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  1. Hi everyone! Selling a selection of 10 rare Hip Hop records (Wu-Tang Clan, Eric B and Rakim, Steady B, Ice-T) from the 90's. All in Mint collection. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfqrSjegXhD/ Selection here: https://frow.live/product-category/special-90s-hip-hop/ They will be sold live on FROW tomorrow at 8pm (BST). Buying a record is cool, but knowing its journey, history and people behind is even cooler Any questions, please let me know!
  2. Hi Everyone! Selling live on FROW tonight a selection of 10 rare Brazilian records from Gerah's collection (a Brazilian DJ/record collector with a collection of 1,000 rare gems). Gerah will explain their journey, story, people behind. Price from £20 to £100 for the first session. See you tonight on FROW, 8PM (British Summer Time).
  3. Hi Philly! Actually I co-founded FROW Yes we are launching our feature to buy records live! We'll start in 3 hours. Will you join? No shipping fees tonight! https://frow.live/ PS: The posts on IG are not sponsored! Many records collectors like to be featured as our Digger of the Day.
  4. Hi everyone! Good progress on this project. As you suggested, we focused on trades and creating cool experiences around records. We are launching tonight the live-streaming shopping feature from Let it Roll Records, our local record store in Camden. At 8pm, you will be able to buy live a cool selection of records. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to get an invitation for the live event! It starts tonight at 8pm (British Summer time). Thanks
  5. New game: Can you tell your journey with a selection of Vinyl? Let me start:
  6. What kind of trades? We have 4 options: 1. Buying directly to the Artist (like bandcamp, but more interactive) 2. Buying from independant stores (so professional service) 3. Buying from other users (more a marketplac like ebay/discogs... with all the associated risks) 4. The 3 options above Which option(s) do you tend to favor? PS: Personally I never ever bought from other music minded people. I either buy from Bandcamp, independant stores (new or second hands).
  7. Yes - this is definitely in the pipeline. The early "supporters" would have access to an exclusive chat/live stream with the Artist and have the possibility to engage/ask questions and see exclusive content (behind the scene, life in the studio, etc...)
  8. Welcome! Be patient. Focus on your niche. Be eager to learn and meet other serial diggers. And, more importantly, have fun!!!!!!!
  9. The App is called FROW and can be downloaded on Apple: https://frow.live/ Don't be too demanding at this stage as we just launched 1 month ago, coding day and night. The main initial objective was to onboard 100 emerging (and talented!) Artists (which was done!) and we are now adding the Vinyl features (over the next few weeks/months). Don't hesitate if any feedback. Thanks Seb
  10. Thanks geez! Really appreciate your thoughts and comments. You are spot on with mentioning Reddit -> our vision is to build a Community-centric App (but focused on Music). Discogs is an amazing Database and we won't "compete" with them. We want to be more "social" (engaging with other) than "utilitarian" (database). Finally, Artists will remain at the center of the project, but the interactions/engagement Fans/Artists via vinyl makes a lot of sense as physical Music could be a growing source of income (and independance) for Artists.
  11. Hi everyone - my name is Seb and I co-founded a mobile App which brings together Music Creators and their Community, focusing on experiences (Album Release Parties, Listening Parties, Performances). We are not re-inventing Discogs, but trying to propose something new as Discogs was developped 20 years ago (before even YouTube or Facebook were founded). What cool features (related to vinyl) would be interesting? What don't you like with Discogs? Would you like to be able to buy directly to the Artists (like Bandcamp but on a more interactive version)? Would you like to be able to buy from other users? Apart from the price of a vinyl, why do you like Discogs? Thanks for your time - just try to build something cool for vinyl lovers.
  12. SB is so sneaky that he would even get paid on the music we stream... on wax! 🤠
  13. The specificity of the vinyl market is that many many records are never unsealed... and being sold/exchanged/kept as "tokens" or collectibles!