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  1. 50 copies left from the initial 440. Band hasn't even posted about it, and I assume if they did those remaining copies would go fast.
  2. I asked a couple friends who are big Emery fans about their thoughts on a re-recorded version of this album and they both said they loved the album but the guitar tones on the original version were terrible, and we're looking forward to hearing an updated version with better tones.
  3. IG post with all the variants: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCbQfeyAFSu/?igshid=p6bu1brjbuxc
  4. A Mondo tie-in...wonder if there will be a Mondo-exclusive color.. Edit: appears to be for the EPs and a new Spiderman 2 EP?
  5. Almost rather reply in this thread due to the terrible title of the other thread.
  6. Sorry to hear that, man. Hope you and your family pull through alright. Looks like these will be around awhile, so that's good news for you.
  7. The cool orange burst will sold out before Friday, it appears.
  8. Totally agree! Guessing you bought this. If so, mine shipped today. Nice they have them on hand right now.
  9. Re-recorded eh...an interesting decision to press to vinyl, given the mixed like/dislike for this particular album. Could be good if the new recording is...good...or a new recording could backfire if it loses the "soul" of what made people like the album to begin with. Hmm.
  10. I agree. But I also liked The Elms and I know a decent number of other folks did too. Great live show, too. Not sure if there's enough interest at this point in time to sell 200 of these box sets but whatever.