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  1. When they did the "Writing the Future" mini-tour closing out the cycle for that album, that song was the encore. Honestly the stage/lighting concept for that show was one of my favorites. It was mostly pretty simple - all white lighting, big wash lights along the back and sides of the stage, simple white spots and profiles, mixing up the lights in cool ways did cool stuff with it. They really told a story just with that really simple lighting concept and it was extremely cool imo. Late in the show it turned out there was a small series of LED lights mounted like vertical sticks - on a mic stand or a stand for one of the wash lights, along the edge of an amp stack so you wouldn't notice, stuff like that. Also all white. They used those in maybe the last 3 songs of the main set and that was it. Then they come out for the encore and do "Future". The only lights are those LED stick lights in white. When it gets to the end of the quiet part, they did it live so all the instruments faded out/stopped while there was this looping thing of just Hayley's voice, the individual LED lights went out one by one, and then the band kicked in and it was color lights for the first time in the whole show. They kept doing some more cool shit with the lights but I thought it was insane how they went white lights only for the entire show until halfway through the encore. They also did the audio fadeout in that song - everyone kept playing but they lowered the volume on everything, so the only thing you could hear was the unamplified drums for a minute, then they kicked everything back and slammed the ending. They did some really cool stuff with the arrangement for that live performance. One of my favorite live show moments ever. I just found this on youtube which gives you a pretty good idea: As if to drive home the point, the first song they played on the PA for filing-out music after the show was Failure's "Another Space Song". Anyway they're big fans of Failure and Hum so even if that doesn't make itself super-obvious all the time, it's definitely in there. This song is probably the only album track where they just dove 150% in that direction.
  2. that's pretty. still have my OG from back in the day but the coke bottle looks so good with the album art. kinda tempted.
  3. My UO copy also got delivered. I don't know where the fuck it was delivered to because it sure as shit wasn't my house, but something called "lasership" claims to have delivered it somewhere.
  4. Fucking hell, I the UO in my cart and it ran out before I could order. dfgdsfjlgnsjdkfgkjsdfnguilnru9pov2
  5. The US store is not exactly inspiring me to buy with this:
  6. LOLLLLLLL the only shipping option on that site is $12.74 for priority mail. fuck directly off with that.
  7. Bull Moose has an unspecified "colored vinyl". https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34352201/hayley-williams-petals-for-armor ETA: they confirmed on twitter that it's black.
  8. Wouldn't be the first time something labeled "indie exclusive" somewhere was also sold by the label and/or the artist. I'm just saying it smells -- to me, at this time -- like bullmoose/banquet/loma vista/sophie's bandcamp are going to end up being the same version.
  9. that reads to me like a bad result in a game of telephone. the label has it as "blue/yellow/gray tri-color", as does bandcamp. my spidey sense is telling me all of these are the same thing. https://bodega.lomavistarecordings.com/collections/soccer-mommy/products/soccer-mommy-color-theory-deluxe-limited-edition-color-vinyl-blue-yellow-gray-tri-color-vinyl-digital-album
  10. shoulda just bought something else to make the purchase $30 and then it would have been free.
  11. I too enjoy reading any of the thread before posting.