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  1. Not the same deals, btw. I found several things I wanted that were in the Hopeless MyShopify store and not thru their merchnow storefront.
  2. Yeaaaaah. I stopped shopping when I realized that. Thanks MyShopify, you're the best!
  3. They're being remastered for vinyl, and most of the other older releases were CD masters direct to vinyl. It's worth the extra $5 for good quality. The challenge is pressing enough to keep the costs down, not lose money in the process and press the right amount that will sell...and some releases won't sell more than 250-400.
  4. These gotta sell a lot more if T&N/SS/whoever is licensing stuff is going to continue to be willing to front the money to do other releases. Stock check on these shows they've sold maybe 150 out of the 550 of each.
  5. Weird. It's like someone at the record label got reaaallly excited after someone told them the Killers had agreed on a title for an album they can't actually confirm exists...and then posted a link for people to give them money.
  6. Let me know when the box set is like $40 shipped...all I want is the live album.
  7. I want bonus tracks. An album this good must have a few great B-sides...and Jimmy rarely disappoints when it comes to those.
  8. How many of these sets did they make? There's one on eBay right now that's like #75000
  9. That 7" bundle is tempting but their "exclusive to vinyl" songs always end up available digitally at some point. New songs are really good though. Edit: decided to order the bundle. The production on these new tracks is dooooope.