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  1. I have the remaining stock done up into an excel spreadsheet. There are 76 titles in all, let me know if anyone would like a copy.
  2. https://spinagainrecords.weebly.com/store/p474/Good_Thing_-_Leon_Bridges_.html 29.99 tax in
  3. https://spinagainrecords.weebly.com/store/p472/Tenterfield%2FRock_And_Rolls_Girls_(Picture_Disk)_(RSD)_-_John_Fogerty.html 4 left in stock, 29.99 tax in
  4. https://spinagainrecords.weebly.com/store/p473/Sha_Sha_(RSD)_-_Ben_Kweller.html Showing one in stock, can confirm in the morning
  5. I have quite a few titles left over from record store day releases. Offering 15% off these titles. Let me know if you're looking for anything in particular!
  6. https://spinagainrecords.weebly.com use the code SPIN1 for 15% off! Prices always include tax.
  7. https://spinagainrecords.weebly.com/store/p153/Tranquility_Base_Hotel___Casino_(Clear_Vinyl)_-_Arctic_Monkeys_.html for anyone in canada! 31.75 tax in
  8. Update for anyone who is curious. I have been live now for about a week. I have done over a $1000 in sales. Most sales have come locally I have also shipped records across the border as well as ontario. I have been getting extremely positive feedback locally as well as from those who have ordered from me. www.spinagainrecords.weebly.com
  9. Run The Jewels STD Box Set $65.55, good deal for those canucks in the group! https://spinagainrecords.weebly.com/store/p312/Stay_Gold_Collectors_Jewel_Box_-_Run_The_Jewels_.html
  10. I’ll never quit my day job, I’m not in this to get rich as I’ve mentioned a bunch of times. It’s just something I’m interested in and would like to persue.
  11. Amazon's price on For Emma is $28.07 plus tax, I'm offering for $30 tax in, both 2012 pressings. Not sure where you found $18 for that title. (Maybe a flash sale? Amazon does have those. Thats why I offer the price match guarantee.) And before I set prices I compare with Amazon to make sure I am competitive. I agree with you about selling stuff that amazon doesn't. I'm scanning through a few labels to see what I can muster up. Anything you would like to see that you personally find hard to get in the Canadian market?
  12. I am set up with a supplier who will do drop shipping for me for a small fee. Therefore I cut out completely using Canada Post. This way I can offer free shipping on most of what I sell within Canada. They will also ship to the states for exact same fee as in Canada so there is potential to expand my business across the border, biggest thing will be record prices. I feel this will give me a competitive advantage versus the big retailers such as amazon. If anyone is interested in checking out some of our prices head over to www.spinagainrecords.weebly.com. Prices Always include tax.