mater 10 Year Anniversary - Gold Tancred - Out of the Garden - clear teal Real Friends - Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing - sealed bootleg 320/500 signed by band A Will Away - Bliss - sealed
  6. Appears to be sold out now 322 of the other variant left
  7. Got in my cokie deluxe pre-order that came with the shirt today. Record is clear yellow
  8. Came in the mail. Love how it turned out! Seeing them Saturday and can't wait to see if they do any of these arrangements or throw it back to All In My Head
  9. Well that's exciting then. From the mock up it looks to go with the album art well. I'm very interested to see how they come out
  10. Stoked for this one. Ordered that yellow pinwheel
  11. Great season guys. I mean, I didnt have a great one, but still a good time. But as far as the real world goes. Let's go Pats!