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  1. Man loved this album in '06. Glad its finally getting pressed!
  2. That album doesn't get nearly the same love as Suffer and No Control is most definitely a better album IMO.
  3. I'd move to Canada for a multitude of reasons but that would not be one of them.
  4. Wish I sprung for the BSM variant. Definitely into this more than LP2 and a very much needed album in my life right now.
  5. I liked them back in the day because they had harder to find CDs, shirts, and eventually were decent on their vinyl exclusives at first. They had pretty good customer service, and a decent platform to track and add to your orders. I preferred more sales over their rewards system, but they also allowed for user reviews for n00bs in the punk music game who had no idea what was going on. Now it seems that they're in over their heads with a bunch of shit and are making excuses making it seem like they're trying to do right when they're not. I e-mailed them about the 88 Fingers Louie record that they said they shipped but didn't. It's one thing to never get around to an order but to lie about shipping and say nothing? Nah...I'm done. Filed my first Paypal claim and won in a span of two weeks.
  6. Why don't they just put these all up at once? Ugh.
  7. Ordered the Interpunk version of Behind Bars. Never got it so I filed a claim and got a refund. As for Back On The Streets, did anyone pick up an extra copy? Missed out because MerchNow is out of stock.
  8. I'd give it a go with whatever you ordered anyway. Paypal should recognize the name because they have a bunch of claims against them right now.
  9. Of course this thread dies once I actually get into the Premier League and post a lot less on this board. Any thoughts about this season?
  10. Anyone who hasn't received a record or money back from Interpunk just file a claim at this point. Don't even wait.