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  1. iI have a shit ton of CDs, but I only keep "new" ones in my car until I learn them. I say "new" because a lot of my discs are thrifted, so they're just new to me. I'll find CDs from artists that I know or have heard of, but haven't really listened to yet. I'll listen to them until I learn them, then they go into my CD towers with the rest of my CDs, then the songs go into my Spotify playlist.
  2. I'm assuming that's probably the Newbury exclusive Green/Blue/White starburst and someone at Victory just listed it as blue instead of green? https://www.newburycomics.com/products/a_day_to_remember-homesick_exclusive_lp?variant=1986372861964 Newbury exclusives are always under the radar for me. Which is a bummer because they get some pretty sweet variants.
  3. Tragic Hero Records announces that they were pressing an Alesana record for the first time with these same specs. So assuming they were using the same plant, I bitched them out over email. I got a reply saying that these (ASD) are FINALLY being manufactured and should ship mid-July. So IF this information is actually correct, we have about another 2 months to wait for these. As if 19 wasn’t enough already.
  4. I was excited when I saw this, then I kept reading and saw that the only Mayday Parade song I dislike is on Side B. I'll hold my $17. I already have 2 copies of that album anyway.
  5. I've noticed that if somebody makes a duplicate entry and they're merged together in time, the values of one completely get wiped. The release that keeps the ID keeps the sales value, but the one merging with it doesn't transfer over. That could be the problem. Here's an example: https://www.discogs.com/Silverstein-Discovering-The-Waterfront/release/12012086 (sold for $35) https://www.discogs.com/release/10776820 (sold for $23.90. no evidence of every selling for $35) It sucks too, because often times the release that is merged into (not merged with) ends up being the original, more complete listing. Just like in the situation above. People choose to keep the incorrect ID and the value of the other is lost.
  6. I'm not sure if someone already mentioned this and I'm not scrolling through 4 pages of updates to find out, but the set is remixed and remastered.
  7. The artwork for Green Day looks sick. I feel like people will buy just for the sleeve. I know this is an old boot, but I hope Reprise did something with the audio. Remastered or something.
  8. Come on. We don't need that shit. I'll happily drop $30 on it, but fucking $75? Hard pass. God dammit.
  9. Is there really? haha. I didn't see that one on there.
  10. I'm absolutely getting Bigger, Longer & Uncut. I've been asking for that to be pressed for YEARS. Definitely getting Green Day too. I'll try for Beartooth, Menzingers and MCR if I can too. Maybe even House of Wax. Depending on track listing for The Wonder Years, maybe that too. Best RSD in years. I'm gonna go broke.
  11. Same. I would've grabbed this one too for old time's sake, just not for $17. Can't say I'm surprised these sold out though.
  12. $17 for a 7"? Hard pass. If they put these up on Merchnow, I might grab some along with some other records, but they're only being sold through their site sooooo, no thanks. If any Blessthefall gets pressed I'll have to snatch, but that's it for now. I'm sure there are a handful that I'd want, but not at $17 a pop. Media mail only costs $3.50. Also, did anyone notice that an All Time Low somehow got slipped into their 25th anniversary playlist? Haha, wrong label, intern. Retracting my last comment. I just noticed it was from the "Punk Goes" series.
  13. I wonder if they'll drop this excuse for items that were damaged from the plant/factory, prior to shipping. I ordered a record last month that had a huge scratch through two of the songs. I sent them photos and a video and they replaced it, but that was before this update. I wonder if they'd still cover stuff like that or not.
  14. I have a lot of samplers and comps I wish were pressed on vinyl. Sadly, this was not one of them. I not against the idea of pressing some old sampler though.