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  1. and how! super stoked on the packaging. well done Chunksaah
  2. I haven't listen to mine in a while (clear), but I can't recall hearing any skipping
  3. This nearly made me kill people. I was waiting outside the Atlantic to see Hour of the Wolf and there was a huge line for OWTH (who everyone figured out were playing) and I missed HOTW. I made it in to see OWTH (though I really just wanted to stay for Punch, who were awesome) only to see the place was like 3/4 full (if that). The Atlantic was frustrating me all weekend. this. balls to the atlantic!
  4. thanks man, I was so bummed I had to miss this for work.
  5. shit, that was your interview? solid! i read it today at work
  6. and how! wish he would put out a new full length already, though. a comp song here and a 7inch there isn't enough!
  7. i thought there was supposed to be different artists on each version, but it looks like theyre the same. i already ordered mine from the UK, but i'm stoked for the John K Samson 7"
  8. buddies...buddies... such a great fucking show last night
  9. i just watched that movie yesterday, its pretty solid. the poster makes that scene seem more awesome then it actually is
  10. If You're Into It! two nude dudes getting rude with food
  11. i think i paid no more than $15 for mine at Bart's CD Cellar (RIP). I'm pretty sure I made a thread about it too when I found it. such a great recording