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  1. Wouldn't be the first time something labeled "indie exclusive" somewhere was also sold by the label and/or the artist. I'm just saying it smells -- to me, at this time -- like bullmoose/banquet/loma vista/sophie's bandcamp are going to end up being the same version.
  2. that reads to me like a bad result in a game of telephone. the label has it as "blue/yellow/gray tri-color", as does bandcamp. my spidey sense is telling me all of these are the same thing. https://bodega.lomavistarecordings.com/collections/soccer-mommy/products/soccer-mommy-color-theory-deluxe-limited-edition-color-vinyl-blue-yellow-gray-tri-color-vinyl-digital-album
  3. shoulda just bought something else to make the purchase $30 and then it would have been free.
  4. I too enjoy reading any of the thread before posting.
  5. Thanks! I'm only moving about a mile so it shouldn't be too bad. Aside from the 300 trips back and forth in my Honda Fit. And all the lifting and carrying and reassembling.
  6. Considering that I am moving this weekend, this is News I Can Use! I hadn't even considered this but since a Kallax/Expedit cube is 13" and the U-Haul box is 12.625" it's perfect.
  7. The cheapest possible looks like about $830, if you stay in an almost-literal closet with no windows, with 3 other people (with whom you have to book together). EDIT: $788.50 if you pay in full. And of course more for nicer rooms or splitting with fewer people.
  8. This album is insanely good. After a couple of albums I just totally didn't connect with at all, I'm excited to be back on the bandwagon.
  9. My favorites are Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass and Jaal Ab Dullah. Those are two of the I think four albums my college radio station had. But I haven't heard anything I didn't think was pretty solid.
  10. Seems weird to just leap to that conclusion immediately.
  11. KRM won't let you ship both the vinyl and the cassette via media mail. what a joke.