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  1. if I could go back and kick my own ass for buying it for more than that...I would.
  2. Bumpdated - Still have Pee Wee / Gremlins if anyone wants em'. Hi guys, if this post is too off-topic feel free to lock it and ban me into oblivion. I haven't posted in a while but remember these being of interest to a lot of people. I'm getting married and purging some things, and these three Mondo prints can help me pay for half a wedding cake or something. I was very stupid in buying them on ebay and paid an embarassing amount for them. Here's what I have: $50 - OBO $75 - OBO SOLD $150 - OBO
  3. I know. I personally hate Record Store Day, but I have to pay my rent each month. The SRP is supposed to be set at $14.99 according to the COALITION. The worst part is the company I work for can easily self distribute this release enabling a more reasonable list price, but are forced to put it through another party (who marks it up) just to be an "OFFICIAL" title, and to appear on "THE LIST". I'm sure the price will drop, we ran 3000.
  4. Been very busy spending my time arguing with each and every pressing plant on the surface of planet Earth on a nearly hourly basis, while simultaneously wondering why I majored in music industry and didn't go to law school.
  5. I haven't posted on this site in over 6 months, but reading this made me miss several of you. <3
  6. www.fatbeats.com/thefutureisnow 400 on 3LP's with three different haze patterns, 100 on glow in the dark. Includes a bonus 7". Expected to arrive to us in the first week of December. Expensive, but we only wanted to do 500 and this was the only way to justify it. But it is a solid sturdy package that I think is worth it for the quantity available.
  7. For anyone who didn't already know, I work for Fat Beats and you are in good hands. All of the records are teal at this point.
  8. This would be more appropriate if I had any other records on deck but...
  9. It's sort of apples and oranges. I didn't license from a major label, which means I had a lot less pressure to deliver from a financial standpoint. Plus I don't do this for a living, and will likely not press another record ever again anyway. I had constant contact with Rory from The Militia Group (who I worked with on the Rufio record), Cartel's manager Rohan, and got a message from Will that I included on the insert. I never spoke to Will or anyone in the band directly. Now I'm wondering if those were even his words. I suspect Ross did the same thing I did, trusted their manager, and went about his business trying to be able to feed, shelter, and clothe himself by making money, and the band and/or their manager didn't communicate to each other all of the details. I'm not blaming them either, because they are human beings. I totally understand being bitter if they wanted to do their own version, but it seems more like a snooze ya lose situation.
  10. By the way, Cartel had NO IDEA that you did those test jackets. I hope they hated them. I think you need to give yourself 1000 lashes.
  11. LOL at everything and everyone, ever. The self-righteousness associated with this medium specifically is astounding, and the common idea that all bands are saints (yea man you are so creative and your lyrics changed my junior year of high school bro!) and all labels are evil is hilarious. Ross, you're in a tough position because you cater to an audience that buys into this silly false sense of morality. Go blame Sony/Epic for not caring enough to fill in Cartel if you're such noble soldiers. Go blame Cartel for signing a contract giving up control of their masters if this is so unfair. Or don't buy Ross's record. But this laughable notion that anything was done in poor taste (fuck legality, which is not an issue) is just a goofy sentiment. Ross went out of his way to make them aware and to me that's more than most do. And guess what? Licensing a record is NOT HARD. Look how many "labels" there are doing it. They had, I don't know, TEN YEARS? to secure the rights to do their own version. This is why I only buy records from soul singers that died 50 years ago at this point. ...and the Paranorman score.
  12. Charity tests are up. GKersey does it again: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291118664305?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  13. I just saw this. I have a ton of extra jackets, I can send you one.
  14. Doesn't look like the Danny Brown 2LP + 7" will be done in time. I went 4 for 5, not terrible.
  15. we will take: A) Bag of pucks 3rd round pick / becomes second if team wins 1 playoff round. He's done his job, seems to want to play next year and it will not be in NJ. Might as well get a pick if the whole "stay in NJ forever" thing is not possible at this point. His legacy will be unphased by this.
  16. Figured I'd do one last bump: I have one pick/pack/ship position available in Canoga Park CA if anyone in the SFV needs a job.
  17. I forgot all about this. It's funny how many "labels" shit the bed with pressing a record. Pressing records is not hard. at all. Living within your means and in reality on Earth apparently is though.

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