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  1. Check out Müscle Wörship, a friend just told me about this yesterday and it’s IR drummer Nathan Wilder’s band. Funnily the vocalist/guitarist Sean Bergman of MW is currently playing with the Appleseed Cast as the latest lineup.
  2. Nice! It’s basically just another name for the starburst variant, right? Anyways extremely excited for this record.
  3. That buildup towards the end and the explosion from 5:36, goddamn.
  4. Reminds me of YOB - Clearing the Path to Ascend, but more minimal.
  5. https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/blood-year/1462493681 39 minutes in total. Out on 2nd August.
  6. “Test presses are approved. Now we just have to wait until August so that the vinyl plants and the press outlets aren’t scrambling to do their thing. It’s less atmospheric and more chunky (than Guidance) with more riffs and less ambience”. https://heavymag.com.au/seeking-guidance-with-russian-circles/ Interesting insight. Didn’t notice this interview has been floating for quite awhile. Few more hours to go and hopefully the first song will be available on spotify by midnight.
  7. From Brian’s tumblr, according to him it’s going to be out first week of August and confirms the title is Blood Year. https://bubblesandgutz.tumblr.com/post/184562015177/hi-brian-any-idea-when-blood-year-is-going-to-be
  8. Ahha thanks Derek. Just got a notification on my FB history that the first teaser for Guidance was on 17th May 2016, and Guidance was released 5th August 2016. Expecting more or less the same release date for this new one.
  9. Sunlotus from Indonesia just dropped their debut album today. Shoegaze with a huge wall of sound. https://hemalabel.bandcamp.com/album/this-old-house A friend of mine writes for a local music platform that covers stuff from South East Asia, and below is his review for one of the single: "Someone I work with has this theory that there are two kinds of shoegaze, namely “hard shoegaze” and “soft shoegaze”. If these categories truly exist, then Sunlotus are definitely an example of the former. The melancholic and soaring melodicism is there, but there’s a real heaviness and cathartic aggression to the song that hints at the members’ other bands (grind titans Deadly Weapon and hardcore/metalcore unit Warmouth) and really reminds me of Cloakroom and earlier Jesu. Definitely a band to keep an eye on."
  10. First single, the title-track already up on spotify on my part of the world. Love it, a slow building & slow burning song with a glorious ending.
  11. One of TLR owners work for Relapse too if I’m not mistaken. Hence the mockups look similar between the two labels. And I think the /100 variant will look almost or exactly like the mockup, because the latest Full of Hell variant of pinwheel plus splatter is quite spot on.
  12. Will be self-released by the band. They are genuinely great guys making great music. The PO is up for their new LP over at bandcamp and will be limited to 300 copies. Take a listen to their past releases too. https://oftenthethinker.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-possible-tenderness Official press release: Hello, everyone - We’re happy to announce that our fourth LP, Greatest Possible Tenderness, is now available for preorder! The album will be available on vinyl, as well as digital downloads. The expected release date is July 5th. GPT took over two years to finish and we are extremely proud of it. I pulled together our group of musicians from all over the country to bring these ideas to life. It was a juxtaposition of emotions at times, both an intense struggle and feelings of extreme elation. I hope that this collection of music resonates with you as it does with us. I initially jumped into the world of vinyl to listen to older records as they were intended to, i.e. a lot of jazz, country, funk, etc. While the aesthetic and feel of vinyl is intriguing, what I found is that it forces you to really sit down with your decision - it allows you to take in the record as it was intended to be heard, as well as enjoying the artwork and visuals of the record. As GPT was written in two parts, it seemed only fitting to have this pressed on vinyl. Any support of purchasing this record would make all the time, effort and money that went into this album worth it. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this album, as well as any of you who preorder a copy of it. It means the world to us.  -Often the Thinker *All vinyl preorders include a digital download code of the album and a CD of our previous album (while albums last), Better Part of Vice.