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  1. Kinda hoping it sells out so they'll do the same for the rumored Horrorscope tour.
  2. He's referring to one of the three box sets being $29.99...which is still a great price.
  3. But for real, this is the only Anberlin release still available... everything else is OOP.
  4. Amazon has many copies left: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YJPUMXM/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_WsihEbKRDKKBN
  5. Yes and while we're at it, does a clear /100 DTR store exclusive copy of Allister's Last Stop Suburbia exist? It says it should on Discogs but I can't find one. These DTR exclusives are the rarest rare rarities.
  6. There's like $6 copies of this and other variants on the secondary market.
  7. If you're into 7"s thats cool. I happen to want to get rid of most of mine...such an inefficient way to listen to songs. But I get it.
  8. Yeah, and then they're realizing they bought a 7" and feeling just really silly about the whole thing.
  9. No idea but we could use another 7" box set of it. And then maybe a 5x10" box set. And then maybe another 7" box set. Really...anything but what people actually want would be fine.