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  1. The songs are much more slower and moodier.
  2. http://thrilljockey.com/products/hypermagic-mountain
  3. From what I've read, someone said Masahiro retired from playing and I think he manages Mouse on the Keys and several other bands according to his IG postings. The original drummer Dairoku Seki plays in Storm of Void now. Not sure whether both departures are mutual or there was bad blood with the rest of Envy.
  4. https://music.apple.com/my/album/underneath/1493581495 https://open.spotify.com/album/7cbeno84CZdxj4USU23gjm?si=PQzYTiXqRw-Pl67z1OmB4w
  5. The second track Fate is up on Spotify by midnight. It’s actually a song called ‘18’ when they recorded it during Self Portrait session, as per this tumblr entry. https://lomablog.tumblr.com/post/130274139884 Can be heard at 16:08 in this old live set.
  6. Envy played a show in Malaysia last weekend. Still getting used to not seeing Masahiro Tobita on stage right. They played two new songs from the new album, A Faint New World and A Step in the Morning Glow.
  7. Found few entries but chose to post here since it's specific to Geneva.
  8. Yea I was expecting it to be up on bandcamp too. Maybe anytime soon.
  9. http://thrilljockey.com/products/ride-the-skies Lightning Bolt’s Ride the Skies sees a true classic from the band’s catalogue back in print for the first time in a long time. Arguably the first album where the duo first truly nailed their patented sound, Ride the Skies saw Lightning Bolt refine the auditory chaos of their self-titled debut into something much more concise and direct, bulking out pieces with more muscular sonics without sacrificing the sheer velocity and wild energy that made their first release so exhilarating.
  10. Haha will definitely do. So far I've only experienced one shipment mishap, when the parcel was clearly dropped resulting in a minor crack on the record. Since elvis said the way they packed this record is not up to standard, plus the size of this 4-disc LP and its thick cover, it'll be a miracle if there's no damage at all.
  11. Oh man now I'm worried. Still waiting for it to survive the journey from UK, but considering my local post office here in Malaysia is not that smart and reliable, I can't help but think of the worst. Fingers crossed.
  12. I know he's not as active as much now over here. But I'll give it a shot in front of a mirror anyways. 🤣 Not that long to go for you in CA.
  13. I wonder if @Dave Grohlis already all over these two new songs.