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  1. So... maybe this was mastered differently for vinyl? I’m really not picking up any “bad production” cues here, and I’m on a good fourth or so listen.
  2. I work at a record shop and it’s still readily available from our distributor. Listened to it the other day, though, and it sounds great! Definitely worth grabbing.
  3. I actually did a listen through of my copy yesterday and I wanted to say something about how much better I think the production sounds when listened to on vinyl... but I'm no professional or nothin', so I didn't. But now I am taking a stance. So, for what it's worth... I think it sounds way better. And the songwriting is ace, regardless. Will be catching these fools next time they come through, for sure.
  4. This is so tight. I'm probably just going to listen to this, and only this, for the rest of my day. I've listened to the first one all the way through and I'm not even mad that I've heard "I Promise" a buh-jillion times. This is easily my favorite era of Radiohead.
  5. This band totally copied some shirt I saw at Urban the other day.
  6. I think the best way to describe this record would be nuanced... I find that, every time I listen to it, I'm noticing little parts and arrangements that I hadn't noticed before, which I think maybe means this album was meant to be devoured rather than thrown on in the background. The lyrics, the vocals... I dunno. I really don't understand how people think this album is boring, but to each their own!
  7. This fucking hobby will end me. Same.
  8. Yea, I fucking love this album. Some of the best songs they've ever written.
  9. It really is a great record. Considering just swiping their whole discography...
  10. Glad I went with the band version pink. I don’t mind when colors are wacky and don’t match, but I can’t deny enjoying a good color scheme when it does work.