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  1. I just got my replacement copy from Zia and the mailer was bent in almost exactly the same way as the first, just to a lesser extent. (My exact quote when I saw it was "oh look, someone dropped the exact same bowling ball on this one".) The record seems fine this time though. If I were the speculating type, I'd probably think that something was happening at the LA USPS distro center, the only common link in the two shipments besides my local distro center through which I have received hundreds of other albums with no problem. The Zia shipments came from different stores in different cities, then took slightly different routes from LA to Boston, but it's almost uncanny how exactly the same the damage to the mailer looked.
  2. I got mine from Zia. it's the pretty standard one-piece amazon-style mailer, which I think this is the first time I've had any problem with.
  3. New Autechre. It's only 65 minutes long. Merely a single. https://autechre.warp.net/release/202875-autechre-sign
  4. Those VMP variants are pretty sick. I'm honestly pretty interested in that book that comes with the set. Am I $180 (with shipping) interested? unclear.
  5. Bull Moose appears to be out, anyone seen the indie anywhere else? ETA: in the US, I mean
  6. these are only gonna be available from her website, aren't they? 😐