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  1. It was Coke Bottle Clear for $30(!!) Yeah passed on that and got the Turquoise for $22ppd. Much better.
  2. I don't have that level of commitment, but can't wait for them to come back from break this weekend. Became a Spurs fan, and already riding a roller coaster!
  3. Mikey Erg - Waxbuilt Castles bandcamp.com/yum 98lm-5eww
  4. Wow. 2004 calling. Wish the other OG version of Broken made it on this. My young ass is in that video.
  5. Didn't realize this was an EP. Absolute ripper though! This will be in heavy rotation.
  6. Sorry my dude. They came in every pre-order so hopefully someone else posts it!
  7. Sheer Mag - A Distant Call bandcamp.com/yum yhk8-unyk
  8. Hesitation Wounds - Chicanery bandcamp.com/yum gm9a-hchx Muncie Girls - Fixed Ideals bandcamp.com/yum u6jb-39gy
  9. Dawkins Christ was the only memorable song on Freedom.
  10. Man loved this album in '06. Glad its finally getting pressed!