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  1. The Discogs submission has some pictures now, too: Side A Side B
  2. White Pony Anniversary release announced for March 5, 2021 according to this French shop.
  3. From what I know: Metallica does not really own that record press. Instead they reserved pressing capacity for several years for all of their projects. Aside from the Metallica projects that press is being used for other artists' pressings. Of course it should not make a difference getting stuff done timely.
  4. You sure about that? Judging from the shipping costs ($8.99) to Germany I would say it will not be shipped from the U.S.? Would it make sense orders are being fulfilled by Throatruiner Records in France (also managing the Deatwish EU shop with Relapse releases)?
  5. Thank you for this correction. Does Packaged Sounds own record presses or is it a broker/manufacturer and uses TD as the pressing plant? Or are the record presses co-owned/shared by both companies?
  6. Yes, still coming from Europe but not from GZ anymore. Fat Wreck switched to Takt Direct. Way better quality - particularly the lacquer cut/mastering/sound which is terrible when cut in-house by GZ. But also the cover has a higher quality than the GZ ones.
  7. eBay UK and Germany (probably their other divisions as well) have introduced immediate paying of seller fees in July. eBay is using Adyen now which processes all the payments for them. So Discogs is following the eBay path again by doing that, too.
  8. This release by Three One G will be available as a limited edition of 500 “antifa colored” black and red splattered vinyl with gatefold cover on October 23rd. For the first time, all of these tracks have been remastered by Brent Asbury and are in one physical release, the complete “Anthology”. “Anthology” has been re-mastered by Brent Asbury. Layout and design by Bran Moon. http://threeoneg.com/archive/vinyl/anthology https://kingsroadmerch.com/three-one-g/view/?id=18050&cid=1324 https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=18294&cid=1031
  9. Received shipping confirmation 2 days ago. There is also movement on the tracking. I am located in Germany. I ordered on May 7 if that matters.
  10. Sad to hear this. I would have never thought a Technics deck could become irreparable. Built like tanks. Losing an SP10 MKII is pretty tough. What a glorious deck that is...and pretty expensive. What are you going to do with the defective one? Thanks for reviewing these pressings. I own the silver BK MOV one and love it, too. It was cut pretty hot but also dynamically.
  11. I received an E-Mail from Kingsroad a couple hours ago: [...]And the exclusive beer/aqua/black splatter vinyl, which is limited to 500 copies.[...]"
  12. I ordered from the Euro site. Check your order confirmation and the link to check your order status: All items will be shipped on or before July 10, 2020 That was also the date announced when the item was up.
  13. Could you state the matrix codes from the run out groove? Would be interesting to know where it was pressed and if the cut was done Vlado Meller himself. Thank you!
  14. You just might want to compare Mike's singing in these two videos. I'll give you some spots to start with below. In the audience video he often slurs some of the word endings while on the official video these can be heard very clearly. Also he stresses the lines a bit differently. On the official audio his voice does not even sound as "shot" as usually but more "polished". Audience Video (audience video) 1:29 (Zero Feelings) 1:44 (Human Nature) 1:59 (Fear of Truth) 2:14 (Learning From the Past) 2:18 (Stagnation) Official Video 2:37 (Zero Feelings) 2:54 (Human Nat

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