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  1. Bump. Some prices dropped and stuff added https://www.discogs.com/seller/bluessinger/profile
  2. Edit: Couple things sold. Plenty of good stuff left.
  3. Keeps saying page not found when I post the link. Strange.
  4. Trimming the fat of my collection and have some rarer things up in my store. DM first on here to work out a lower prices. Thanks! username: bluessinger https://www.discogs.com/seller/bluessinger/profile
  5. Couple of random things I'm selling. Make an offer, or feel free to PM me on here instead. Thanks. https://www.discogs.com/seller/bluessinger/profile -C
  6. Would love love if someone has the chance to snag "Theory..." and The Fullblast reissue the next couple of nights. I have $$$ and kisses for you.
  7. Heads up, most indie stores will have a black "Lookers/Bad Catholics" 7" for $2, with a $2 for the LP 2/3. Picked one up here in Nashville yesterday.
  8. Ordered this online, but only after looking for it in the wild. The clerk at one of my local shops said there was a "recall on the art, so retail copies are backordered"? Wondering if anyone else has heard this. If it's further back in the thread, sorry of this clutter.
  9. Word on the grapevine is these are getting a repress soon. I'm holding out for that, but you might be looking for OG's, Good luck!