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  1. The US store is not exactly inspiring me to buy with this:
  2. LOLLLLLLL the only shipping option on that site is $12.74 for priority mail. fuck directly off with that.
  3. Bull Moose has an unspecified "colored vinyl". https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34352201/hayley-williams-petals-for-armor ETA: they confirmed on twitter that it's black.
  4. Wouldn't be the first time something labeled "indie exclusive" somewhere was also sold by the label and/or the artist. I'm just saying it smells -- to me, at this time -- like bullmoose/banquet/loma vista/sophie's bandcamp are going to end up being the same version.
  5. that reads to me like a bad result in a game of telephone. the label has it as "blue/yellow/gray tri-color", as does bandcamp. my spidey sense is telling me all of these are the same thing. https://bodega.lomavistarecordings.com/collections/soccer-mommy/products/soccer-mommy-color-theory-deluxe-limited-edition-color-vinyl-blue-yellow-gray-tri-color-vinyl-digital-album
  6. shoulda just bought something else to make the purchase $30 and then it would have been free.
  7. I too enjoy reading any of the thread before posting.
  8. Thanks! I'm only moving about a mile so it shouldn't be too bad. Aside from the 300 trips back and forth in my Honda Fit. And all the lifting and carrying and reassembling.
  9. Considering that I am moving this weekend, this is News I Can Use! I hadn't even considered this but since a Kallax/Expedit cube is 13" and the U-Haul box is 12.625" it's perfect.
  10. The cheapest possible looks like about $830, if you stay in an almost-literal closet with no windows, with 3 other people (with whom you have to book together). EDIT: $788.50 if you pay in full. And of course more for nicer rooms or splitting with fewer people.
  11. This album is insanely good. After a couple of albums I just totally didn't connect with at all, I'm excited to be back on the bandwagon.