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  1. What makes it "totally different"? I don't see any info on remastering or bonus tracks that would make me think it's any different...aside from individually numbered?
  2. The look of these new variants is only going to increase the value of the first pressings.
  3. I appreciate Ian's input and respect his wisdom in not sharing what he knows. There's always more to the story.
  4. Gonna be sad to not be able to get the cool variant for 11.99 when it becomes available.
  5. "But wait! There's 20 more variants on the way!"
  6. Whatever it is, it's a lot less than the splatter one they have up for PO. Gotta be like 5K of the splatter from what I'm reading of people maxing out their carts.
  7. Just the album cover itself should be concerning to variant collectors.
  8. Worth the view. He seems genuinely remorseful and aware of how his actions hurt those closest to him, and he's taking steps to help those with mental health struggles. Walking the talk. It's also good to see him acknowledge there will always be people who hold his past against him (this thread being a good example) and that he's accepted it...he has no choice in the matter anyway. Last thought- we can make all the judgments we want about him now, and the more cynical of you will tear this point apart (bc money), but it's probably most telling of potential character change that his band has reconnected with him and publicly participated in a video like this. They actually really know the guy and publicly associating with him is a huge risk/liability to each of them and their families...at a certain point money/fame/whatever just doesn't matter when it comes to something this serious and I doubt they'd be anywhere near the guy unless they saw some significant shift in character.
  9. What does this even mean? There is no "rarest variant" when multiple versions are limited to 300 copies.