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  1. Crazy. It's literally the black variant with a different cardboard sleeve. *Shrug*
  2. I like this album. Reminds me a great deal of Future Hearts, in the sense that album had a lot of song styles and it left me wanting more of one particular song's style...this album does that. Also, vinyl back in stock.
  3. This is cool but why does it have to be bundled with the CD/digital? Maybe it wouldnt be $30 if they separated it out.
  4. It's an easy way to sell unsold stock...I love LTJ but they've done the screen print cover thing a little too much for me at this point. These will def sell out fast tho no doubt.
  5. It's weird, definitely vinyl that's not showing up under the Solid State link...Norma Jean, TDWP...
  6. Ya it's hand-numbered GNV FLA's with screen printed glow in the dark covers. Easy pass. On sale Friday morning at noon EST if anyone is interested tho.
  7. There's no way they secured the rights to press Anthem or B-sides and just have a ton of boxes of vinyl sitting around waiting to ship out. Pretty sure they looked into it happening, got excited and said some stuff about it maybe happening and then it never happened, but they'd never tell us that. I, of course, would love to be proven wrong though.
  8. Oh yeah thats what we need more of
  9. So unwarranted haha 😉 Maybe you'll enjoy this one. At the very least, I'm happy to support Stephen.
  10. https://merchnow.com/catalogs/anchor-and-braille Two variants /250 each New single coming on Friday
  11. https://store.butchwalker.com/products/love-story-vinyl It's $20 but the only shipping option I'm getting is for Priority at $13.20.
  12. What year is this? Temporary tattoos as a bonus for buying a CD?