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  1. I like how it's clearly a song she wrote a gazillion years ago but it sounds like present-day Taylor.
  2. you can literally still buy baja blast at her bandcamp. that's just silly.
  3. I'm gonna be mad when the baja blast shows up at the very cool little record shop that always somehow gets things and I would have saved $6 shipping on a 4 song EP, but oh well
  4. man I slept on this one and missed that splatter. farts. there is also an indie exclusive on "tangerine", which seems to be at most US indie shops. e.g. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34930082/middle-kids-today-were-the-greatest-tangerine-vinyl-indie-exclusive-w-download-card
  5. I can't speak to the 7020e specifically but the NAD preamps tend to be really good. My receiver is a 7130 and I love it. I also just got a Debut Carbon EVO last week. it was an immediately obvious upgrade from my old Essential, from the very first record I put on. Really excellent table for the price.
  6. I got a new turntable 3 days after this album came in. (upgraded my old Essential Phono/USB to a Debut Carbon EVO and it is SICK.) as I had already listened to this twice on the old one it made an obvious comparison record and man it sounded so damn good. and it already sounded good on the old table. big upgrade tho
  7. That's weird, the same listing had the same image from the Green Day webstore with the orange vinyl just a couple of days ago.
  8. as others have mentioned, the trick is to buy two copies so you're over the $75 free shipping threshhold. I'll just find a friend who wants a copy when they ship. if I can't, apparently I could always sell it and make some big buxxx on ebay!* * I'm joking
  9. apparently she was on GMA this morning and said that's when everything that's not vinyl will be available.
  10. Gives me memories to the time in college a tweeter got broken in one of my speakers during a move, so to fill in the frequencies a bit I ran my receiver into my guitar amp. Worked well enough for a little while until I could scrape together the cash to deal with the speakers. I run my iPhone into the aux input of my bass amp to listen to stuff while I'm setting up or cleaning at my practice space. Sounds great honestly.
  11. 'NATIVE SPEAKER' DELUXE 10 YR ANNIVERSARY LP $25 USD - Limited edition 10 year anniversary packaging - Pressed on spring green/canary yellow vinyl - High gloss jacket for extra punchy colours - Printed inner sleeve with lyrics https://www.braidsmusic.com/product/native_speaker_10yr great album. excited to see a pretty cool variant for it.

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