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  1. I saw it at a Newbury Comics the other day but I didn't think to look when I was at Target. (tbf I was only there for one thing at the complete opposite end of the store) anyway I guess I need to pick this up because I thought I had ordered the white version but I scoured my email receipts and I don't seem to have actually gone through with an order.
  2. ... it went up at 8 AM, which was the advertised time (source: me, buying 4 records at 8:01) https://twitter.com/BullMoose/status/1518033741859467264
  3. couldn't go anywhere because I'm stuck at home with the ol' Coronavirus Disease 19, but managed to get basically all of the small handful of things I was looking for (excepting obvious impossibilities like Taylor Swift) thanks to the online leftovers. bless up.
  4. Zia doesn't go online for another half hour or so (6:00 Pacific time)
  5. commenting so it will be preserved forever in the google database that I was here before the lock
  6. love to read about this at 6 PM and all the variants were gone 6 hours ago. lol probably grabbing the Newbury and the "gold nugget" which I think just looks very nice.
  7. curious what's going on with the Scarry book since some people appear to have gotten theirs over two months ago and I just checked my order and no update.
  8. I stopped listening because I feel gross when I hear the songs. I don't begrudge anyone for whom that isn't true if they want to keep listening, though I may question their judgment a bit. That's it.
  9. Are Brooklyn Vegan and The Hard Times the same store? https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/tigers-jaw-charmer-limited-edition-white-with-pink-splatter-lp-only-300-made ETA: according to Wikipedia they are. I tried to decipher the citations but couldn't. But it explains why they look the same and have the same products. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BrooklynVegan#cite_note-20
  10. yeah that's the one major label album. sucks because it's so good and I'll probably never have a vinyl copy!

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