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  1. First success I’ve had with a mondo drop! Finally caved on this, even though I think I’m outgrowing this band, and scored all the DBC 10” stuff well.
  2. BB is gone zone but I’m glad to have scored a copy! That cover of “Heaven” is worth the price of admission alone!
  3. Yea, the album is perfect but I never listen because it’s just too heavy. Reminds me of losing my dad. “...Is Survived By” was also integral in my coping with his loss, so this band will always just feel like a best friend that’s always been there for me. Can’t wait for Lament.
  4. I’ve actually had a few run-ins with Anthony and he’s a total nice guy. I’m sure he’s toned down now, too, but that dude sure knew how to party.
  5. Would you call it The Great Dismal exchange? 😭 I’m sorry, I’ll my way out.
  6. Don’t miss copping that FTSK for $12. That is a steal, my friends!
  7. Just noticed https://store.relapse.com/item/93205 has the /500 back in stock. Get it while it’s hot?
  8. Haha and I’ve effectively copped my... fifth variant now? Glad I finally got one with the bag and booklet... looks like I’ll probably end up deciding which other variant I like best and will sell the rest at cost up here.
  9. It was annoying to wake up to this entire pressing being almost sold out, but I was lucky enough to nab the /500 without the bag. The colorways are way rad on those bagged copies, but I’ll live... I guess. I hate to love this goddamn hobby.
  10. Yea, this almost feels like another Greatest. It doesn’t quite hit that mark, but the feeling it leaves after a full listen totally shares that same vibe. Really love this album.
  11. Just realized I’m still waiting on that NUFAN. Anybody have any idea when that’s shipping?
  12. Mad World Record Joins a List of Indie Shops in Denton That Are Closing for Good https://www.dallasobserver.com/music/mad-world-records-in-denton-is-closing-11922366
  13. Fingers crossed, but thanks for all the support you've shown throughout the years. This place is near and dear to my heart, so I'd hate to see it go.