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  1. Bump. Still some good Fat records available at the threads linked to in the first post.
  2. Bump. Now helping another friend sell some rare Fat records. Links to both sales threads are in the first post.
  3. Bump. Looking for 3 more versions of the first Fat Music for Fest People 10" comp. Also helping a friend sell some records. Link in first post as mentioned in the first post and thread title. Points for completeness.
  4. My TT order arrived today and it's the same as the green pictured above.
  5. Great Bear lovin' dude, this guy. Buy his stuffs.
  6. For reference. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/111181-fs-most-of-my-collection-get-it-now-all-records-great-condition/?p=2236063
  7. This guy messaged me on Dead Format this morning and tried to sell me a couple records on my want list. The back and forth we had just didn't feel right. I asked for pics and he sent me images that were obviously pulled from the net and a quick Google Images search confirmed it. He also mentioned not being all together because his dad had recently died. Googling his email address led me to this thread. Sorry to those that have gotten scammed by him.
  8. Bump. Updated want list and noted Lagwagon - Hang SE available for trade.
  9. CD prices reduction bump. Down to $1.50. Let's get 'em gone.
  10. Pre-holiday bump. Lots of CDs for sale still. Will make deals. Help me finish my Fat collection! Listed wants in first post.