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  1. Good grief...getting Zao vibes from that first single! Went with the primordial marble, but it looks like there's a blue variant as well, not seeing any links though....
  2. I feel the same way, they should have kept the old cover for the nostalgia
  3. got mine from Amazon, 35xx something, crazy that they signed 7500 of these....
  4. Sumac "The Healer" PO 6.21.24 Sumac - The Healer Amber Wave/400 Only 10 left as of 7:30PM PST Random thought...I really appreciate Thrill Jockeys pricing and shipping options. Double LP for $29 shipped is a rarity these days.
  5. Nocturnus AD "Unicursal" PO 5.17.24 Nocturnus AD: Unicursal Vinyl 2xLP Glow In The Dark x 100 Ascension x 250 Cosmic Bleed x 250 Black Vinyl Nocturnus AD - Cephalogod
  6. New Darkthrone PO "It Beckons Us All" goes up tomorrow 3.16 Darkthrone - It Beckons Us All Looks like US is getting a solid purple and EU a clear
  7. True...never got the hype surrounding them, even though I own all their albums/EPs The two singles are forgettable and just flat-out boring. As soon as I saw that they signed to Nuclear Blast I knew they were cooked...
  8. re-recordings and AI cover art, that's going to be hard pass for me...
  9. JFC...just the record itself is $57, they must have paid out of the ass for the rights... Agreed, on these stupid merch bundles. Just a bunch of garbage taking up space and jacking up shipping costs. Not surprised though since they're technically a dad rock band now, and the band knows their boomer crowd has got lots of disposable income. Grabbed a copy off of Amazon since I had a GC balance, hopefully they fulfill the order...
  10. New Iron Monkey, fuck yeah! Iron Monkey - Spleen & Goad (4.5.24) Misanthropizer
  11. Blood Harvest has a US store front with USPS media mail https://bloodharvest.8merch.us Ordered this and a few other LPs in the past, just as cheap as as ordering from a US distro
  12. Revolver and BC version are my favorite New song rips, but I'm conflicted on the AI video...
  13. Dig the new single Preorder is up, this is my favorite of the bunch Decided to forgo the signed art print and save $15 Frog In Boiling Water Limited Edition Orange Smoke Vinyl - Discord exclusive
  14. I'll buy both, since the band version will likely not have the same cover art.
  15. Finally... Doesn't appear to be limited and I'm only finding Euro links ATM I'll try to add US links as they become available https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/drop-nineteens/delaware
  16. That's my AOTY! Will is no longer in Artificial Brain, they parted ways after the last album
  17. Thumos "The Republic" 2LP drop via BC! https://thumos.bandcamp.com/album/the-republic-complete Go fast! only 15 copies per variant for the US /100 - THOLOS - Gold/White merge with White splatters /100 - MONOPTEROS - Bone in Transparent Beer /100 - TUMULUS - Gold over Crystal Clear Cloudy
  18. Knoll "As Spoken" PO is up at TDW and their BC page https://totaldissonanceworship.bandcamp.com/album/as-spoken?from=fanpub_fnb https://knollgrind.bandcamp.com/album/as-spoken Love this band, reminds me a lot of Portal, but slightly more accessible
  19. From what I can gather the green moss will be the standard retail release, so that's what Amazon and Target will be shipping
  20. Full Metal Grey here https://metalsucks.indiemerch.com/products/life-is-killing-me Going to go with the transparent green myself, seems like it should be violation if you buy a color other than green....
  21. Amazing band, think I found out about them after reading AGM's Future Cult review. Skin Show is a banger as well and Bath House will be going in my annual top 5. Not sure how I missed the white version...waiting on my clear from BC

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