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  1. Anyone have digital versions of the original mix of Love Never and Half Heart from the 7"? They are no longer for sale anywhere...
  2. Orion variant $10: https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/300439/constellations-orion
  3. Whoa looks like they changed the price back...sorry about that. It was $30 earlier this morning.
  4. Let's talk about an ATL release that is actually close to going out of print and doesn't have several variants for sale still: https://merchnow.com/products/v2/218783/dont-panic-its-longer-now-greenwhiteyellow-vinyl-2xlp The expanded tri-color version of Don't Panic has less than 100 copies here. Get it. Before VNYL represses it lol.
  5. Oh that's right! Yeah that makes more sense...alright Vinnie, get that Anthem vinyl pressed for us.
  6. I'm not sure anyone besides the band really knows if that's true. And they've been saying for years they plan to press it- so hopefully they actually do it themselves soon, like they keep saying.
  7. It's been interesting to see the reactions to nothing being on it from AFF/self-titled...but I gotta say, it makes sense. It truly was a fan-voted tracklisting--even the order of the songs is the exact voting results from most to least votes...and AFF, while amazing, isn't a nostalgic album for most fans...yet. But hey, it's cool if you don't want it. Vinyl is about to sell out, just fyi.
  8. The order page has been updated to say this release is limited to 500 copies. Colored pressings of their other releases have sold out quickly and they were limited to 300. Get one before they're gone.
  9. I think the PA sticker is part of the marketing for Blink. Keeps up the appearance of "edginess."
  10. Yeah it's on the hot splatter LP sleeve.