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  1. tiaa

    FS: Brand New Science Fiction CD 89/500

    @DecayToDeath yikes. Thanks for the warning.
  2. tiaa

    WTB: Right Away, Great Captain! Vinyl Trilogy

    I've been looking for this too, if anyone else is willing to sell. I'll wait til Mickey makes a deal first though.
  3. How many Canadians are on here? I can have parcels sent to upper NY state and run down to get them if enough people are interested...I'd have to figure out how much it would end up costing all together, but chances are it would be cheaper than HT shipping.
  4. The fact that shipping to even Canada is $30 is proof that Hot Topic has no idea what they're doing. I'll be waiting for eBay as it will undoubtedly be cheaper.
  5. Is the pre-order on February 2nd still set to commence at 12:00 EST? Also, has anyone determined what the final breakdown will be of variants? If I'm reading everything right: Procrastinate Now! (released through Triple Crown) version: 5000 copies, white vinyl, up for Pre-Order on various sites already. Academy Fight Song version: solid black [ ltd. 500 ] white/black marble [ ltd. 500] white/blue marble [ ltd. 500] white/orange marble [ ltd. 500] solid white [ ltd. 500 in select distributors TBA ] Is this still accurate? Is the solid white to select distro's being changed to a different colour now that PN! is using white? Is Hot Topic a completely new addition to this list or are they the select distro? If so, is it possible to order from Hot Topic online? If not can I arrange with someone to grab me one of those copies for cost of the record and shipping plus a bit to get a copy to me in Canada? Sorry to keep pouring the questions on RJ, I'm sure you're probably swamped right now with all of us badgering, but my OCD needs to have this clear haha.
  6. If anyone has this 7" I will pay top dollar/trade for it. I had a trade setup for one before but the other guy never sent me the record even once he received mine
  7. Hey, I need to pay some bills so I'm selling off some doubles/stuff I'm not too crazy about. PM all offers please. Thanks! Converge
  8. tiaa

    Terrible Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    I just posted this over at Deadformat (that's where I got in contact with him so I put it there first): Well, hate to have to add to this list, but adam19 is a bad trader. We agreed on a trade in late-May and I sent my record out first (on May 24th) since I initiated the trade. He confirmed receipt of the record on June 15th, and said he was going to ship mine out the following day. On July 13th I messaged him saying that the record hadn't arrived yet, and he said that he had the same problem with a "friend" of his and ended up having to send out his copy out of his personal collection to them. He told me that if I didn't receive the record by July 16th to let him know and he would send out his personal copy of my record. I offered to even pay for the shipping costs of sending it out again, and he has just failed to respond at all to me since then. I know he's not active on the forums, and neither am I really, but just thought I'd put his name out there as a warning to anyone who might come in contact with him. [b]Don't trade with adam19.[/b] This is referring to Adam Hersh, 9 Marlboro Lane, Bell Canyon, CA. Dude is not trustworthy and ripped me off.
  9. shit, missed the purple. now im missing is one colour of POI, POI TP, IDO TP and Purple HRP