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  1. Did I need another copy? No Did I buy that VG copy? Perhaps
  2. was that the one you ordered or did you order a different variant? Album is wicked good.
  3. I ordered the /200 from MerchNow and got the /1000 half and half. Half and halfs for everyone! Sent them an email so hopefully I'll be able to exchange it.
  4. "Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time." Man... when will us Americans catch a break
  5. I only see the Lowlife cover with the hand holding the purple ball and the standard cover with the purple ball unraveling off the earth. Have you seen the third?
  6. New Noise Magazine Issue 51 – cover ft. Four Year Strong. The included flexi will feature an acoustic version of Four Year Strong’s album track, “Talking Myself In Circles." This issue begins shipping in late February. https://newnoisemagazine.com/store/product/print-magazine/issue-51-four-year-strong/
  7. Are the 700 - PN 2 - Glow in the Dark and Alt Cover from MerchLimited the same variant? Have both ordered.
  8. Ordered all three variants, the cd and hoodie. All of the artists involved in this are some of my favorites and hearing them cover this music is top notch. Dan's voice at the end of Skipping Stone hit hard. Tim Landers forever!
  9. I do appreciate that if you're buying a bundle the vinyl is $10 more than the cd, instead of $16 more if your just buying that on its own. it's the little things
  10. Dang. Literally just bought that album for $25 and I thought I got a great deal. Good find!
  11. There's been conversation in the league page on yahoo fantasy. I think keepers are locked in now. Draft is tonight at 8:30