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  1. Looking forward to this, I’m here for Courtney’s voice and the jangles.
  2. Got mine a few days ago, looks great and now my Mae collection is complete.
  3. Really excited for this, new single is great, c’mon Valentines Day
  4. Really happy with the white/cyan combo bc that's exactly what the physical cd looks like:
  5. Soon! Last Transmission (Bonus Track) Brink of Disaster Crazy 8s Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone Just Let Go On Top Waiting Sic Semper Tyrannis Release Me Telescopes Rocket Home Reflections Last Transmission II (Bonus Track) Novocaine (feat. Kenna) (Bonus Track) Pressing Information First pressing limited to 1500 copies: • Rainbow Splatter (750) • White with Cyan Haze (750) Full color gatefold jacket printed on reverseboard stock.
  6. Really enjoying this, excited to hear it on the platter
  7. Ready for this, order the pink. About that time to listen to the whole discography again.
  8. I'm facepalming hard bc I totally thought you were referencing Singularity lol
  9. Looking forward to this one, Singularity was the first Mae album that I got to experience on the release day. Always got to start it off with Last Transmission though, gotta love gap tracks. Care to share? Very cool, never heard that before
  10. On reddit, Tycho mentioned releasing more music this year as well so if you’re not vibing this, maybe something down the road will. That being said, really don’t care for the vocals, definitely a change for his music as well. Easy has been a grower though
  11. Instrumental version if anyone wants to listen https://youtu.be/sFG6QWi7zHg
  12. Anything by Brandon Sanderson. Cosmere related or otherwise. Currently listening to Oathbringer again. If you have an interest, the original Mistborn trilogy is a good place to start then go from there.