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  1. I ordered from the Euro site. Check your order confirmation and the link to check your order status: All items will be shipped on or before July 10, 2020 That was also the date announced when the item was up.
  2. Could you state the matrix codes from the run out groove? Would be interesting to know where it was pressed and if the cut was done Vlado Meller himself. Thank you!
  3. You just might want to compare Mike's singing in these two videos. I'll give you some spots to start with below. In the audience video he often slurs some of the word endings while on the official video these can be heard very clearly. Also he stresses the lines a bit differently. On the official audio his voice does not even sound as "shot" as usually but more "polished". Audience Video (audience video) 1:29 (Zero Feelings) 1:44 (Human Nature) 1:59 (Fear of Truth) 2:14 (Learning From the Past) 2:18 (Stagnation) Official Video 2:37 (Zero Feelings) 2:54 (Human Nature) 3:08 ((Fear of Truth) 3:22 (Learning From the Past) 3:28 (Stagnation)
  4. Well, why not record it properly in a studio together with the orchestra and release that instead of releasing a "live record" which in fact it is not with that amount of production? I do not get that actually. Make this release a bit pointless. I think it sounds very underwhelming and too clean (which they do not sound like live). Just compare it to the "The Decline live in Montreal" recording which sounds a lot more true and exciting in regards to a "live feeling". Would have expected it more like that. Oh yeah, and the video editing is horrible, too, I think.
  5. Colored standalone sold out at KRM EU now. When I watched and listened to it I was pretty disappointed how they mixed and handled the audio. Too many voice overdubs and post-production. The overdubs become very obvious when you compare the fan videos filmed at that event to the official video. To my ears it completely lost any "live feeling" due to the massive post-production (which is hard to capture on a recording anyway). I have the same complaints with each release of the Live in a Dive series which suffer from that, too. Pretty happy I did not order this. Although I stay curious about Linewleum on side B.
  6. How does it sound? I have not heard too many good things about homemade-lathes at least.. They seem to be using more professional equipment for it though.
  7. I don't know which carrier that label used but have you tried to use the German DHL tracking number or Deutsche Post tracking number on the USPS website yet? Usually that works when I ship(ped) something to the U.S. I think the DHL Germany or Deutsche Post tracking websites for your parcel should show a note about this on the right-handed side, too.
  8. Could not find it. Better post your full profile URL instead of name only: https://www.discogs.com/user/
  9. Thanks. I thought of their bandcamp page but could not find it there.
  10. Street date moved to 9/20 https://www.facebook.com/RunOutGrooveLPs/posts/2483188225249976
  11. The LP2 insert they posted on the preorder page says White Pony.
  12. Cheap pressing plant, missing sheets, download not working...very well done at this price.
  13. From the runout information I just found on Discogs this was pressed at Rainbo Pressing. I hope everybody will receive a decent pressing quality. Rainbo is infamous for subpar pressings unfortunately. I also noticed there is a barcode printed on the back. Just speculating here but could it indicate a wider commercial release at some point in the future? Why would they need it for an exclusive self-distributed release? On the other hand their 2017 pressings had a printed barcode as well. Any thoughts on that?