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  1. I have an Orange copy with slight seam splits on the top gatefold (1/2”) still sealed if anyone wants to buy it $38 shipped or to trade.
  2. The GPs are a Great and Underrated Punk/Rock and Roll Band!!
  3. I found a great lot of 101 LPs recently of some great stuff: Flipper, Fela Kuti, Bunny Wailer, Husker Du, Gang of Four, The Mighty Diamonds, Tom Verlaine and many, many more...Best Score in a couple of years!
  4. These are not done without consent. When artists sign to a label that hold rights — they can be licensed out to third party companies. Just because the artist is not putting out the Record or “consents” to it — this is how business is done. It’s a potential pitfall for an artist that has been around since musicians have been signing contracts.
  5. That’s funny...because the people on this board ARE the professionals in the PTW deck world...
  6. It’s a figure of speech... if it’s sonically great, stop complaining. Clearly the off-center and slight non-fill issues aren’t too much of a nuisance.
  7. I have a copy of the promo only “Bodak Yellow” 12” - LTD to 500 copies - drop me a line if you’re interested.
  8. To keep the records flat and add weight to the stack. Records off the press are warm and are susceptible to warping. These spacers keep the records flat as they set and cool (generally overnight).
  9. It’s always nice that your first post is offering a $2k record...way to kick it off!
  10. The price isn't right for a Double LP ($19.99/Black or $22.99/Clear)?