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  1. Fountains of Wayne is still in stock at Port of Sound - https://portofsoundrecords.com/collections/black-friday-2020/products/welcome-interstate-managers?variant=32969644900457
  2. In-Stock at Plaid Room (as of 7:27am Eastern on 11/13/20) https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/new-releases/products/b-jacks-mannequin-b-br-i-everything-in-transit-import-colored-vinyl-i
  3. Got my HHV order (after being delivered to the wrong apartment, many buildings away) and was in perfect condition (#1318). Thanks to those nice Colorado snowbirds for bringing it over!
  4. $52.64 with the cheapest shipping — grabbed it...
  5. The jacket is numbered, you have no idea when that record was pressed on that particular set of stampers...
  6. Bob, I tried to license Example from Sony a few years ago to no avail. I worked with Subrosa, whom For Squirrels renamed themselves to post-accident and album release in 96/97.
  7. Today we found out that the COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax perpetrated by Relapse Records and the band Nothing to delay the world so that they can come up with 52,000 variant names of the Great Dismal. Note: Please do not take this as a truth...
  8. Frankly, this guy has no clue about record pressing, the industry, pressing plants and quality control. I was an Ops Manager at a pressing plant and run a label. I would say that I’m more fit to talk about these issues. This man, as a consumer (nervously listening to new records and looking for issues) is exactly the type of person who needs a new hobby and/or needs to switch back over to CDs. Most new pressings are generally decent. There are good and bad pressings from every plant. It’s ridiculous to say that everything from GZ or URP or Third Man is crap.
  9. Tim, just so you’re aware...a set of stampers generally lasts about 800-1200 records...sometimes less even. This doesn’t change based on the pressing size.

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