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  1. I just tried this (not to actually order as I already have all 8 in hand or on order) and got $62. that's fucking insane
  2. fair. at this point that's approaching "white whale"-level status tho
  3. I have never needed anything in life more than that orange vinyl. well, the orange "how I'm feeling now" vinyl. but I have that, and I was able to order it within 12 seconds of me knowing of its existence. unlike this
  4. *looks back at the thread, sees that 75% of the posts are now coming from you* ah, hm,
  5. The CD and cassette also say that, and those aren't going to have variants.
  6. I ordered 4 originally. the 4 I didn't order are all available in this. PERFECT
  7. the way it's listed is like regular folklore as disc 1 and long pond as disc 2. like it's a bonus disc or something

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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