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  1. I wonder if there will be a split splatter tour exclusive like there has been for the last two albums.
  2. Links are back up According to @Vinylreleases /400 Garden /700 Sunflower Release date: Sept 13, 2019
  3. **Whatever you do, you need to go to Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience. It's just different flavor cheesecake bites and they're amazing. -Trudy's has really good Tex-Mex (they have a fried avocado that's amazing) -Valentina's, Kerlins, or Stiles Switch for BBQ -Tumble 22 has Nashville Hot Chicken -Lick for ice cream -Shake Shack or Top Notch for burgers if you don't get your burger fix with Whataburger -Via 313 for pizza if Desano's isn't enough -Up in Round Rock, there's Piranha Records and North Austin has Breakaway Records
  4. I’ll be at the first show of this tour on Tuesday and if they don’t have a tour variant, I’ll get the splatter(hopefully it’s still in stock at that point).
  5. Have had the itch to play Guitar Hero lately and was wondering if anyone had a working wireless PS3 guitar (Les Paul model) they wouldn't mind parting with.
  6. I've been using Dream Beard for almost 7 years now. Met the owner at the Come and Shave it beard competition in Austin in 2012 and he was very down to earth.
  7. Second Pressing (Vinyl): 200 Lavender & Natural Split 300 Clear w/ White & Blue Smoky Swirls http://tinyengines.limitedrun.com/products/618381-restorations-lp5000
  8. I'm pretty sure these are past pressings by Victory. What Separates Me from You variant is called what separates tan from blue /332 and the Homesick variant is the bruised starburst /330. On Victory if you go to the album, there is a drop down menu that shows all the variants of that album, but they are sold out though. Discogs should have pics of the variants so you can match them.