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  1. Been going through Caspian's disco. recently and ended up realizing there was a deluxe edition and was toying around with getting the new version but glad that I looked at the forum. Big yikes. Enjoyed spinning Waking Season today, all timer right there
  2. Ready to play this one and Silverline back to back. Good to have more music from them, even if they are 2 EPs
  3. https://store.mutemath.com/products/733945-play-dead-live-vinyl-lp PLEASE NOTE: This item is available for PRE-ORDER and is expected to ship by 11/01/2023 All pre-orders of the Play Dead Live vinyl will be entered into a raffle to win one self-titled vinyl. Raffle ends November 30th and the winner will be picked December 1st to have the Self Titled Vinyl shipped to them as a Christmas surprise. Live from Chicago, Oct 31, 2017 Track List: 1. War 2. Changes 3. Blood Pressure 4. Break the Fever 5. Used To 6. Stratosphere 7. Achilles Heel 8. Spotlight 9. Marching to the End 10. Hit Parade 11. Typical
  4. Walmart third party sellers are wild. Been searching for a Gerry Mulligan (jazz) record all over for about three weeks and didn't find any that weren't on backorder. Until... I found it on WM for I think $46 then I checked back a few days later at $30-something then finally I checked and it was $24! Shipped free and came super quick. Checked back (two weeks later) and it's up to $54! Wild...
  5. Night Lights by Gerry Mulligan Quartet was finally reissued and I had no idea! Now to find a copy...
  6. Martin Courtney - Magic Sign www.dominomart.com/claim DL Code: SUDFFSDZ
  7. Ya, not sure why they’d go for the 10”….. Thought about it but went for the dragon fruit variant. Spotify has their own sand color if anyone wants the link
  8. https://open.spotify.com/track/3qRhhspI9c4KQagOOpPhYg?si=u9W2Ehi9Q963Yv_1cWaIZA
  9. Entire album will be played live for the first time 5/6 on 9:30 am PST and will be up for 48 hours Preorders will go live on 5/6

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