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  1. Had the /200 in my cart when it went live. Went to check out and it was gone. Also told me that the Go Down In History cassette doesn't ship to my region? Which is Florida?
  2. How the hell do I post in a club? I swear I've done this before, but now I'm lost. It's n to important or anything, just wanted to say hi. But now I'm bothered.

    1. MyckelJay


      Literally typed, "not important." What the hell is "n to" ??

  3. They definitely did. The SWS are still for sale I think. Attack Attack! and TDWP were around for a while too. I would've LOVED to see a demo or acoustic from any of the bands on Side B. When they do the second series (if that's ever still happening), I hope they add something.
  4. I haven't bought any of these. But I think what Fearless is doing is better than what Rise tried with their 7" series. Rise's were single-sided with no screen print or anything on Side B. Just one song on Side A. Granted they came to about $14 shipped a piece. That's still ridiculous for one song. At least Fearless' series bring something new to the table with unreleased B-Sides, acoustic tracks, demos or new songs. Worth $16 a piece? That's up to you to decide.
  5. In before all the hate 😂 For real though, thank you for posting this. Probably would've missed it otherwise. This album was big for me when it came out. Despite all the (completely understandable) hate Ronnie Radke gets, I'm glad this is finally being pressed. P.S. - There's a typo in your post, the album is called The Drug In Me Is You
  6. They're up at $25.98 a pop, ouch. https://www.victorymerch.com/store/silverstein 18 Candles: Solid Green /219 (Sold Out) Clear w/ Black Smoke /1,085 Clear Green w/ Gold & Black Splatters /591 Solid Gold & Green, A-Side/B-Side Mix /215 Decade: Highlighter Yellow /1,081 Clear w/ Gold & White Splatter /660 Clear Yellow w/ Red & Black Splatter / 225 Solid Red /219 (Sold Out)
  7. I forgot about Decade. It'd be cool if that pressed. But with the selling of Victory, I'm not sure what the chances of getting backlog stuff pressed will be in the future.
  8. I wish they would've done this with Discovering The Waterfront. Or just do a live album with tracks spanning throughout their career. This is cool though!
  9. Though you're not technically supposed to add web-subs, I've done this too. If you have enough information, I don't see who it's hurting. I was going to recommend doing this too. (Not in reply to the quote): Come back to the release page every couple of weeks and if anyone adds it to their collection, shoot them a PM. EDIT: Didn't read all the way to the bottom of the replies. Also didn't realize how old this thread is. Cool that somebody has it! I hope you can get your hands on a copy now.
  10. I've been excited for this. The pinwheel is only available in bundles though? Bummer.