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  1. In my own experience, I've found it best to email the stores that haven't shipped out your pre-orders yet to update the address. Take note of who answers. For the ones that don't respond, try calling if they have a phone number. If you're moving from an apartment, you can tell the leasing office to hold any mail that may arrive for you after you move. Whether they will or not is at their discretion though. I've had complexes just throw my mail away (non-USPS, so I couldn't re-route), so use this as a last resort. I always re-route my mail through USPS when I move. But for re-routed packages, U
  2. I appreciate that. It says it isn't valid for items in my cart. I just have the egg drop variant in my cart. Seems like a unique code. Thank you though!
  3. I entered two different emails. One I was already signed up with their email list for. Didn't get an email on either. Maybe they reached their daily limit? Did the code seem unique, or is it one that you could share?
  4. The standard versions are no longer $30 from Fearless, they're up to $35 now. They still have variants available that are sold out on the band's site though.
  5. Aside from the Deluxe variant, they're a few bucks cheaper from Fearless. https://store.fearlessrecords.com/collections/vinyl $35 for a standard 2xLP is wack.
  6. Ice Nine Kills have been doing "Evidence" drops for their upcoming album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood. The First of the vinyl variants dropped today. A few cassettes are still available too, as well as CD pre-orders. https://ink-merch.com/collections/notn-july-2021 So far for vinyl we have: "Bluey Lewis" /500 "Honey Hooked" / 750 "Rolex Gold" / 1,000 "Love Hurts" / 1,500 "Clear Smoke" (Revolver Exclusive) /300 "Bloody Raincoat" (Deluxe) /3,000 "Black w/ Splatter" (FYE Exclusive) /500 "Good Guy Green" /500
  7. One of my favorite albums of the year so far. Glad it's getting pressed. Pressing info: Black in Beer – 150 Rust Red – 100 Available through White Russian Records here: https://www.whiterussianrecords.nl/product/anson-a-note-for-you-to-find-12/ Or KingsRoad Merch here: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/white-russian-records/search/index.php?search=anson Pre-order and be entered to win one of 10 test presses (2 winners). Not sure if you're entered if you order through KR, but shipping is a little cheaper through them. I've got my fingers crossed for a US p
  8. Been waiting a long time for this. 5 of these tracks are already out, and they're very good. Can't wait to hear the rest!
  9. I imagine this is unofficial? Open pre-oder through July. Tracklist is the soundtrack, plus Let Me Sign, Love Is Worth The Fall, and Decode (Acoustic) as bonus tracks. 15 tracks total. Recorded on “skin of a killer” glitter. https://butcherbordello.bigcartel.com/product/deluxe-ost-tape There's a free shipping code too: "SPIDERMONKEY"
  10. Only three more days to pick up a cassette copy of this. Once the pre-order period closes, tapes will go into production. Discover some sick music and support a cool cause! https://commontimetapes.bandcamp.com/album/charitapes-vol-2
  11. Common Time Tapes put out the second installment in their "Charitapes" series. All proceeds from sales of this comp will go to the Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit whose goal is to to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the U.S., to challenge racial and economic injustice, and to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. Read more about EJI at eji.org. Vol. 2 features 19 tracks from different artists from around the globe, from varying genres. Give it a listen at the link below and consider picking up a tape (or buy it digitally) if yo
  12. I would assume they were fans. The encounter that I had with them was at Warped Tour, whenever the last year they were on was. I went to their signing with my friend. It lasted for like, half an hour. People would ask to take photos with them, and I heard them say countless times to the people asking, "sorry, we don't do pictures." But almost every single girl who asked for a photo, they allowed; just not the guys. Then we get to the point where there are 3 or 4 people in front of us before we get to the signing table. There's maybe 5 people behind us until the end of the line. Without saying
  13. Never been a fan of the way these guys treat their fans. They're talented, but their egos overshadow their talent.

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