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  1. Real story here is this was a missed opportunity to remix/remaster Sixteen. Great record, sounds like ass. Rev got my money anyway.
  2. I still cry that this was pressed. I thought there was zero chance I'd ever own a copy on vinyl. This album turns 20 this year. 20(!!)
  3. One of my favorite EPs of last year was pressed. On either yellow or black vinyl. No pressing info. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/rough-francis/products/rough-francis-urgent-care Rough Francis is a Vermont punk band founded by three brothers; Bobby, Julian and Urian Hackney. They started out as a tribute band to their father and uncle’s Proto-Punk band DEATH before anyone heard their music. Rough Francis was the nick-name of their uncle David who was the songwriter and visionary for the band DEATH. The Hackney family story quickly made its way in the spotlight an
  4. If it makes you feel better there’s a record I sent to France at the beginning of February that hasn’t arrived there either for whatever reason and I’m also in Brooklyn. It hasn’t toured the US like yours but I’m worried there’s a pattern shipping there right now.
  5. Yeah they've been randomly pressing up some color which they have seen to do from time to time. Not a repress, but strong recommend for Red Hare (Sean Brown from Swiz/Dag Nasty) as their first LP and subsequent 7" are still available on color. https://redhare.bandcamp.com/album/nites-of-midnite https://redhare.bandcamp.com/album/lexicon-mist Also math rock gold known as Faraquet have had a mixed color pressing up for a minute. https://faraquet.bandcamp.com/album/the-view-from-this-tower
  6. Selling some shirts on ebay. Mostly big boy stuff (XXL) but there are some XL and smaller items and even a few women shirts. Check it out! https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=graded0nacurve&_sop=1
  7. Yeah I've heard horror stories about Florida. I have a bunch of relatives that live there, but I only really consistently talk to my grandfather. Last I spoke with him it was damn near impossible to get a vaccine in that free for all system. I gotta talk to him soon, but it's wild everywhere.
  8. Nice dude. Congrats! I only miss working remotely in order to avoid COVID exposure. Lucky so far on my part. Anyone else here receive/eligible for the vaccine yet? I got my first shot last Tuesday, but initially getting the appointment here in NYC was insane. My assistant principal shared with me a portal for only NYC workers and it was the only way I got a shot. Inside an NYC government building with armed security. Wild times.
  9. Mostly as to why the only original member by 2017. I honestly think Quiet Slang was a pet project and ego stoking.
  10. Every person I've spoken to who toured or interacted with him had a negative experience. Never forget this band almost broke up on their first full headlining US tour.

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