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  1. If anyone wants to sell their lime green pressing I'm willing to buy.
  2. I like thisss. Hopeful we see some US dates soon.
  3. More info here http://www.earache.com/index2.html
  4. "heavy metal is the cause of many forms of mental illness as well as lactose intolerance." according to Santorum http://tyrannyoftradition.com/2012/02/10/rick-santorum-declares-war-on-heavy-metal/
  5. So I searched MMA and UFC and couldn't find anything. Anybody here a fan of a little mixed martial arts? Guilty I just got into it but its pretty intense. Saw the Condit vs Diaz fight and was pretty surprised by all the negative feedback Condit got when to me it appeared he clearly won. I know there's been some discrepancies on the way UFC bouts are scored but I still feel the winner was pretty obvious. Again new to this sport so.... Happen to be excited about the Rashad Evans vs Jon Jones fight thou. Thoughts?
  6. I like to see bands grow/progress and yes some of AFI's progress does seem forced but not entirely. I truly think they wanted to go into the direction they've been pursuing and the change is natural to some extent. I recall people having this some issue with Thursday and their progression which I also enjoyed. Regardless I get where your coming from and people stop listening to bands all the time when their progress doesn't go the way they want. Can't make everyone happy I guess.
  7. ^ point taken. Still enjoyed their most recent and most of the stuff they released on their major yes is watered down with exception to Sing The Sorrow.
  8. People claim to hate this record because they hate this record. It is such a drastic change from Answer That and Very Proud. It is like asking a fan of Sick of it All why they don't like the new Maroon 5 album. I get this. Most bands do try to sound like their first record 17 years ago.
  9. Exactly. If people paid more attention to the midterm election than they did the general election, we might be looking at a better represented nation. All the republican candidates running for the nomination are extremely uninspiring. The only two that make/made any sense was Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman but Huntsman dropped out and Paul I can't help but think might be a racist and I don't agree with his massive take down of education. He is really old too which quite frankly doesn't settle with me especially after the whole Reagan "I don't remember exchanging weapons for hostages" during the Iran contra affair. The ghost of Reagan's dementia is something that shouldn't be seen again in the highest office again. Plus endorsements really don't mean a damn thing do they? I don't think so.
  10. Has anyone been following the republican debates so far? Its been pretty funny. All the nominees (for me) come across as animated cartoon characters. Just unrealistic but some issues that they have been talking about have got me thinking. The issue with Israel. Why Cuba is coming up in the debates now? All their views on Foreign policy and the whole ObamaCare/RomneyCare thing. Newt's crazy Space exploration ideas etc. Have any favorites?
  11. The trick is to drink another beings untainted urine and hope for the best.
  12. I thought Crash Love was a solid record. Not my favorite but certainly far from being horrible. Its amazing how many people claim to hate this record.