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  1. Seems to be out of 500 not 300. According to the label sticker on mine.
  2. Thanks for tagging me . I grabbed one yesterday by calling customer service. They had them in stock over the phone
  3. It was sold out at 3am est last night when I logged on to check,
  4. Damn lol. Just woke up 3am on east coast and already sold out. Must be a real limited press.
  5. Thats mine I posted on there. There is another one posted (two different songs) as well with no writing on the label.
  6. Yeah it's only (1) 7". Not the entire box set on test press. Mine is #22 from 2/15/18 and its I Gave Up and Loneliness.
  7. All the deluxe vinyl ( black white and transparent greeen) ship April 20th. It was in the fine print.
  8. The mock up image looks nothing like the one from the other two stores. I wonder what the deal is
  9. If you ever wants to get rid of that smart punk version hit me up. Contacted them the other day to see if they had any cancelled orders and they said they werent putting them back up for sale on the site. Any cancelled orders would be sold at pop up events they run
  10. I mean is it out of the realm of possibly that peoples music tastes are different and people could like something other people dont? No, cant be that...
  11. I actually grabbed one of the repressed copies that day with the email. I just happened to check my email that morning and seen they were releasing some at like 3pm. Logged in and luckily had my PayPal already set to go. Had my receipt at like 301. Went back to pick one up for a friend who went to the rebirth tour with me and sold out out by 302. Was shocked when my copy actually arrived.
  12. Actually made my account today after coming across this thread. Only place outside of Reddit discussing the different variants.