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  1. Undercard has been good. Glad to see Sasha get a shot
  2. If there is still spot left I'd like to get in on the rumble pool
  3. I purposely tanked so that I can have the first pick next year. Championship next year!!!!!!!
  4. Bump. Thanks to those that have helped me out and bought stuff. Still anything in trade list up for grabs. Have removed things that have been sold.
  5. Where are we supposed to send the money to again? My domination of this league starts tomorrow and I want to make sure everything is squared away.
  6. I drafted blind. Did no research and simply drafted on rankings. So that's automatic championship right?!
  7. So snuka finally got charged for the murder of his girlfriend 32 year later. Read a rumor that Vince my have had done something to help cover it up. Wonder how they are going to go with it
  8. Anything is up for grabs. If pictures are needed for something just let me know They just were not uploading. No trades! https://deadformat.net/collection/elgato48
  9. Just send me all the money cause I obviously already got this championship in the bag
  10. As much as the ending sucked they needed to do something that didn't make either look weak. So I don't mind it but if they were going to end a ppv like that they could've given cena/Rollins the main event. The new day has gotten so over and that is such a great thing.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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