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  1. @CalebDW judging from the photos, that’s the real records and not mockups, right?
  2. The PO is up with link in the first post. I believe this record is gonna be a banger. Fans of anything post-rock and atmospheric melodic stuff will like this. Plus can’t go wrong with releases under DW.
  3. Interesting new signing by DW. Solid first two singles. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/harborlights/products/harborlights-isolation-ritual https://music.apple.com/my/album/isolation-ritual/1468220623
  4. https://music.apple.com/my/album/hello-exile/1469920543
  5. Drew said a label/distro is willing to help distribute for UK/EU. Bad Bat Records from UK, ever heard of them? He’s trying to figure things out.
  6. @whoa they had plans of getting EU distros. let me check with them for you. EDIT: Drew said he's still working on the distro. Hopefully there will be one available soon.
  7. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr085 https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr326
  8. funny I've been revisiting The Rescue recently and wondering if they will ever press it on wax. definitely getting both.
  9. Glad everyone is stoked as I am. Literally screamed out loud when I saw the email from TJ. Wonderful Rainbow and Hypermagic Mountain was my introduction to LB.
  10. https://thrilljockey.com/products/wonderful-rainbow