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  1. Looks like Amazon has it up for $139, which is honestly wayyyyy less than I figured.
  2. Agreed. Though White Album is my favorite, this one is just pure gold from start to finish.
  3. It's all very nuanced, which I like. He plays in the pocket and then just opens up at all the right times. I think that's what I like about this album; it's full of surprises that I keep catching every time I take a listen. I think that's why it doesn't pack as much of a punch as their other records. It's more of a record that, like stated before, makes you sit down and focus in order to fully appreciate.
  4. Honestly, of all the good things I could say about this album, the drumming blows me away.
  5. Ah, thank you for clearing up that confusion! I've got the indie variant on order and seeing these others has me pretty pumped to receive that one.
  6. Yea, do we figure this is the one that is clear with the highlighter splatter? I remember the description saying "neon yellow w/ highlighter splatter" but I imagine that turned out this way once the plant finished.
  7. I'll try to remember and shoot you a PM once I get home from work.
  8. Just received the indie store gold variant at my shop and I think it matches the artwork the best. Also, this album absolutely fucks.
  9. Damn! We haven't gotten it yet at my shop... did y'all order directly from the source?
  10. Fuckin’ kidding me with this shit? I sat by the computer all day, and within the 18 minutes I walked home this sells out 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. I can't seem to locate that solid green pressing... any help?