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  1. Ordered the live Replacements 3xlp from Bull Moose. No risk really since they don't charge til the ship date. Would be real rad if it goes through without getting canceled though.
  2. Got the Craig Finn 2xlp and John Prine 7" from 1234. Missed out on the Prine box set again. They're reissuing all 4 albums individually though next month, so I'll probably just snag them that way.
  3. Ordered the /300. The acoustic Souls sets I've managed to catch live are always great. Excited to hear these.
  4. Only really wanted the Cursive lp but had to get to 25$ for free shipping. Ended up filling my cart with 14 additional albums and spent 90$ total 😆. Placed it yesterday afternoon and no cancelations yet, so we'll see
  5. Ordered the indie from Bullmoose, along with indie variant of The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most. $39 shipped for both wasn't too shabby.
  6. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/sonic-youth-boris-more-artists-with-new-bandcamp-special-releases-out-today/
  7. The 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath's iconic sophomore album, Paranoid, is coming up in September, and the band is celebrating with the release of a vinyl box set. Paranoid: Super Deluxe Edition features a wide variety of material spread across a total of five LPs, beginning with Paranoid itself, and a rare 1974 quad mix of the album, folded down to stereo. The other 3 LPs in the set were compiled from two separate concerts from its release year, 1970, one in Montreaux and the other in Brussels; this is the first time they'll be pressed onto vinyl Pre-order - released on: 10/9/202 https://store.rhino.com/artist/black-sabbath/paranoid-super-deluxe-edition.html
  8. Indie exclusive up at Bull Moose if anyone's interested. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34654964/touché-amoré-lament-aqua-blue-vinyl-indie-exclusive No charge til its shipped and anything over $30 ships free
  9. Going to grab the Deathwish color, whatever it turns out to be. Easier and quicker being on the east coast and I have more faith in them then Kings Road.
  10. $9 lps up on the site now. pretty much everything except the super new stuff. https://fatwreck.com/collections/sale/lp
  11. my copy shipped yesterday and should arrive tomorrow. real excited to spin this one. between this and the new Lawrence Arms it's a great week for releases.
  12. They had this for sale at the Dollar Store here in my town. It was super weird to see. It wasn't a dollar, I think they wanted 19.99, but it still made me laugh.
  13. New song/video for "Last, Last Words." A Chris tune!