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  1. Sorry to hear man. Looking at the COVID stats from Florida, you're better off inside or on some crabgrass far away from people. It's been much better in NYC. Infection rates are still low, but as things slowly open back up, they'll definitely spike. My neighborhood still only wears masks for half of the time, so its meh. I'm working summer school from home. Working summer school has always been fun, but its weird doing live Zoom meetings everyday. Not looking forward to being sent back in the fall, as rates will definitely spike and people will for sure get sick. Gotta get my hazmat suit ready. At least give me hazard pay. And also it'd be nice if Washington would step up more and fund small businesses and people out of work...
  2. I went to my neighborhood protest, and me and my wife are fine. The meeting spot was socially distanced, and everyone wore masks. All my friends who went to protests wore masks as well. No one has I know tested positive who attended.
  3. I've been into the angry shit recently so sure.
  4. Now that COVID is making a re-emergence, how are people doing in states with large spikes? TX, FL, AZ, CA etc? We've entered Phase 2 of 4 here in NYC and the surrounding suburbs are in Phase 3 of 4. I expect a spike but not nearly as bad as the states I mentioned before...
  5. Yeah I got my shipping notification yesterday and copies are already posted on Instagram.
  6. I guess that was technically a warm up since they didn't originally release it. So there will only probably be a few of these then. So we could bank on Good Riddance, Lagwagon, and probably the NOFX live album.
  7. They've slowly doing stuff like this for years. First presses and earlier presses of their stuff don't usually lose much value and they pump some money into the label. I don't understand why people have a problem with that. Based off their patterns, I'd at least expect this 25 Anniversary Series to include: Good Riddance - For God And Country Lagwagon - Hoss and maybe NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live They could do Tilt and Wizo, but I don't think that would be cost beneficial. Also wouldn't be surprised if another band they picked up later put out an album in '95 that they could release as a "25th Anniversary" press. Anyway definitely picking this up and wish they'd come around to pressing Making Friends on color, or give me a Good Riddance - Operation Phoenix repress.
  8. I mean I didn’t create it but no bigs. Two better than zero.
  9. We have two threads. Looks like this one was first. Mods @jhulud or @Shitty Rambo could we get a merge of this and this other thread? https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/141790-po-now-much-the-same-quitters-never-win/
  10. They didn't tour enough. I would have seen them in '06 onward if they came around. They've kind of quietly grew a (small) fanbase but didn't tour really much at all.
  11. This is necessary. Thanks for creating this.
  12. I love DOTB and its LoFi shit sound. It's one of the few albums that pulled it of IMO. Also good on them with the Bandcamp Bail Fund cause