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  1. I forgot about Decade. It'd be cool if that pressed. But with the selling of Victory, I'm not sure what the chances of getting backlog stuff pressed will be in the future.
  2. I wish they would've done this with Discovering The Waterfront. Or just do a live album with tracks spanning throughout their career. This is cool though!
  3. Though you're not technically supposed to add web-subs, I've done this too. If you have enough information, I don't see who it's hurting. I was going to recommend doing this too. (Not in reply to the quote): Come back to the release page every couple of weeks and if anyone adds it to their collection, shoot them a PM. EDIT: Didn't read all the way to the bottom of the replies. Also didn't realize how old this thread is. Cool that somebody has it! I hope you can get your hands on a copy now.
  4. I've been excited for this. The pinwheel is only available in bundles though? Bummer.
  5. Victory tweeted asking what albums everyone would like to see get a first pressing a few days ago. Reply there so they're at least aware that people would want it. It's not uncommon for Victory to do short /200 runs. It could happen.
  6. Bummed I missed that explicit cover. The new track sort of sounds Foxboro-Hottubs-esque. I'm personally okay with it, but I don't imagine the whole album will sound like that.
  7. The only warped record I've gotten from Amazon was an Amazon Warehouse purchase, so I didn't think much of it. It plays fine, just has a slight bell warp. Either you're unlucky or they're being stored incorrectly. Sometimes packaging can be a problem too. Do they send them in flat LP mailers, or do they just throw it in a box with some bubble padding?
  8. Mine just arrived. They said they'd send shipping information when I asked about it, but they never did. They actually did send the posters and CD, though not the right one, which I didn't think they were still going to. The CD they sent me is Rise: Ascension instead of Rise Deluxe, but I'm okay with that. They packaged the CD in the LP mailer though, so the jacket got a decent corner crease. The Flexi I ordered with it came with the signatures all smeared too, but I don't really care anymore. I'm just glad to finally have this stuff in my hands. Super bummed about the corner crease though. My "random" color is a boring grey splatter-y color.
  9. If you're looking to get Wires you're probably fine. If you're looking to pre-order absolutely anything from them though, I'd pass until it's no longer a pre-order. I pre-ordered this god damned record almost 21 months ago. It was originally supposed to ship in Spring of 2018, then got pushed back to Fall 2018. That's fine. I understand manufacturing problems, but not once did they send out an update to people who pre-ordered it. I emailed them every 3 or 4 months for some sort of update and they told me I had 2 options: 1) wait. 2) get a store credit I said I'd wait because I don't care to have anything else. Another time they told me I could have a full refund to my original payment option, then when I said I'd take that they told me I could only get a store credit. Every time I reached out for an update, I had to email twice because weeks would go by and they'd never reply. I also went to check their Instagram page about a week ago to see if maybe they posted anything about it, since they mentioned the test presses had arrived and they soft blocked me. haha. Now I'm seeing that they changed the item descriptions and quantities a whole year and a half later too. I also ordered another item when I pre-ordered and that item is no longer for sale, so it probably won't come with my package, but I'll post about that if that's the case. TLDR: I would personally advise against it. But I'm pretty sure that non-pre-order items can be refunded. Just check out with PayPal if it allows you, just to be safe.
  10. Also, apparently there are 769 copies of the "random color" available... even though it was supposed to be limited to 100. EDIT: Also, also, it looks like they updated the package contents to be just the records. So no poster or Deluxe CD as originally promised. I'll update when mine comes to see if the bonuses still come. EDIT: Also, also, also, I just noticed that the "Clear With Black Splatter" variant is now "Clear With Blue Splatter"
  11. It took over a year and a half, but these things are finally shipping. They actually look pretty good too. Hopefully they'll sound as good as they look. Probably won't get a shipping notification, but I'd say if anyone ordered one and doesn't get it within 2 weeks, shoot them an email. Then wait a month and shoot them another email when they don't answer your first one.
  12. I was wondering when someone would start a thread for this here. The new singles are good. I also like that the Neon Green Inside Clear mockup is actually red inside clear.
  13. iI have a shit ton of CDs, but I only keep "new" ones in my car until I learn them. I say "new" because a lot of my discs are thrifted, so they're just new to me. I'll find CDs from artists that I know or have heard of, but haven't really listened to yet. I'll listen to them until I learn them, then they go into my CD towers with the rest of my CDs, then the songs go into my Spotify playlist.