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  1. Clever that the only really physical LP you saw was the black one. Clever...
  2. Have a stack. Most of these should have a download or two left: Minor Threat - First Two 7"s bandcamp.com/yum wy77-6lyz H2O - Don Fury Demo Session bandcamp.com/yum hvw3-wjsb Hot Knife - Dread bandcamp.com/yum l6ze-j8yc Gouge Away - Consider b/w Wave Of Mutilation bandcamp.com/yum 78l8-elf2 Otoboke Beaver - Itekoma Hits bandcamp.com/yum 5cg3-gryd Hazy Sour Cherry - Tour de Tokyo bandcamp.com/yum 3djx-6zsz Grrrl Gang - Dream Girl bandcamp.com/yum s7wf-yvhr Drinking Boys and Girls Choir - National Police Shit bandcamp.com/yum ejyw-jdu5 Non-Bandcamp The Messthetics - S/T www.dischord.com/redeem_promo (account required) 4ihrza8yUQEJ
  3. Must of got one of the last ones. Showing sold out for me too. Was there an hour ago. Picked up this and the Metz exclusive.
  4. Just ordered this at Bullmoose now. Still says "Colored Vinyl." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. So my union negotiated a shit deal last week and NYC blended learning kids are able to come back into the buildings on Sept 21st instead of Sept 10th. Doesn't change the fact that most of the school buildings in NYC are 50+ years old with no central HVAC systems and poor ventilation. So we "voted not to strike" and approved the deal so I have to report to my building tomorrow to prepare. I usually teach in a cinder block room that's more of a storage room with windows rather than an actual classroom. Also good luck to us getting these varying autistic kids to wear and keep on their masks. Thankful I have a good paying job and will most likely avoid any layoff by NYC but spending $400 on your own PPE and filtration system is no fun. Also when the kids come back I will be dressed in medical scrubs, a KN95 Mask filter system, and a face shield. Can't stand my union head and the mayor.
  6. I hung in here in Brooklyn throughout the worst of this and everything. Still fortunate only 1 family member I know of got COVID and beat it after a short hospital stay. I did the remote teaching for several months and as much as it sucked it was the right thing to do. Just took a 10 day camping trip throughout Vermont and New York (Adirondack Mountains/North Country) and had a blast. It got my mind off of all the social media and news craziness. Now I come back and I'm facing the prospect of gearing up for a teachers strike. If our mayor (who EVERYONE hates now) forces teachers back into the classroom here in our decrepit buildings, I will 100% support a strike. I never thought I may have to be part of one potentially, but here we are. I never hated someone I voted for so much. Thanks deBlasio.
  7. In reference to this specific series the Silver Anniversary (25th Anniversary) of Less Talk is next year. Today's Empires you're going to have to wait until 2026.
  8. Same for mine as well. Left LA only to go back to LA.
  9. Picked up a raid box and hoping for a test from either Polar Bear Club, Strike Anywhere, H2O, Crime In Stereo. You know bands in that vein...