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  1. Very beautiful looking records, if I didn’t already have this I’d be all over it
  2. Stopping by to say a huge 'thank you' to the member who helped me out and ordered Crack Up on VMP for me when I wasn't a member. One of my most cherished records
  3. From the band, "Making the most of this time off the road with a new recording project. In 30 days we’ll write, record, mix and master a new White Denim LP. Starting now, you can support the project by pre-ordering digital and physical versions from https://whitedenimmusic.com. Throughout the process we’ll be sharing photos, videos, and rough mixes to everyone who’s pre-ordered. Clock starts on Wednesday, March 18th. On April 17th we’ll send out downloads of the finished album (MP3, WAV, FLAC options), and drop it with our friends at Gold Rush Vinyl for a special one-week turnaround of lacquering, plating and pressing. We wouldn’t be able to do this without help from you all and some local businesses. Special thanks to Rambler and Gold Rush for their support. Thank you in advance for helping to keep the band and crew working while we all ride this out together. Look out for each other. Stay creative and positive, WD" https://whitedenimmusic.com/?fbclid=IwAR3Mqy2SjOy_RcanI_4gSiotoxH3OKujw38DA79y0Adn6GO8sDdsrdcUBg8 https://smarturl.it/nbtd4r
  4. Really enjoying this and the additional artwork he used to breakdown the singular tracks, went with the collage as my artwork
  5. Walmart accidentally released the vinyl to stores last Friday and is available to buy
  6. Enjoying the leak but for sure planning to get the vinyl, def some great summer bops
  7. Very cool! Here's the one I'm referring to that I'm using now.
  8. Really enjoying the new track. Echoing what Derek said, not a huge fan of this album cover (or Weather) but excited for pure Tycho (IMO). Probably will compile the instrumental Weather tracks and the entire Simulcast album into some sort of bloated self referential album with new artwork. Liked a take someone had on reddit with a blue graphic cover, similar to Awake and Epoch, with a sun going below the horizon. Looked just like something Scott would have done.
  9. Looking forward to this, I’m here for Courtney’s voice and the jangles.
  10. Got mine a few days ago, looks great and now my Mae collection is complete.
  11. Really excited for this, new single is great, c’mon Valentines Day
  12. Really happy with the white/cyan combo bc that's exactly what the physical cd looks like:
  13. Soon! Last Transmission (Bonus Track) Brink of Disaster Crazy 8s Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone Just Let Go On Top Waiting Sic Semper Tyrannis Release Me Telescopes Rocket Home Reflections Last Transmission II (Bonus Track) Novocaine (feat. Kenna) (Bonus Track) Pressing Information First pressing limited to 1500 copies: • Rainbow Splatter (750) • White with Cyan Haze (750) Full color gatefold jacket printed on reverseboard stock.