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  1. They went on a "hiatus for the foreseeable" future back in Oct 2017
  2. Guess they fixed their mistake cause the 2x lps are $18 now. Bummer.
  3. Same. Was really only looking for Green Day and MCR.
  4. http://vvinyl.com/shop/045778765010?search=Thrice *edit. Sorry dude, this was in stock when I posted it then literally changed to sold out
  5. Vintage Vinyl has a good amount of stuff too http://vvinyl.com/shop/rsd19
  6. Went over to my store around 1pm and got nearly everything I was looking for. Thrice Menzingers Bad Religion Julien Baker Only couldn't find Green Day and the Pietasters, but I think they'll pop up online tomorrow. Might snag Soccer Mommy and MCR if I can find them at a decent price.
  7. Instant purchase. 75$ shipped isn't horrible either for 3 double LPs and a custom box.
  8. Rough Trade will probably have the biggest selection.
  9. I ordered from Amazon and have no idea what color is showing up but I know it'll be here Friday. The /4000 would make the most sense.
  10. Placed 3 separate orders for the new American Football, new Get Up Kids, and a While Reaper lp. Also excited about the 3 airheads coming my way.
  11. Got my lp today, looks and sounds great. Real happy to finally have a copy of this.