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  1. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/pkew-pkew-pkew Out May 13. Vinyl shipping in June. Orange w/ black splatter/ 100 Bone /700 New single "Maybe Someday" up on streaming.
  2. I ordered through my local indie retailer and they had coke bottle listed as the color but then I got this email earlier today: "Our vendor is now showing this as green vinyl and no longer coke bottle colored vinyl. As always, that is subject to change as well." So we'll see, I guess
  3. did they jack up the prices before announcing the discount? I know prices are going up across the board but $28 single lps seems way high to me.
  4. Indie exclusive is listed as Gold. Not sure if thats different than the Gold Explosion version
  5. Target showing a 10/1 release day now. Was supposed to be out today. We'll see, i guess.
  6. Went with the Target exclusive, comes with some cool extras: Target Exclusive includes Orange Crush Vinyl, exclusive poster, and exclusive printed sleeve.
  7. New Copyrights lp up. "Alone in a Dome." Out Oct 22, vinyl ships in Jan. Track Listing 1 Part of the Landscape 2 Halos 3 Stuck in the Winter 4 Pretender 5 No Dissertation 6 Tell Molly 7 Before Midnight 8 No Such Thing as Grownups 9 That One Week 10 Brush Off 11 Enemies 12 On Division https://fatwreck.com/collections/vinyl/products/alone-in-a-dome
  8. https://store.johnprine.com/products/john-prine-fair-square-lp-limited-irish-edition-vinyl John Prine's Grammy Award-winning album Fair & Square will be available October 1st in three editions as a double LP for the first on vinyl time in sixteen years. This is a new pressing (with a new lacquer that sounds amazing) made in Detroit at Third Man Record Pressing. Exclusively on the John Prine and Oh Boy Records store, the "Irish Edition" 180 gram double LP will feature green and orange vinyl and an exclusive matte jacket with embossed text on the front cover.
  9. "I am so thrilled to let you all know first that my fifth record, Blood Harmony, is finished. It is currently being pressed on vinyl and CD, and will be released worldwide on October 22nd!" Here's the cover art: First single "Sandy Sheets" on Friday 7/30. Side A 1. Northstar 2. Sandy Sheets 3. Hanalei 4. Plagiarist 5. Gary Side B 6. Surfboard 7. Leave it in that Dream 8. Snowglobe 9. Carry the Lantern 10. Little Wings VINYL SHIPS BY OCTOBER 22
  10. Had a buddy in Milwaukee who happened to be in Chicago today pick me one up. Looks to be on clear vinyl.
  11. Definitely digging this. Not quite the sound I imagined but im way into it. Will be pre-ordering for sure.
  12. I canceled my outstanding pre-orders i had with them. Will find another brick & mortar store to shop at locally or online.