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  1. On reddit, Tycho mentioned releasing more music this year as well so if you’re not vibing this, maybe something down the road will. That being said, really don’t care for the vocals, definitely a change for his music as well. Easy has been a grower though
  2. Instrumental version if anyone wants to listen https://youtu.be/sFG6QWi7zHg
  3. Anything by Brandon Sanderson. Cosmere related or otherwise. Currently listening to Oathbringer again. If you have an interest, the original Mistborn trilogy is a good place to start then go from there.
  4. New album coming this March. Preorder links: White Denim - Side Effects
  5. Here for it, love the artwork look they have going
  6. Paul mentioned in a statement that the digital EP is 4 songs and the vinyl will include an additional 4
  7. EP out 12/5. Preorder available 11/27 Two songs out so far.
  8. Not officially up yet but I found it https://www.whatismae.com/home/
  9. Checking every 30 minutes...not the best use of my time but eh..
  10. Not a huge fan of the newest single but there’s always a nugget or two for me. THAT is exciting though! Learning To Breathe spinning 24/7
  11. Like the new track a good bit, had flavors of his past records. Good in between Boo Boo and AiR