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  1. If anyone wants to sell the key chain I'd be very interested in it. Pm Me!
  2. I have this and will trade. Sending you a pm
  3. Thanks for the answers everyone. That's kind of what I thought but I didn't want to miss anything over a stupid mistake. Thanks again.
  4. So this will be the first rsd I'll be participating in. My question is about where the new releases will be in the stores. Are they usually separated and placed together? Or placed in each bands genre? I only ask so I can check out where I need to get to ahead of time if they are placed under genre. I know that all store prolly don't do it the same but if you could let me know how they do it in your area it'll help me out. Thanks
  5. -after 7 years in a relationship and almost 2 married tonight will Prolly be the night we talk about divorce. It's not so bad splitting up a's much a's I love her but the 7 years of my life that now feel completely wasted. + absolfuckinlutely nothing.
  6. Im going to try and pick up moneen rsd but the 1st pressing is prolly the nicest packaging/color I've ever seen with a record. Some serious time was put in it and to see one go so cheap hurts my heart haha.
  7. I don't have the link but moneen the red tree just ended for 58 bucks, the cheapest it's been prolly ever and my dumbass slept in 18 minutes too late
  8. Willing to pay through the nose for Luxemborg non screen printed 7" /20 Another bag of bones red/black mix 7" /12 please pm me if your willing to deal!
  9. Lemme make this post better. Brand new iodine yfw (what's up with all those copies) Blink 182 toypaj (what's up with delay?) J bannon (what's up with the new Jane die print that looks like the rest?) Jack white tri color (what? You mean you weren't waiting at 6am?) There I'm feeling more comfortable in this thread already haha I need some more incubus in my collection.
  10. Hoobstank (hoobastunk) They Sure Dont Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To. so i went way back in itunes today and played this. anyone else dig it at all? if you havent heard it it has a huge horn section in 90% of the songs and im liking it a lot right now. the song fantasy reminds me of sonic the hedgehog level where your playing in a casino (for all you sega genisis players) from what i remember this cd was/is stupid expensive (150+) anyway. thought id share and get others thoughts. oh and before the hoobastank sucks comments check out this cd....it sure doesnt sound like them now. that is all
  11. Matt Pryor was ripping this list pretty hard last night in sf. What was funny though is he said he was on it 3 times and proceeded to play those three songs from lowest rank to highest. It was pretty cool to hear "Idaho" for once. His last song was "I'll catch you" and he thought that was his best emo song. He also said Helena was a good song and MCR pays James well so he can't say anything bad about them haha.
  12. I'd love a sleeve for Andrew Jackson jihad holiday inn gainsville. Lemme know.

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