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  1. When I think back on it, i'm really surprised I liked this album so much. It was such a departure from their previous music. Still holds a special place in my heart. Especially From Crib To Coffin!
  2. Looks like Emery is finally pressing this funky album! Preorders start July 15th! It's still one of my favorite albums and I'm glad they're finally putting it on wax!
  3. The guys posted a shot of all the variants on their instagram. I'm trying to post the picture but I'm terrible at embedding photos.
  4. I’m the guy that confirmed it. It’s official that they are represses. These aren’t live recordings pressed on vinyl. The guys worked their asses off to make this happen.
  5. Just got done speaking with Randy (Underoath’s manager). I can confirm that these are not live re-recordings, and that they are actual represses. Facebook published the links before the content was ready. I don’t know what they plan on doing regarding current preorders or when the official launch date is.
  6. If you have a box set, please don't cancel. I will buy it off you! I can't believe I missed this.
  7. I haven't received mine either. Not sure when they're expected to ship.
  8. Their quality has been quite good recently. I’m really enjoying this album so far! I ended up picking up both variants because I have people messaging me monthly to try and buy my other pressings of Anchor & Braille.
  9. I'm so mad I missed this. If anyone is selling, please let me know.