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  1. fine. 1. Photo Album 2. Transatlanticism 3. Facts 4. Airplanes (/Chords) 5. (like 4 songs on) Narrow Stairs 6. Plans, I guess? whatever 7. uh, Codes and Keys? I don't care anymore 8. Kintsugi, only because it's not 9. Thank You
  2. Yeah I picked up a copy at my local Target on Saturday.
  3. don't forget the bundle, save $4. https://autechre.warp.net/lp-reissues
  4. The Gold Explosion mockup looks like one of those A-side/B-side smashes, or something in that general style. Indie gold just looks solid. explosion: indie gold:
  5. There's plenty of great sounding 44-minute records. Kid A is definitely a bit on the long side, but it's also a little more like 47 minutes as the silence on either side of the hidden track on the CD is nearly 3 minutes. I don't really think Radiohead of all bands is one to not QC the shit out of this to make sure it works.
  6. I've ordered from them I think twice? Worked out great so far, no issues. I've added them to my post-Bull Moose rotation of places to look.
  7. been sold out there for at least 45 minutes now. Luna currently has it: https://shop.lunamusic.net/Radiohead-KID-A-MNESIA-INDIE-EXCLUSIVE-3LP-RE-p/191404116609.htm I think it hasn't hit most places yet.
  8. that DW variant is gone, which works out for me I guess because I really like that Newbury splatter so I don't have to think about it.
  9. man, only the vinyl/CD on the store right now (no merch?) and they got rid of the free shipping over $X. I know it's 4 LPs but $62, oof
  10. Here's the thing: he clearly hasn't, and has no intention to. His behavior hasn't changed in 20 years and he shows no signs that he's likely to change. A person who wants to heal, change, and grow will find a way to do it. A person who doesn't want to will find ways not to. Also lol @ everyone but you being hyperbolic
  11. oh for sure man I feel soooOOOooOOoo sorry for them, being born 50 years too late to be able to openly hit on and/or fuck 15 year old girls like Elvis was able to get away with, foh
  12. Very excited for vinyl to ship sometime around November 2023

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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