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  1. don't smoke the brown weed also I wonder if the "official" release sounds any better than the bootleg I got of it in 1995
  2. did you try the second page http://1234gorecords.com/rsd-releases-mz (they don't have it listed, but just saying there's two pages)
  3. got Robyn from Plaid Room, and now it's sold out. officially got everything I wanted. phew.
  4. I hate that I'm half-tempted to pay $38 for that LP because I want in on the presale tickets. I think the Boston date might sell fast.
  5. If it's that Birmingham show on 5/3, the album release date isn't until 5/24...
  6. So so so so so so excited for this. Carly and Tom are the best and they fucking shred!
  7. For the more USA-oriented of us: https://www.secretlystore.com/the-best-of-luck-club-alex-lahey (white "limited" vinyl) also bandcamp: https://alexlahey.bandcamp.com/album/the-best-of-luck-club Bull Moose has the white: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29124872/alex-lahey-the-best-of-luck-club-white-vinyl There's apparently also going to be black (Bull Moose link), but when I asked BM they said white was going to be the initial limited run and then a "standard" black pressing would come after that's gone. For what it's worth, they seemed to think the black might not actually be physically available on the stated release date for that reason (though that was definitely speculation). Nowhere else seems to make mention of the black at this point that I've seen, though.
  8. Those things don't make you a sex creep. Being a sex creep makes you a sex creep.
  9. Bull Moose has the blue. That's probably the standard, I'd guess.