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  1. Got it local for $37.99 yesterday. Just ordered another copy for my girlfriend from 1-2-3-4-GO and it's $42.99 there. Just depends where you get it from.
  2. Was excited for this. But $50 pre-shipping? I think I'll pass. The original pressing was like $24 dollars when it came out and was constantly on sale before people realized what a gem it was.
  3. I went to 7 different locations from the 16th-20th and only 3 of the 7 had it advertised. No surprise there. Got some great pickups though.
  4. Damn storm made me miss the good variants. Will likely get the indie variant.
  5. CD and vinyl got delayed again. Said they should arrive at the label mid-January.
  6. New Emarosa album coming 1/27/2023 via Out Of Line Music As far as I know, only one variant has been announced. It sold out within an hour individually, but it's still available in bundles. Yellow: https://visionmerch.com/out-of-line-music/emarosa-sting-yellow-vinyl-1-lp/ Band says they'll be back shortly with more. Assuming it's going to be a different variant.
  7. For sure. Especially since it's a 3xLP. I don't see this selling out any time soon.
  8. Yeah, they're gone. The label said on Instagram that nearly 5,000 orders went through for only 2,000 records. Assuming that's why they shut their site down. Expect about 3,000 refunds.
  9. Same. Had my ShopPay updated last night. Turns out Limited Run is like, the only site that doesn't use ShopPay yet. Regardless, had all my info in and stared at a swirling circle for all of 14 minutes in 3 tabs before the site crashed.
  10. Full Collapse 21st Anniversary Re-issue 3XLP: https://victoryrecords.com/products/thursday-full-collapse-3-lp-10-box-set-hardcover-book-limited-to-5-000/ Limited to 5,000
  11. Yeah, stuck on checkout screens since 10:59 and now the site is just crashed. I'm assuming both variants are gone now? EDIT: Just refreshed and they're both gone. This was a lot of fun.
  12. I'm still stuck on a loading screen for the splatter. Color in color sold out in less than a minute.
  13. Really dig the two tracks so far. If this was an album I'd go for it. I love 10" records, but $22 + shipping for three songs? Oof. C'mon, Hopeless.
  14. Today (June 30) is the last day to pick up a cassette if you're interested: https://commontimetapes.bandcamp.com/album/charitapes-vol-3