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  1. if I were to buy the webstore exclusive and the apparently 3 alt covers they're gonna do, I'd pay $60 in shipping for 4 records because they're all rolling out at different times. I get the idea staggered rollouts but god damn if you're gonna do that, have a motherfucking media mail option. I'm buying literally none of their webstore stuff because of this shit.
  2. That "apology" was weak at best and didn't address most of the problems employees cited. A number of the employees were visible on social media noting how unimpressed they were. Bull Moose quite frankly has a long history of treating its employees like shit, and a half-assed apology that was a transparent attempt to conveniently put out a good story the day before RSD (a thing they were instrumental in starting and are instrumental in running) that many of the employees think was far from sincere, is not enough, imo. You can't just fuck up that badly, wave your hands, and call it g
  3. tfw only priority mail is an option, no media mail
  4. I believe I just got a shipping notice from UPS for the webstore order. It's "Artist Endeavor", yeah?
  5. This Bull Moose shit has me so sad, and also angry as fuck. I've spent thousands of dollars there, including hundreds of visits to the Salem locations (new and old). Regarding the mask piece of the equation: it sounds like a large number of the Salem store staff are not yet vaccinated. I've heard tell of at least one of them that isn't and (IIRC) has to help care for their very old grandmother who cannot get vaccinated. [aside: Salem, NH is a particularly interesting place with, shall I say, special retail challenges. I know this from having worked at the Apple Store
  6. I don't have to imagine it, since they're a large number of my locals.
  7. kinda curious if the webstore cream and the UK "opaque white" are the same thing
  8. shout out to that Newbury Comics "add $9 to a $25 record" pricing. anyway, webstore (exclusive?) on cream if the picture is to be believed. https://sleaterkinney.kfu.store/preorder-path-of-wellness-vinyl-lp.html there's also an "opaque white" option at Rough Trade which seems to be a UK indie exclusive variant. https://driftrecords.com/products/sleater-kinney-path-of-wellness
  9. I like how it's clearly a song she wrote a gazillion years ago but it sounds like present-day Taylor.
  10. you can literally still buy baja blast at her bandcamp. that's just silly.
  11. I'm gonna be mad when the baja blast shows up at the very cool little record shop that always somehow gets things and I would have saved $6 shipping on a 4 song EP, but oh well

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