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  1. Yet another EU color: Blue/Trans. Cloud /500 https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/19558/9th-walnut-bluetrans-cloud-vinyl
  2. I will just leave this here: Quote from Fat Wreck Chords: "Individual LPs will be available in a few months on black vinyl. " Source:
  3. Looks pretty great! I did not want to spend that much money for it though. What is this red long thing in the box? Is that "Bronx LA" thing a sticker or a download card maybe?
  4. The Mariachi El Bronx - Musica Muerta release was manufactured by PP/GZ that's why I assume they are using them again for this. Though I wish they would not. I missed the PO unfortunately but if I ever get a copy, I would prefer not to have that notorious GZ in-house cut. These just do not sound good.
  5. I think this is a very idealistic but also naive and simple view of things. Going full analog is not simple. Maybe you should (re)read articles and interviews Shields gave on the process when they released it in 2018 initially. Please remember Loveless did not even exist in it's completeness on analogue tape before. A tape had to be created for the 2018 reissues. That is a safety copy of course. Not the original master tape was used for it because of all the splicing. Labels will not do the complicated out of house cutting every time to keep titles in production. It is basically the
  6. One set of lacquers can be used to create metal parts for pressing up to 100,000 copies, probably less. After that a new set of lacquers is required which gets plated. Cutting new sets of AAA lacquers using the tape which was created for this purpose is a lot more complex than cutting from digital files.
  7. Regular and deluxe vinyl reissues of Isn't Anything, Loveless, m b v https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/The-Studio-Albums-Deluxe-Edition-180gm-Vinyl-Bundle/6XJR0000000
  8. Orange variant limited to 1000 on the Bronx store now: https://shop.thebronxxx.com/products/bronx-vi-orange?variant=39274122346561 What was the pressing figure of the Orange/Black mix variant again? How does it come nobody mentioned the ugly Australia variant yet? https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/the-bronx/products/vi-lp-galaxy-orange-crush-cyan-blue
  9. I doubt these have singles have exclusive tracks on the B-sides. It would mean they had written 11 more tracks which did not make the album. I don't think that's likely? Also wouldn't it be a selling point to mention it if there are going to be exclusive tracks on the flipside?
  10. Unfortunately none of it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMUZwOyq17H/
  11. Thanks this is interesting to know! Discogs does not have the matrix for the boxset listed. Obviously different stampers (and probably a different cut) than the later repressing which all have a PIRATES PRESS and GZ Media matrix. Does not mean the remastered digital files for cutting were different though.
  12. The boxset was released in 2008 originally. It was cut from the remastered files by James Plotkin. I think these remasters were also used for later pressings - unless Plotkin did another, different remastering job for the later pressings? You might want to compare the matrix info of your standalone copy of Panopticon to the one from the boxset if it is different. Or give the matrix info of the boxset disc here for comparison. Would be interesting to know if the boxset had different stampers. Let us know, please
  13. Package was in my city already but returned by DHL suddenly. According to DHL some information was missing on the delivery address/shipping label. Although I gave that when I ordered and is stated on the order confirmation, too. Red Creek was supportive and informed me they are going to resend it when it has been returned to them.

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