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  1. You know Hopeless doesn’t press the records themselves...with that being said, this could have been pressed at a different plant. It’s just a poor choice of colors as it looks...plus it’s not a swirl record...it’s a poorly done color-in-color job.
  2. Same stampers No...same Lacquer cut and mother/father...possibly and probably — especially when it’s a retailer exclusive. Stamper sets are only Generally good for about 1000 records.
  3. Looking for any pressing of Antenna. Drop me a line if you’re looking to sell or want to trade your copy.
  4. Black and Color copies are both on Discogs now...
  5. Ordered on GC — expected to ship May 25th...backordered
  6. Yes, ordered from them...it’s Universal Music Group. Same as uDiscover Music...
  7. Delayed due to unforeseen manufacturing issues, but now expected to ship January 2020.
  8. Thought there was a record after True Sadness...
  9. I think the complete opposite...the songs on Popaganda are much better as a whole and the production is great!