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    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    i paid the other day, right? edit: i paid on 10/3.
  2. onlettingjoe

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Added 3/4 of my keepers. I drafted Larkin in the 14th last year, so he'd be kept in the 12th this year. I have no 12th or 11th round - I'm assuming its then left to one of my 10th rounders if i decide to keep him?
  3. onlettingjoe

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    i tried setting my pre-draft rankings with their shitty app since the draft was at 4AM where I'm at and needed to autodraft...ended up with Kessel at the #4 pick. #championship
  4. Have the following for sale. PM me if interested. A Great Big Pile of Leaves | Boom!| Blue A Great Big Pile of Leaves | You're Always On My Mind| Cyan Blue| /500 Circa Survive | Juturna | Picture Disc Felix Culpa | Sever Your Roots| Black| /108 Felix Culpa | The Commitment Harvard (HRVRD)| The Inevitable And I - Blue/Blue| /150 HRVRD | From the Bird's Cage| Baby Blue Person L | The Positives| Pea Green| /100 Person L | The Positives| White w/Purple Splatter| /150 Right Away, Great Captain | 4XLP | 1st Press Underoath | The Changing of Times | Clear The Used | Lies for the Liars | Pink
  5. onlettingjoe

    PO: Microwave - Much Love

    also on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Much-Love-LP-Microwave/dp/B01JACFALM/ref=sr_1_2_twi_lp__3?ie=UTF8&qid=1472582445&sr=8-2&keywords=microwave+much+love
  6. onlettingjoe

    WTB/WTTF: Blink 182 S/t Pink/100 & Neighborhoods Pink

    i have a pink neighborhoods. feel free to shoot me an offer if interested.
  7. onlettingjoe

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    i thought the playoffs were top 6...so no loss getting bumped out the final week
  8. onlettingjoe

    Secret Santa 2015. Update: Dec 16 .... Please Read.

    i won't be able to post a photo by the 1st. got my packages on the 22nd and flew out of town the same day, and won't be home until the 3rd.
  9. onlettingjoe

    Secret Santa 2015. Update: Dec 16 .... Please Read.

    received the 2nd of two packages today. will update with picture but got: a sweet mighty ducks hoodie (#44 fulton reed -- one of my fave movies) some miscellaneous candy, including a beef jerky chocolate bar a handful of cds i will check out three LPs: taking back sunday - tayf (need to check out color and see if its one i don't have) aaron west and the roaring 20s - we don't have eachother masked intruder based on the disney themed wrapping paper, i'm assuming my SS was Steve Mooscemi. if so, thanks a ton. everything is perfect.
  10. Trying to sell off the following. I currently have 2 mailers, so once those are gone I'll hold off on selling any more. Shoot me an offer if interested. blink-182 - Neighborhoods - White/Black Swirl - /1000 Citizen - Youth - Pink - /1500 Fadeaway Records Presents: Friends - Red, White w/Black Splatter - #190/400 Person L - The Positives - White w/Purple (UK Release) - /150
  11. onlettingjoe

    FS: blink-182, Person L, Citizen, etc.

    should be good to PM now.
  12. onlettingjoe

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    i might have missed where this was mentioned, but is our bench a bit shorter than previous years?
  13. onlettingjoe

    Secret Santa 2015. Update: Dec 16 .... Please Read.

    so, santa..i'm joe. 28 and living in seattle. i travel a good amount and am currently in china, hence my delay in posting this write up. i've also never been good about posting in general but this is my 3rd or 4th SS. i enjoy music, sports, politics, coffee, and other typical things. musically some of my recent likes include 1st vows, the dear hunter, mansions, the front bottoms, envy on the coast, brandon flowers, and against me!. my tbs collection, especially tayf, is probably my latest priority to get back on track. sports wise i'm a denver bronco and detroit red wing fan. for movies, some of my favorites include donnie darko, mrs. doubtfire, sister act (just the 1st. #2 is awful), and the mighty ducks. that about sums it up.