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  1. Frankly, this guy has no clue about record pressing, the industry, pressing plants and quality control. I was an Ops Manager at a pressing plant and run a label. I would say that I’m more fit to talk about these issues. This man, as a consumer (nervously listening to new records and looking for issues) is exactly the type of person who needs a new hobby and/or needs to switch back over to CDs. Most new pressings are generally decent. There are good and bad pressings from every plant. It’s ridiculous to say that everything from GZ or URP or Third Man is crap. I have great pressings from all of these places. I also have shitty pressings from what are known as the “better” plants around the world that will remain unnamed. It’s the nature of the format. Things happen along each step of record making that effect a pressing. Sometimes even while on the press, things change drastically within 5-10 records...Every plant basically has the same QC method. It’s how they’re enforced that sets aside quality. Also, every job that hits the press is generally “rushed” to move on to the next job...it’s always been this way and will always be this way. Color contamination is a joke...learn about the extruder and nozzle first before you even talk about a spec of black or another color in your record. It’s the most annoying complaint and non-issue that exist in vinyl pressing. Rant done...
  2. Tim, just so you’re aware...a set of stampers generally lasts about 800-1200 records...sometimes less even. This doesn’t change based on the pressing size.
  3. Even a guy from Coral Springs couldn’t get a copy...blasphemy! if you want to trade let me know and I’ll send you my list.
  4. Drummer Matt Gossman later drummed for a instrumental post-rock band called North&South that I released the Self-Titled cassette and digital LP for in 2013. Take a listen and buy the tape for $5 (no fees for artists and labels today - 9/4) if you dig it! https://limitedfanfare.bandcamp.com/album/north-south
  5. If you’re looking for the Indie colorway, my local store, Radio-Active Records has it available: https://www.radio-active-records.com/product-page/dashboard-confessional-the-swiss-army-romance-lp-red-w-baby-pink
  6. Jeff’s a great guy and wonderful musician...please support him!
  7. I’m still waiting for mine...ordered it last year