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  1. All the NFT's should be listed on your account. Worthless things that they are.
  2. I agree. But I’m weak. Guess I’m done variant collecting Underoath. It will save me money in the future I suppose.
  3. Sold out. If you missed out, hit me up. I picked up a few trying to get the rarer presses. I only managed to get bronze.
  4. If you ever decide to sell your silver pressing, please keep me in mind! I'll pay well over market value for it. I variant collect and this NFT release sucks.
  5. If anyone scores the rare pressings. Let me know. I'll pay ridiculous money for anything other than bronze.
  6. Pressing info Rarity Total Count Rarity % What's Included Bronze 500 94.80% Cloudy Bronze Swirl Vinyl, Bronze NFT, Bronze Border on O Sleeve Silver 20 3.20% Clear Vinyl With Silver Splatter, Silver NFT, Silver Border on O Sleeve Gold 7 1.40% Clear Vinyl with Gold Splatter, Gold NFT, Gold Border on O Sleeve Emerald 1 0.20% Clear Vinyl With Green Splatter, Green NFT, Green Border on O Sleeve Ruby 1 0.20% Clear Vinyl With Red Splatter, Red NFT, Red Border on O Sleeve Sapphire 1 0.20% Clear Vinyl With Blue Splatter, Blue NFT, Blue Border on O Sleeve TOTAL 530 100%
  7. https://nft.revolvermag.com/moment/thechangingoftimesvinylnftbundle01 Wish I could have a word with whoever at Revolver thought an NFT release with one pressing of each of the rare variants was a good idea....
  8. If they don’t remove the ad blocker, I guess I’ll have to stop using VC. I have a whole network at blocker installed on my router. I had to disable it to come here and post this. This is how websites die.
  9. https://jackpotjuicer.com/products/jackpot-juicer-vinyl-2xlp-fan-first-edition?_pos=2&_sid=2a333ca02&_ss=r Jackpot Juicer on limited edition 2xLP color vinyl. The "Clear with Blue & Red Splatter" variant is limited to 2,000 pieces total. This vinyl will ship with an insert that is made to be colored by the buyer, so you can design it using colors of your liking. It will be packaged in a resealable vinyl sleeve. Please note that this item is a preorder that will not ship until Mid August 2022
  10. The target clearance section has been a goldmine lately!
  11. A lot of bands have been doing the multiple drops thing, so I’ll cross my fingers for you!
  12. I completed mine Voyeurist set last week as well! https://imgur.com/a/K77x8eK