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  1. Finally got my order that I put in on March 9th (shortly after I posted this comment). No tracking from International Webstore, but it was indeed orange vinyl.
  2. I got this in today. I put it on the turntable and spun the outer ring and while it did take some extra work to make sure it was centered properly, once I got it tracking with the needle just right I thought it actually sounded pretty good! Playing through a Project Debut Carbon w/ Ortofon 2M Blue, for reference.
  3. Try joining the Thrice FB group if you're on Facebook. I've seen at least 3 of these posters that have been sold there. Good luck.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/No-Trigger-Canyoneer/release/3235960
  5. Grabbed a deluxe bundle but I'm (happily) confused about the deluxe and regular LPs prices being the exact same. Wonder if that's a mistake.
  6. I wonder what will be at the Fat store opening tomorrow in SF. Anyone have any insight?
  7. Same. Was hoping the RUINER Splatter variant would be available to purchase after I saw their announcement about quantities. Bummer.
  8. Usually if they obi strips are clunky or are just inconvenient, I trash em. Plan to do that here.
  9. Looks like Orange is sold out via US Webstore, but is still available for Pre-Order via International. https://greenday.warnerartists.net/uk/insomniac-remastered-25th-anniversary-coloured-vinyl-2lp.html
  10. Just came here to say - rantrecords on IG... what a poor attitude to have. Jesus.

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