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  1. Yep. I wish they'd kept the set up from the NTFP stream. Mix was way better.
  2. Might be in the minority on this but I wasn't a fan of a few elements from last night's show...the audio mix was kinda meh, especially with the drums (snare drum, in particular). And the black and white/low-res effect during the first few songs was distracting and made me think there were issues with my connection/screen. Looking forward to whatever they do in post production/editing on this.
  3. Took me like 5 minutes to set up my two shipping policies- United States and rest of the world. The shipping costs aren't completely fair to every country, but they're set at a rate I won't lose money on shipping. And now I won't have to deal with people constantly messaging me for a shipping quote. I may be oversimplifying this but it doesn't seem crazy complex (as a U.S.-based seller).
  4. We've finally made it to Cities. The question now remains...will we see live streams for the remaining albums? I'll show up for a New Surrender show, and I'll even sit through Dark if that means they'll do Vital.
  5. Yeah, it really does...almost too good lol. Stephen's live vocals are, by far, the weakest part of Anberlin's show and these sound surprisingly good. Studio magic.
  6. Limited Blue mmhmm back in stock (12 copies): Edit: Sold Out
  7. A few of the episodes have 29-33 minutes of music each...might've been a little difficult to pull that off. But I get what you're saying.
  8. I get the complaint about this being better on 4 LPs but a comment on a Reddit thread correctly pointed out the composer created an individual/distinct score for each of the eight episodes, so from that perspective it's cool and makes sense. But yeah, the price is steep...blame Disney licensing.
  9. What a time to make something available that requires people to go to into enclosed spaces with other humans to get it. Edit: glad she's supporting indies, though.
  10. I got a Backtrack test. I'd be interested in NFG stuff for a trade.
  11. Heat applied. I hope you feel warm and toasty all over.
  12. Haven't seen any NFG tests...hoping i snag one. Or I'd trade for one.
  13. Excited for everything after Cities, live.