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  1. Today (June 30) is the last day to pick up a cassette if you're interested: https://commontimetapes.bandcamp.com/album/charitapes-vol-3
  2. One more week to order a cassette! https://commontimetapes.bandcamp.com/album/charitapes-vol-3 After that the comp will only be available digitally. 100% of proceeds go to Hope For The Day (HFTD.org).
  3. New Sleeping With Sirens album coming 10/14. Easter Yellow & Hot Pink Light Side A/B w/ Black Heavy Splatter (/300) Sumerian US Exclusive Transparent Electric Blue + Opaque Orange Butterfly w/ Black Splatter (/500) Includes signed insert Black Inside Ultra Clear w/ Canary Yellow + Violet Heavy Splatter (/300) Sumerian International Exclusive Red In Transparent Yellow w/ Black Splatter (/300) Zia Exclusive 2 singles out so far. "Bloody Knuckles" and "Crosses (feat. Spencer Chamberlain)
  4. Part 1 of The Summer Set's new 2-part album, "Blossom" coming September 9th. One vinyl variant available so far, expected mid October. 140G orangish vinyl. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/259413/the-summer-set-blossom Not sure if anyone here is interested in this, but figured I'd post it just in case.
  5. Charitapes - Vol. 3 out NOW! 100% of proceeds benefit Hope For The Day (http:HFTD.org).

    Check it out at CommonTimeTapes.bandcamp.com/

  6. Submissions are gone close May 21st. Email any track you may want included to [email protected] some time before then. Thanks!
  7. CIWWAF finally arrived... aaaaand sounds like absolute shit. I mean, it's almost unlistenable. Sounds wobbly, tinny, fuzzy, and at bass-heavy parts, the vocals are completely washed out. Does anyone else's sound like this? Super bummed, especially considering how long it took to arrive. EDIT: Just checked some of the comments on Discogs and apparently this is a common problem with this pressing. Holy shit it sounds so awful.
  8. Mockup looks so sick for the blue. I am not a fan of highlighter vinyl. Would rather have black in most cases, but at this point I'll take what I can get. Been waiting for this album for too long.
  9. Loved seeing this note on the page: "Test Press (out of 17) *for band, friends & family only, please don't ask about these*" Shout out to Triple B for doing that.
  10. It was. I clicked submit with all my info (autofilled) at 12:00:26 and got the sold out message.
  11. Holy shit. Not even 20 seconds in all 1,000 of the blue sold out. Was able to secure a yellow though.
  12. I, personally, wouldn't even bother mentioning the intended variants. Just put "random" on the listings when you sell them. Bands have done this in the past, and I like not knowing beforehand. Hawthorne Heights did it when they release "Hope" on vinyl. A Skylit Drive did it when they released "Rise" on vinyl. I didn't hear about any backlash from fans or collectors.
  13. It's that time of the year again, folks. Common Time Tapes is looking for unsigned artists of any genre to contribute a track to our "Charitapes" series. We always have at least one submission from the VC forum included, and the idea for Charitapes was born here, so it only feels right to try and recruit some talent from here. If you don't know what Charitapes is, it's an annual compilation series compiled of submitted songs by unsigned artists, with all proceeds from sales being donated to a specified charity. We're currently scouting for Volume 3, and all proceeds will be going to Hope For The Day. Hope For The Day is a non-profit movement encouraging the conversation around suicide prevention, awareness and education for people of all ages, all over the world. If you, your band, friends, family, etc. would like to contribute to this project, shoot a WAV of the song you want to submit to [email protected] Cheers! UPDATE: The comp is out! 19 tracks from some extremely talented groups and individuals. Available digitally, or to pre-order on cassette (through the month of June). 100% of the proceeds benefit Hope For The Day, a non-profit focussing on providing mental health resources and education + spreading suicide prevention/awareness to people of all ages, all around the globe. Read more about their mission at http://HFTD.org Listen to the comp here: https://commontimetapes.bandcamp.com/album/charitapes-vol-3, and if you like what you hear, consider picking up a tape, or purchasing the comp digitally.

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