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  1. These are starting to ship out on Monday! Still a handful available on the CTT bandcamp page if anyone's interested!
  2. Motherfuck. I've been wanting this for years and I missed it. Fuck me decent.
  3. New Sundressed album "Home Remedy" coming in September via Rude Records. Two variants, each limited to 100 copies. Gold - $18 Natural w/ Gold Splatter - $20 Bundles are also available: https://ruderecords.merchnow.com/catalogs/Sundressed
  4. I was looking over the IG page that exposed them a few days ago during my break at work. I've never been a fan of the label or any of its bands. Just reading what the victims have been sharing is upsetting. Such a shitty scene over there. Shoutout to these people for coming forward and exposing them.
  5. Made sure my break at work was at 2 just to make sure I was able to grab this. Congrats on the new release. These look like they turned out good!
  6. My label is releasing a limited run of Quarrel Reef's "Fluorescent Lights" on tape. All proceeds from physical and digital purchases will go to The Okra Project, a collective tackling hunger issues faced by Black Trans communities. The tapes will be limited to 25 copies. Hand-printed and cut artwork, hand-stamped and dubbed tapes. https://commontimetapes.bandcamp.com/album/fluorescent-lights <-- check it out there. It's also streaming on Spotify if you'd like to add it to a playlist.
  7. Oh. My dumb ass thought this was the “Radical! Change” one that sold out like two weeks ago. I’ll learn to read one of these days.
  8. Bummed I missed this. Didn't see the IG post until the next afternoon.
  9. I was told they did a few years ago and just rolled with it. I just checked into it though, and they have two releases on Bandcamp from 2018 and 2019 that I had no clue even existed. Guess I have some catching up to do.
  10. I got a Pentimento 7". That Head North EP is amazing. Saw those guys live in Orlando years ago and picked it up at their merch table. Bummer they broke up.
  11. This is cool because Fearless never puts vinyl on sale. I wish it truly was all vinyl though.
  12. $24.98 shipped to US. This one might be the move. Edit: There's probably tax on this too. I forgot about that and didn't check either.