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  1. Break Anchor / Lawskof 7"s showed up yesterday, all orders through tonight go into a drawing to win a test pressing! www.undercomm.storenvy.com
  2. most likely, but also, all the pre-orders until the vinyl shows up go into a drawing to win a test pressing, so order in advance, and you might win one...so there's that.
  3. bumpage, also forgot to note that the test pressings have been approved. Covers should be here next week, just waiting on the vinyl.
  4. launched the pre-order for this 7" this week hear 2 of the songs from this split here at FORTHELOVEOFPUNK.com
  5. Hickey, next time I see one I'll buy it for you...in general any I have found used I've bought and found a home for via a few text messages.
  6. if you're east of the Mississippi, you really can't beat BU for the price/quality.
  7. Hey folks, Underground Communique will be releasing a new 4 song EP from the Chicago's the Sky We Scrape soon. We teamed up with the fine folks over at New Noise Magazine to premier a song off the record. This will be their first release since their LP came out on Paper + Plastick / Gunner Records in May 2013. Please check out “The Warmth of Other Suns” here: http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-song-stream-sky-scrape-the-warmth-suns/ http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-song-stream-sky-scrape-the-warmth-suns/ http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-song-stream-sky-scrape-the-warmth-suns/ More info to come as we get closer to the records arriving. RIYL: Small Brown Bike, Rise Against, Polar Bear Club, I Am the Avalanche
  8. Brand new 4 song 7" coming soon on Underground Communique Records 1 original, 1 cover from each band. Artwork by Jason Abraham Smith 169 miles is the distance between Cleveland and Detroit, where each band calls home. more info to come.
  9. Hey everyone, Our buddies in Sweet Cobra are going on tour in Europe, starting Starting this Thursday, June 12-21, 2014 with Auxes (Dave Laney from Milemarker's current band). They'll have their new split 7" with Get Rad with them as well. Here's the tour dates: Thurs 06/12/14 Kiel, Germany at Hansa 48 Fri 06/13/14 Hamburg, Germany at Størte Sat 06/14/14 Berlin, Germany at Schokoladen Sun 06/15/14 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic at Central Mon 06/16/14 Prague, Czech Republic at 007 Tues 06/17/14 Leipzig, Germany at Zoro Wed 06/18/14 Brno, Czech Republic at Boro Thurs 06/19/14 Vienna, Austria at Rhiz Fri 06/20/14 Bojkovice, Czech Republic at MisMas Fest Sat 06/21/14 Plzen, Czech Republic at Pod Lampou tour poster: http://on.fb.me/1o6vFP5
  10. I would email them and explain the situation, be nice, and they'll probably help you out.
  11. soon, the guy that hosts everythign is busy with his day job and also is having marital issues...so family takes precedent. Feel free to email me questions...all this info is in my head. [email protected]

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