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  1. I ordered a black copy last month from Bullmoose cause the Mountain Blast was sold out and wasn't too concerned with the color. They emailed me today and said they were shipping soon but found some extra color copies and let me change it for no charge if I would like. Really great of them 👏
  2. John Prine, Replacements, Life Aquatic, Ocean's Eleven Maybe the Alkaline Trio if its more than just a reissue.
  3. 2nd press up at Cold Cuts. same variants, but the baby blue is available now as a stand alone without the bundle
  4. 4/30/21 release via Counter Intuitive records http://www.counterintuitiverecords.com/products/697303-origami-angel-gami-gang-preorder UK: https://bsmrocks.com/collections/pre-order/products/origami-angel-gam Newbury exclusive: https://www.newburycomics.com/products/origami_angel-gami_gang_exclusive_2lp?variant=39465620504756 Pressing Information 1st Press 2x12": AB: Black, CD: White w Black Splatter /200 AB: Black, CD: White w Black Cornetto /300 AB: Black, CD: White w Black Marble /300 (Newbury Comics Exclusive) AB: Black, CD: White
  5. I'd imagine its just a mistake, I hope. Seems like they just uploaded it wrong? And no problem! Happy to help.
  6. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34936156/ship-thieves-irruption-amped-non-exclusive
  7. I'd check some of bigger indie shops for a copy. Chunksaah posted that mom and pop stores would be getting them. I ordered mine from Bullmoose. Zia Records also has it https://www.ziarecords.com/p/12892501/ship-thieves-irruption-amped-non-exclusive
  8. Interested to see when these will ship. The bandcamp descriptions say mid-May but the confirmation email says July.
  9. Got the half & half splatters for all three albums. Pumped.
  10. Curious if this is going to be all 4 lps. Their website has a link that says Bandcamp Vinyl Reissues and lists each one. https://linktr.ee/AWilhelmScream Either way, im ready!
  11. Bullmoose sent an email saying their exclusives are delayed now until the end of May.
  12. They must have changed it back. Both listings had 10" in the title for some time.
  13. New song: *edit: preorder up now. Cloudy and Splatter variants. Looks like you can only get the Splatter through the bundle. https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/chunksaahrecords

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