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  1. https://bestcoast.limitedrun.com/products/678531-limited-edition-signed-numbered-live-at-world-cafe-tigers-eye-vinyl-500-available
  2. According to Chris Conley, Can't Slow Down is in the works. Source: IG Comments.
  3. The tour press (Clear w/ Splatter) is the best sounding one. It's quiet and free of surface noise. I had the tri color at one point and every time the needle would graze the purple wax, there was so much surface noise. Tour press is the way to go if you're looking for the best sounding variant.
  4. Gonna have to email someone about a partial refund for no media mail on the mint / black
  5. According to Jeremy’s Podcast, everyone within the states who donated to the BLM Test Raffle got a Flexi. He said there were /550 of them.
  6. I use Google Chrome to watch on my MacBook Air and then Cast the browser to my TV (Google Chromecast) and it works perfectly.