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  1. Hello all, I made the price even lower, if it does not sell for half of what I paid then I guess no one will appreciate this piece and I should just throw it into the ocean.
  2. Hello piky0032, Thanks. It has been a couple months. I will buy some new stuff like a new place live and a new car and some new records but I won't be greedy about it. Thanks for your comment. Hello nancy_raygun, Yes I know but it will be worth it soon. Thanks for your comment. Hello briand1313, Okay so it always takes slow and long waiting. Good to hear. Thanks for your comments.
  3. Hello Brock N Roll, Thank you for realizing I am not a dweeb. Thanks for your comment. Hello stl_ben, I am just looking for a sale and not a trade. Thanks for your comment. Hello Chrisbenci,, That is what I planned on generating when I made the post about this being for sale. Thanks for your comment. Hello THE_James_Champ, It is better used to display vinyl. Thanks for your comment. Hello nancy_raygun, I want to keep this topic about the sale of the vinyl case but I guess it is a curious and interesting si
  4. Hello THE_James_Champ, Have you meet people in the world today? If yes then I think you just answered your own question. Also, most new records are going to cost $30-$40 at your local mom and pop shop, add tax to the mix and you are easily above the $80 mark. Thanks for your comment. Hello Brock N Roll, Most does not mean everyone. Good to see another fellow with carpenter skills. Thanks for your comment. Hello stl_ben, Most people are not capable some of the things you find to be simple. If you buy 2 new records from your local mom and po
  5. Hello stl_ben, The first link on ebay you posted is a dirty used box. The second link is of a giant piece of do it yourself shelfing that most people won't be able to do. If you look at a somewhat comparable piece it will be at least 2x as much seen here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/332036788967 and it is still not as unique or does not represent the beauty of vinyl records. Another way to see it is, you go to a store to buy 2 records and it will cost you over $80 and a month later you will never listen to them again or you can get a case to house your records and be a conversation p
  6. Hello rds, Yes for sure. If it does not sell by then, but this is the least expensive record case for sale on ebay and the coolest most unique one too. Plus, it would make a great gift especially around these holidays. So I do not know if will last until then.
  7. Hello all, I lowered the price of it about 16% for cyber week 2016.
  8. Hello The Ghost of Randy Savage, Missed your comment the first time through but believe it or not I paid $120. Custom acrylic pieces of this thickness and quality are not cheap but definitely worth it. Thanks for the comment.
  9. Hello nancy_raygun, Yes it is a strong acrylic box built to house LPs and looks beautiful when doing so, it is made out of similar material to a fish tank. Thanks for the comment.
  10. Hello stl_ben, I fit 40 LPs in myself and there was still some wiggle room so it is just a estimation. I also think you would be surprised if you got some quotes on how much a custom piece made of thick acrylic of this size costs. I could of paid less using 1/8" thick acrylic but I went for top quality with 1/4" thick acrylic to really make a nice strong LP case. I also did not intend on selling it so I think it was worth it and with the interest I have got in it so far, I think someone else will understand too. Thanks for the comments.
  11. Hello stl_ben, It is about 14 by 14 by 7 inches. I have fit 40 LPs in it with some wiggle room but that is why I say factors come into play that will change the amount that could fit inside of it. Depends on single/double record, gram weight of record, sleeves, how big or packed the jacket is, etc. Thanks for the comment. Hello rds, I paid $120 for it. I said I listed it for about 30% less then what I paid. I edited the post to be more clear. Thanks for the comment. Hello Holo, I paid $120 for it. I said I listed it for about 30% less then wh
  12. Hello. A teammate from my hockey team directed me to this site since I was struggling to sell this on ebay. I had got this made not too long ago. I wanted a unique way to display my newest records so I had a company make a custom clear 1/4" thick acrylic display holder/case for LPs. It can hold about 40-50 LPs depending on the basic factors (sleeves, weight, jacket size, etc). The pics I provided do not do much justice for how awesome this looks but gives an idea. I really like this case and got compliments anytime friends that appreciate the art of vinyl have seen it. But after reworki

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