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  1. Still unreasonably high, but when I select quantity=2 the shipping is $20.
  2. I have two tests. One is the Hey Mercedes S/T EP that I bought for I think $30 a few months ago - Polyvinyl was doing a big unloading of tests and that one caught my eye because I've always loved the shit out of that EP. The other is for my friends' band Weakened Friends and their new album (ahem) that's coming out next month on Don Giovanni. They gave me a copy and they actually wanted me to listen to it semi-critically since the turntable at their house is currently fucked up. The "price" I paid for it was I stood in line for 2 hours on a saturday morning for a very limited beer release at a brewery real close to me because they live a couple hours away. Generally I'm not super interested in tests, but if I see one pop up for something I really, really, really like, I'll consider it if I don't think the price is out of hand.
  3. tape

    Vinyl Record Art

    I saw this thread title and thought "oh noooooo...." but it turned out pretty ok! Thoroughly decent work, @Tangledrecords.
  4. Seriously, I'm super excited to post this!! They're friends of mine and their first LP is coming out on Don Giovanni after two self-released EPs. They gave me a test press a few weeks ago and it rips so hard. Also last fall they put out this song featuring J Mascis on lead guitar noodling, which is on the album:
  5. From Stereogum: direct PO indie exclusive blue vinyl and t-shirt bundle: https://weakenedfriends.bandcamp.com/ Bull Moose: standard vinyl: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27838136/weakened-friends-common-blah-standard-vinyl indie exclusive blue vinyl: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27838137/weakened-friends-common-blah-blue-vinyl-indie-exclusive-blue-vinyl BM exclusive pink vinyl /250: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27838138/weakened-friends-common-blah-pink-vinyl-bm-exclusive-bull-moose-exclusive-pink-vinyl-ltd-to-250
  6. the collector-type in me wants to get the indie exclusive, but I kinda just like the "standard" tiger's eye better. also I think I finally don't feel like I have to get every variant for this band. (would have been nice to come to this point before Afterman, but oh well)
  7. tape

    Pearl Jam fans

    Hm I guess that's true. I ain't been to a game in a while and haven't been in the bleachers in an additional while.
  8. tape

    Pearl Jam fans

    All the seats at Fenway are blue or red so there's that.
  9. I got the last Hey Mercedes S/T. helllll yeah
  10. I'm sort of glad I didn't come here all weekend, so I didn't have to learn that Dulcinea got repressed and it was fifty fucking dollars while there was still a chance to buy it anyway like the dumb mark I am.
  11. tape

    Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

    I'm not sure what you would have wanted Foo Fighters to differently here? To me, the versions are at different tempos, they're in different keys, each band does different little filly bits. The only thing that's "the same" is they're heavy rock versions of the same not-heavy-rock song.
  12. sticking those variants only in overpriced $100 bundles is a deeply wack move.
  13. I didn't take it personally, and I knew it was a joke. why do I bother typing things on the internet
  14. I mean, I wasn't claiming otherwise