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  1. Mine just shipped as well and I had literally just sent in a request to change the address on Thursday. I noticed when I replied to the initial order email that I got an automated response from awesomedistro, figured that wasn't gonna mean shit, and reached out to Topshelf directly. Kevin took care of it within a couple of hours.
  2. lmao at what a fucking shitshow that onsale was. but, I somehow got a floor seat for Gillette. might have taken 3 hours but I got it.
  3. anyone have any idea how long these Earache On Demand releases take to ship?
  4. Paramore opening ONE show. taunting us with perfection and then sticking it in Arizona
  5. I'm waiting. Mostly I haven't felt like piling on in this Dark Time, I figure it'll get here eventually.
  6. I meant if they did a 1LP in this pink.
  7. "3-Color Splatter Vinyl" ok but what are the three colors tho
  8. I'd go hard for a 1-LP but personally I do not need 4 records of that other stuff. Looks like a nice set tho
  9. I just straight up asked them to cancel the first one. I made a new order with all four and whenever they get around to cancelling doesn't matter much to me. Even if they don't I guess super-worst-case is I sell the original copy I ordered or give it to a friend. The only "complication" I've ever had with them is I asked to combine an order once, they said they couldn't combine, and I said to cancel the first once and they did it, which to me isn't really a problem.
  10. how many people trying to cancel their orders to get all four with one shipment to save on shipping? lol I feel like the obvious solution to not overloading your customer service department is not doing this stupid shit with rollouts, but maybe that's why I'm not a billionaire
  11. lmao @ shipping for all four (current) variants plus the tape being less than the shipping on my previous order on monday morning for the vinyl and tape.