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  1. Excited, it's been awesome as a fan watching them experiment and evolve from album to album.
  2. Using the word 'limited' to any number above 500 is ridiculous
  3. They’ve been copying other artists for years. Your favorite band sucks podcast does an episode on Green Day and at the end they run through many of their songs and say who each song ripped off. It’s an amazing episode if you or anyone are inclined to check it out.
  4. Leftover tour merch including tour exclusive vinyl up on http://themenzingers.limitedrun.com/
  5. There was probably a good reason there wasn’t a thread for the new album 🤔
  6. He tweeted out 'Preorder Chance's Debut Album Friday' https://www.chanceraps.com/shop (CD only for new album)
  7. I wonder if there will be a split splatter tour exclusive like there has been for the last two albums.
  8. Links are back up According to @Vinylreleases /400 Garden /700 Sunflower Release date: Sept 13, 2019
  9. **Whatever you do, you need to go to Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience. It's just different flavor cheesecake bites and they're amazing. -Trudy's has really good Tex-Mex (they have a fried avocado that's amazing) -Valentina's, Kerlins, or Stiles Switch for BBQ -Tumble 22 has Nashville Hot Chicken -Lick for ice cream -Shake Shack or Top Notch for burgers if you don't get your burger fix with Whataburger -Via 313 for pizza if Desano's isn't enough -Up in Round Rock, there's Piranha Records and North Austin has Breakaway Records