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  1. You guys think it's worth waiting it out for a deluxe version?
  2. I had seen a similar design online somewhere, I photoshopped a version together and he whipped it up!
  3. Finally took a few pictures yesterday of my console that a friend built for me. (my full setup equipment list is in my profile - also, this is maybe 1/10th of my LPs)
  4. I'd be curious to know how much you're looking to get for that Hopesfall EP.

    1. Holderofthejoel


      It’s an LP. I’m looking for 50 plus shipping. 

    2. monk0nuggets


      I'm interested, but you caught me at a bad time. If you still have it in a couple weeks I might nab it.

    3. JayDOOM


      Do you still have this Hopesfall EP available? 

  5. Surprised to see the splatters are gone first. I got all the non-splatter options.
  6. Nabbed a trio. This new track is right in line with my expectations.
  7. Just noticed Firehouse 12 has Tomas Fujiwara's 2017 LP Triple Double up for preorder over at Bandcamp: "2x180gram white vinyl with colored swirls in gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves and download card. LP includes two bonus tracks that are only found on this vinyl release. " Out of 500. https://tomasfujiwara.bandcamp.com/album/triple-double
  8. Being that I haven't been around much in years past, I just realized this was added. Added mine.
  9. Yeah, weirdly it says nothing in my cart, but when I go to pay it reappears. Success!
  10. If you try to check out it appears that there is nothing in your cart. hmmmm
  11. I slept on this LP and have been watching Discogs for a few months now with no luck. Anyone looking to unload?