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  1. Got all three in today and these are amazing. These recordings sound better than they ever have. I need a new record from these guys, and soon. …and hopefully from the same label. Really impressed with the overall product that I may just sell my originals.
  2. Yea, I always hate bringing up this band amongst purists because they act like they’re too cool for it. I reckon this band was always heading in this direction, but I imagine that the constant digs at them for being “shitty wannabe metal” was more than enough to push them into this territory. Most of the true fans will stick with them. It wasn’t ever really about the growling vocals to me - I always dug the music first and foremost. Very excited to see where the rest of the album goes. Tbh I could just listen to an entire album of their drummer just being a badass and I’d be conten
  3. That was kinda my thought process? It’s relevant to the album, soooo…
  4. Oh, I thought he was being all tongue in cheek and y’all were buds. That’s, uhhh… not a good look.
  5. Dope. Copped both variants because wtf not?
  6. Honestly, I dig it more than I thought I would. Reminds me of George Michael stuff.
  7. OMFG I GOT THIS RECORD AND LIKE WOW THE MAILER WOW BUT LIKE SEAM SPLITZZZZZ Y’all are a never-ending supply of baseless whining. Seam splits happen even when things are packed with that almighty piece of cardboard. Anyone wanna comment on how great this sounds and how good it is to have something that you could have potentially not owned? Because it’s awesome, and the records look great, and there are just so many other things to say here instead of the same old shit y’all keep repeating ad nauseam. <end rant, can’t wait for everyone to back up their whiny posts with
  8. This would be ideal, and with Numero handling it, you just know it would be nothing less than impressive.
  9. Hard lol at that price. The description even makes me wanna vomit. Didn’t realize there are “gatekeepers” within the exclusive ska scene…
  10. The singer Brandin was a regular at a bar where I did sound for a bit and suffice it to say that he has never stopped living in and for the moment that they recorded their first music video. I genuinely think it's the only thing he ever talked about to me... which was pretty surreal, because I loved them on that show. There's no one more sad than a drunken failed rock star at the local watering hole.
  11. Hah, sorry to make your decision a little more difficult... just didn’t want you to miss out on those sweet, sweet variants of you wanted. I panic-copped the signed silver and standard smoke and am hoping this week stays quiet from here on...
  12. Oh. There are like, so many variants. Click on the colors next to the pic discs.

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