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  1. Taylor was just singing a couple years ago about what it would be like if she was a man. Now we know!
  2. Good luck. I just checked online and there's only one store in 50 miles of Boston that shows as having any. Yesterday there were none.
  3. I guess these people will never know the joy of listening to a 45 record at 33 on purpose
  4. somehow didn't realize this was a 45 RPM release. you know what that means: All Too Well (15 Minute Version) (Downtuned to F)
  5. how this is the hard-hitting investigative journalism we need around here. I'm doing after Evermore right now. I suspect this will get confusing/untenable as more TVs get released and get released out of order with respect to the originals and I predict that no later than the 4th TV I will give up on it and put them with the originals.
  6. interesting, I got a shipping notification on 10/29 and the USPS tracking status is still "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" ETA: Asked about it and they're shipping out today, sounds like they only got a very small amount initially and have been waiting for the rest of their allocation to finally show up, which they did yesterday. If you're looking for a shipping notice, mine showed up with the subject "Todd Robinson has sent you a package" and made no mention of Luna at all, I had to piece together what it was for.
  7. there's also apparently an indie exclusive gray vinyl. can't find a pic but I've seen it listed at two places. the solid red/black marble appears to be the "standard" variant.
  8. Clear red marble vinyl (Charli webstore exclusive) https://charlixcx.com/products/crash-clear-red-black-marble-vinyl-exclusive-cxc Solid red marble vinyl https://charlixcx.com/products/crash-solid-red-black-marble-vinyl-cxc Indie exclusive gray vinyl New single "New Shapes" f. Caroline Polachek & Christine and the Queens. Seems to only be available on Spotify right now and it doesn't seem to want to embed. Link: Edit: I guess it did embed!
  9. saw the URL and I was like "wow, East German vinyl"
  10. had me scrambling to check my orders to see if I actually did it or not. thankfully, yes. I mean, they'll have some more when it's actually out, but it's good to not worry about it.
  11. fine. 1. Photo Album 2. Transatlanticism 3. Facts 4. Airplanes (/Chords) 5. (like 4 songs on) Narrow Stairs 6. Plans, I guess? whatever 7. uh, Codes and Keys? I don't care anymore 8. Kintsugi, only because it's not 9. Thank You
  12. don't forget the bundle, save $4. https://autechre.warp.net/lp-reissues

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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