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  1. It may not be note for note, Mr. Literal, but it took me a good few seconds to realize that it wasn't "Chase This Light." We were all waiting for you to let us know you were going to pass. Don't hold out on us so long next time! I mean, this is a forum, so I'm glad I met your expectations!
  2. That sax solo is god-awful and "Love Never" is essentially a note for note re-recording of "Chase This Light." Ima pass.
  3. Not that this record was recorded super well in the first place, but could the pressings be a little cleaner maybe? I seem to recall No Idea pressings being somewhat hit or miss...
  4. Yea I love that Gratitude album. Hopefully becomes available a little bit cheaper, but I might bite on this once my finances get a bit better.
  5. These two records are the shit. Already have a pretty rad German bootleg of AD, but I may have to snag both of these anyway. Really love those AD shirts and hope somewhere in the US is selling them.
  6. Ugh. I shoulda just pulled the trigger. I'd say grab one for me, but I was already too cheap to buy the $16 copy.
  7. Sucks, too, since these songs are some of their best. Maybe I'll try to save and buy both the book and 7" together to help ease the hit? I dunno, the hobby really making it hard for me to justify what I do.
  8. I loved AI when it came out, but upon listening to it recently I reallllly don't think it held up well.
  9. Only song I could stomach all the way through was the Weezer song, and I'm still not even sure how I feel about it.
  10. It's weird that this band is celebrating a 10th anniversary, but I guess anything goes these days.
  11. This is the worst thing to happen to music in a long time. Today will definitely be remembered as the darkest day...
  12. Back this 100%. My favorite variant, I think ever, is Appleseed Cast's "Two Conversations." Highlighter yellow base with something like red, white, and black... but it looks like a million colors.