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  1. Thanks. I thought of their bandcamp page but could not find it there.
  2. Street date moved to 9/20 https://www.facebook.com/RunOutGrooveLPs/posts/2483188225249976
  3. The LP2 insert they posted on the preorder page says White Pony.
  4. Cheap pressing plant, missing sheets, download not working...very well done at this price.
  5. From the runout information I just found on Discogs this was pressed at Rainbo Pressing. I hope everybody will receive a decent pressing quality. Rainbo is infamous for subpar pressings unfortunately. I also noticed there is a barcode printed on the back. Just speculating here but could it indicate a wider commercial release at some point in the future? Why would they need it for an exclusive self-distributed release? On the other hand their 2017 pressings had a printed barcode as well. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Selling stats are being updated as soon as the seller paid the monthly invoice with the selling fees regarding your purchase. More details here or here
  7. I would like to believe it is only the BLACK vinyl which will never be available again because they explicitly mention that color. I'm not gonna spend $100 for it.
  8. From what I know this image is exclusive to the box set. Every other release did not have the blood image either - not only the 2 newest releases.
  9. From what I know the audio was not remastered. Of course it is a new cut with new stampers though. I agree it does sound pretty good and clear.
  10. I am also looking for the 7" on both colors as well as the tape. I'll compensate your efforts of course. Message me if you are interested. Thank you!
  11. Contact Ameise from Hamburg, Germany. You have to do some work for that though. They do runs of 50 copies - or used to do at least. Good luck! 14.12.2016 My brave vinyl lovers! ameise is not able to answer all the questions that come up online here and on other channels...we would really love to get in touch with all you underground people out there, but we are afraid that the only way to get in touch with us is Martins secret cellphone number that you will get from other bands and artist worldwide...it should be easy to find out with a few clicks and once we are in touch we will offer out the best pricing and quality right from the heart of europe! big up you crazy freaks! ameise Source: Ameise Pressing
  12. Low volume can be a problem because of the noise floor that vinyl naturally brings with it , i.e. if the music volume is too low, you will hear more vinyl surface noise than music. Regarding your orders: I once had the German pressing of 3 Feet High And Rising. Despite of the album's length, the sound was totally fine. That copy was quite worn from playing though. Obviously the cutting engineers back in the day knew how to cut difficult stuff properly. Unfortunately a lot of that knowledge got lost.
  13. There is some speculation around the included rough mixes could be those mixes the fans would love to hear. I'm not a Metallica fan but it will be interesting to hear what these mixes are though.