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  1. https://store.iamlights.com/music/vinyl.html LIGHTS' websotre is 20% off until April 3rd. No code needed. This includes vinyl.
  2. completely ignore this because you'd probably save like a dollar. ^^^^^^ also, I think it's hilarious that the ad tried to repost when you quoted 😂 c'mon VC Forgot about that. It does state that they do, but on the one occasion I've had to send something back, they didn't charge me for restocking. Maybe it was because it was their own fault that the item had to be returned?
  3. Sadly MerchNow is very adamant on not accepting price adjustments. Here's something I did one time: I ordered a 7" from Rise's MerchNow. The next day they had a 20% off sale. I asked if I could apply the coupon, MerchNow told me no. So I canceled the order, got a refund, and re-ordered it with the discount. Since you likely already received your record, here's what you could do to cheat the system. If it's still available, re-order it on sale. When it arrives, send it backing your old Order ID. Sure, it's dishonest, and I don't know if they refund shipping. If not, then completely ignore this because you'd probably save like a dollar.
  4. Does this mean a repress is in works?
  5. Park Ave CDs in Orlando, FL is selling on their website with free shipping https://parkavecds.com They're also on: eBay, Discogs and Amazon.
  6. $10 + shipping for a cassingle? Nah, dog. The track is good and I'd love to pick one of these up, but I can wait until it inevitably drops down to $3.
  7. If MCR and the Austin Powers soundtracks make their way to the US, I'm in for those. Hoping the US list has more to offer though. P.S. - Is Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery really from Disney?
  8. They're still at the top. We have both now. I can deal with ads, but they're popping up on EVERY page and it's pretty annoying.
  9. Cassettes available as well https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/140196-po-all-time-low-wake-up-sunshine/
  10. New album out on 4/03/2020 2 Cassette Variants available: Cream /750 Yellow /750
  11. Glad I'm not the only one who has received records in pizza boxes. I ordered a bundle of some throwback rap singles a few years back and they came taped up in a Forever The Sickest Kids pizza box. The box was trashed, but the records were rubber banded (big no-no) and wrapped in enough bubble wrap that they didn't bounce around much. Surprisingly, the rubber bands didn't leave any creases on the sleeves. I guess I just got lucky, but I was baffled by the pizza box shipping.
  12. That'd be sweet. I like the songs. Their obviously not their best works, but I'll welcome anything from these guys.
  13. Had the /200 in my cart when it went live. Went to check out and it was gone. Also told me that the Go Down In History cassette doesn't ship to my region? Which is Florida?
  14. How the hell do I post in a club? I swear I've done this before, but now I'm lost. It's n to important or anything, just wanted to say hi. But now I'm bothered.

    1. MyckelJay


      Literally typed, "not important." What the hell is "n to" ??