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  1. What of Hayley William does it feature?
  2. tape

    PO: Cardigans Discography

    Was talking with Bull Moose today and they "99%" confirmed that these are getting a US release. So far they've only been able to fully confirm First Band but they expect an announcement "any day".
  3. tape

    Vinyl Community

    *fart noise*
  4. Anyway I like the new Mineral song, the thing we should be talking about. Is it tHe OlD-SkOoL sHiT? no. Is it good? yes. Am I gonna rock the fuck out in January? also yes.
  5. AF weren't saying to themselves "we gotta tailor this especially for the DIY emo kids, they're our target market" when they were writing AF2. They were just making a bunch of fucking songs. It's also hilarious that apparently the only validation that someone out there actually likes that album you would accept would be if there were a website somewhere where people talked about liking it. The natural state of people online since the onset of forums and whatnot is bitching about things they don't like. The sold out crowd when I saw them last fall didn't seem to think that it "spit in their faces", since they all showed up. People I know offline like it, but of course they didn't post about it on Cool Scene Kids Dot Com or whatever so there's no "proof" of that.
  6. maybe try logging off and talking to people? idk
  7. lmaooooooooooooooooo I loved AF1 and I love AF2. I know a lot of people who feel similarly. so much for your dumb theory
  8. Rough Trade doesn't combine the two preorders (Lush/Habit) into one shipment. £10+ shipping each. wtf c'mon
  9. tape

    PO: Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock

    The Merge site disagrees: LP: Black vinyl inside a heavyweight inner sleeve with full lyrics and spot gloss detail. Includes digital download. Peak Vinyl: Pressed on limited-edition yellow and red swirl vinyl. Includes digital download.
  10. Still unreasonably high, but when I select quantity=2 the shipping is $20.
  11. I have two tests. One is the Hey Mercedes S/T EP that I bought for I think $30 a few months ago - Polyvinyl was doing a big unloading of tests and that one caught my eye because I've always loved the shit out of that EP. The other is for my friends' band Weakened Friends and their new album (ahem) that's coming out next month on Don Giovanni. They gave me a copy and they actually wanted me to listen to it semi-critically since the turntable at their house is currently fucked up. The "price" I paid for it was I stood in line for 2 hours on a saturday morning for a very limited beer release at a brewery real close to me because they live a couple hours away. Generally I'm not super interested in tests, but if I see one pop up for something I really, really, really like, I'll consider it if I don't think the price is out of hand.