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  1. I casually got back into Pokemon cards 5-6 years ago, from my usual sources I could get booster boxes for about 80$, but since having a kid I've been out for a little bit but was bored the other day and went to oder one and they're 200$+ this market is insane.
  2. They're definitely the small sized boxes, I used them for my collection when we moved and they fit perfectly with just enough to get your hands in the hand holds, just make sure to tape the hell out of the bottom.
  3. Perfect timing, I almost bit the bullet and paid markup for a copy of Casually Dressed not that long ago.
  4. I won't get the second round for a few weeks, but the first one my arm was basically useless for about a day .
  5. Just got an e-mail from Banquet that they've received stock in an underage and my PO won't be fulfilled.
  6. I was really shocked mine was ready to be picked up within an hour, fortunately my boss is pretty cool and let me disappear from work for a little bit to pick it up.
  7. Nice! I randomly checked the Target app list Friday was able to get one; haven't played a ton but I'm enjoying Spider-Man
  8. Or you know, make extras to fulfill the order...
  9. Out of curiosity, how does that resolve? Would it be on the pressing plant?
  10. I'm getting vaccinated on Friday, and very seriously considering going. Yeah I'm scared, and know that there will be no distancing and probably very few masks; but I've got to get out of the house.
  11. I sat in the queue for an hour and it won't even load lol.
  12. Album is basically already announced. Stephen jumped the gun on one of the first streams and said they were way into it and that it'd be released in 2020, the rest of the band gave him the look and he backpedaled a bit and said it'd probably be more like this year and that they were still writing.
  13. My biggest gripe about the Rep tour is that they were all hidden in the scaffolding save for a few minutes towards the end.

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