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  1. https://www.merchlimited.com/collections/new-releases/products/the-devil-wears-prada-the-act-skate-deck-bundle limited to 100. Only about 52 left
  2. I picked up the Chemical Flash! Stoked for this album!
  3. https://merchconnectioninc.com/collections/the-devil-wears-prada 500 of each variant. Three variants
  4. If you’re buying individual pressings, merch now will be about the same after shipping if not more. Their shipping is $15-$30. If you order four items from the allhail.us site, you will get 20% with $10 shipping. All four pressings were $121.99 including shipping after the discount on all hail.us.
  5. Preorder up for LP8 Four pressings, limited to 500 each. https://allhail.us/
  6. Black is up. 79 left in stock. Not sure if this is the mass market pressing or if it will stay limited. https://ascitiesburn.merchnow.com/products/v2/293929/scream-through-the-walls-black
  7. I’m waiting for it to fall out of the bundles and then i’ll Pick it up!
  8. Picked up LITSOS test press! Still looking for the others!
  9. Picked up both the galaxy and color in color! Can’t wait for this record!