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  1. Several sold out quickly...missed out on the new /100 one that matches the other three black/gold /100 variants.
  2. Nah that totally happened. I remember, it was interesting to say the least.
  3. I wonder if the reason NFG Catalyst and Coming Home haven't been pressed is because of Drive-Thru exercising some clause/option to press them...or something legal I don't understand pre-empting anyone else from pressing them. Who knows.
  4. But then I'd miss out on owning MxPx's best album cover
  5. Oof there's like 10 variants of the BR Process of Belief repress.
  6. Heads up, Five Score and Two Lefts Vinyl about to be in stock again at SMLXLvinyl.com
  7. They increased the color variants from 100 to 300 copies, and the black variant from 200 to 300 copies.
  8. I do my best to keep y'all updated on these represses but they are selling so fast, sorry folks.