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  1. I hate what they did with the artwork, but that remaster does sound excellent.
  2. There could be a whole thread devoted to this guy’s awful behavior. Pretty much all of those Epitaph/Rise metalcore ass bags were/are really scummy and had no business being around underage girls ever. Anyone remember Emmure?
  3. Ahhhh, THIS makes sense. Definitely a bummer, like you mentioned, but supply and demand is what it is.
  4. Yea this completely caught me off guard. Like, how can they even justify this price point?
  5. Y'all heard of them newfangled streaming services? I reckon that's your best bet!
  6. I just really wish they'd repress the comps already.
  7. Ayyyye you justified my bonkers ass $250 purchase in one fell swoop. Thank you for this.
  8. I wanna pull the trigger on this but I’m having trouble justifying a $90 cassette?
  9. Few things - “Shellstar” variant has little to no surface noise and sounds good to the end of the album. Additionally, “Mombasa” is one of their best songs and I love this album and how the end of that song makes me wanna just dive back into their old catalog. Used to be I’d need a break after listening to a full album of theirs, but this is a p good segue into their back catalog. Listening to that last song also makes me think we wouldn’t be wrong to expect more metal-tinged material in the future.
  10. Got all three in today and these are amazing. These recordings sound better than they ever have. I need a new record from these guys, and soon. …and hopefully from the same label. Really impressed with the overall product that I may just sell my originals.
  11. Yea, I always hate bringing up this band amongst purists because they act like they’re too cool for it. I reckon this band was always heading in this direction, but I imagine that the constant digs at them for being “shitty wannabe metal” was more than enough to push them into this territory. Most of the true fans will stick with them. It wasn’t ever really about the growling vocals to me - I always dug the music first and foremost. Very excited to see where the rest of the album goes. Tbh I could just listen to an entire album of their drummer just being a badass and I’d be content.

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