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  1. got my order today, the clear/black looks fantastic! will tear into the yearbook CD/cassette over the weekend
  2. wow, lucky....my order has been stuck in pre-shipment status since 10/28 with all the shit going on with USPS right now, this makes me nervous 🥴
  3. If it were 180g and with at least a colored variant offering, I might have bit. WB seemed to put minimal effort into this, that’s not something I really want to get behind...
  4. dude...I saw it hit the BC site for like 2.5 seconds, then bam!....gone went with the clear/black deluxe before it went OOS
  5. anyone else just get this from Kung Fu? Hello, We're writing to let you know that unfortunately there was a vinyl production issue with the orange version you’ve preordered and we will not be able to fulfill all of the orders we received. We are offering to exchange orders of the orange with the limited edition blue vinyl (attached here) or the standard black. Please let us know if you would like to proceed with the blue or black vinyl or if you’d prefer t
  6. Ilsa "Preyer" preorder (11/20/20) is up at Relapse https://store.relapse.com/item/93865 1000 x Blood Red 300 x Clear with Black and Blood Red Smoke 200 x White, Black and Blood Red Tri Color Merge with White Black and Blood Red Splatter 100 x Milky Clear with Blood Red Pinwheels and White, Black and Blood Red Splatter (SOLD OUT) AUDIO: https://ilsa.bandcamp.com/album/preyer
  7. It sold out and they added more, not sure exactly how many though...
  8. Live stream on Halloween, with bundles and green tour vinyl I'm all over that signed poster by the band... https://www.mrbungle.live/
  9. Possessed Steel's debut LP is up on their BC, really solid traditional metal from Canada https://possessedsteel.bandcamp.com/album/aedris
  10. yup, got in on the champion bundle from their BC really wanted that $300 boxset from No Remorse, but shipping to the US put it close to $400...just can't swing that right now.
  11. Got a nice response from Thrill Jockey about the jacket, at least they've acknowledged the issue... Unfortunately, the glue is a known issue - most likely was a manufacturing defect, we are in the process of looking into that. We may have some extra jackets laying around, but they might have the same glue issue. Could you please send a picture of the dinged corner? In the meantime I'll try to hunt down some more print for you
  12. Never didn't do much for me either, I skipped on it since they weren't any viable US purchase options... This single sounds promising though and Ted Parsons plays on it, just ordered the gold/white splatter from Amazon for $24 https://www.amazon.com/Terminus-Gold-White-Splatter-Vinyl/dp/B08HQ92V83/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=jesus+terminus+white+and+gold&qid=1601305502&sr=8-1
  13. Just got my copy yesterday and the jacket is falling apart, it's not even glued together...wtf? I love Sumac, but Turner's approach to the packaging of their records leaves a lot to be desired....
  14. Not a metal release, but Blood Incantation did a rehearsal livestream of HHOTHR last night

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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