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  1. has the full list of keepers been posted somewhere yet?
  2. also in again. this is my year..i've been rebuilding the past few.
  3. Can you also move Karlsson to the 14th then? He was also a FA addition so if my 15th is taken, he will be my 14th rather than 13th.
  4. are we doing 14th or 15th for undrafted keepers for this year?
  5. My keepers - Pastranak - 12th round Barzal - 14th round William Karlsson - 13th round (since 14th is taken) Holtby - 3rd round
  6. are there any other days that work well for the league for the draft? the 30th is rough for me, will be on a plane/traveling from 1PM EST to 9PM PST.
  7. i paid the other day, right? edit: i paid on 10/3.
  8. Added 3/4 of my keepers. I drafted Larkin in the 14th last year, so he'd be kept in the 12th this year. I have no 12th or 11th round - I'm assuming its then left to one of my 10th rounders if i decide to keep him?
  9. i tried setting my pre-draft rankings with their shitty app since the draft was at 4AM where I'm at and needed to autodraft...ended up with Kessel at the #4 pick. #championship
  10. also on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Much-Love-LP-Microwave/dp/B01JACFALM/ref=sr_1_2_twi_lp__3?ie=UTF8&qid=1472582445&sr=8-2&keywords=microwave+much+love