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  1. Anyone think that Cheeses might be among these re-releases?
  2. Man, can't get enough of Mike's songwriting, whether it be SBB, LaSalle or ABF. Stoked for this!
  3. A dude's selling a Thorens TD 150 for 120 bucks. What is it worth? It is in need of a new cartridge, but otherwise good condition he says.
  4. A dude's selling a Thorens TD 150 for 120 bucks. What is it worth? It is in need of a new cartridge, but otherwise good condition he says.
  5. Man, this series is probably the best. Terminals, Look On Up, Fallen Man (altough I prefer the studio version) and Manic Monday are all some of my fav b-sides. And if the preorder is really for Nashville and Newest Album, Saturday is Expensive Day.
  6. Oh, awesome. Barely Legal is the only one I have actually.
  7. It's also a way of catching up with bands you forgot or didn't know had new stuff out.
  8. Thanks to anyone who contributed, much appriciated. That was the idea of having a two word description. If it has the Words skatepunk or singer/songwriter, I will prioritize. If it mentions a genre I usually don't listen to, I'm more likely to not listen to it, The better the description, the higher the chance of me listening to it. I might listen to a song or two if I'm curious, to see if it's my cup of tea, and maybe a full album if I'm doing something What devices are you on? How would you format it? Please use the second sheet, and show me
  9. Please do, season one is a masterpiece in my mind. I did buy the Man To Man DVD, haven't watched it yet, but looking forwad to it!
  10. The Fall and Broadchurch are both amazing. I suggest Luther if you liked that. The Affair?
  11. Awesome, thanks. Is it ok if I copy your releases into my? Actually, Millencolin released an EP of the same name this year... Confusing, I know. https://www.discogs.com/Millencolin-True-Brew/release/8073849
  12. I made a Google Spreadsheet, editable by all, for albums that have already come out in 2016, as an easy way to spot what you might have missed during the year. 1. Please, first look if the album is posted in the list (ctrl+f the title) 2. Give a two word description of the artist, or fill in if there are blanks 3. If you wanna post a hyperlink to the music, please do so in the two word description. 4. Give a 1-10 rating if you wanna, in columns C-Z. More than one person can give a rating 5. If you wanna make the columns wider to fit the titles, please do so. Also, feel free to alphabetize when you're done adding albums. 6. Press ctrl+down arrow to come to the last line https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JZk2Yhm9O0z8c76qZ2d53iuqbRnzdR-17XN34cwzRXU/edit?usp=sharing