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  1. Don Giovanni Records is having a sale over at their site until the end of Friday (8/4), a lot of good stuff from Screaming Females, Waxahatchee, Moor Mothers, Tenement, Vacation, etc. http://dongiovannirecords.11spot.com/sale.html
  2. Copies are up at Forced Exposure https://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/grouper-paradise-valley-7-/GR.015.7.html
  3. First 5 CDs in order of purchase WWF the music vol. 3 WWF the music vol. 4 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication Sugar Ray - 14:59 Barenaked Ladies - Rock Spectacle First 5 vinyl (I only bought seven-inches for quite some time) Swank/Jersey split 7" Potshot - Stay Natural 7" NOFX - 13 Stitches NOFX - Fuck the kids NOFX - Surfer (the latter four were in a shoebox that our family cat peed in and the sleeves got destroyed. Always put your records in plastic, folks)
  4. Hey there, I am looking to buy a copy of VCR's - 3D EP cassette, if anyone is willing to sell a copy. I'm ready and willing to for shipping from Canada, if need be. Just message me. Thanks. e*n*d*
  5. "Hold your eyes" is a sexy funk jam that needed to be on wax for the dance clubs and my headphones. That justifies this pressing alone. But that price! Tack on a Shrinkie Dinx 7" and more MgGrath pube photos like on the cd booklet and maybe I'd pay that much.
  6. I'm just on here to rep Gloss Records, a great tape label from my home state of Wisconsin. Lot's of great music from the Midwest. Figured some of you folks might enjoy it. http://www.glossrecords.us/ http://glossrecords.bigcartel.com/
  7. Anyone else have trouble with CCmusic just canceling an order on the basis of "credit approval"? They sent me an e-mail saying that the order didn't meet credit approval (used a debit card), so I called them and they said my orders were getting blocked because my credit union was blocking them and that I needed to be present -- in person at the credit union -- to verify the orders. They said in order to fix this problem I needed to make a three-way call between the manager of the credit union, the manager of accounting at CCMusic, and myself. I called my credit union and the lady working there said she had never heard of any company ever doing that. She also said that the orders were fine on their end and that CCMusic was the one cancelling the purchase and putting money from the order back in my account. I've been making the same order (Numero Group stuff, etc.) over and over again several times for the past 2 weeks and every time its the same thing. Anyone have this problem and lucky enough to fix it?
  8. Hey, I'm looking for Tenement's 9 demo tracks that were on bandcamp a while back under their split with Screaming Females. They took down 6 of them. E-mailed the band and they mentioned they don't have the wav. files to send. Have e-mailed a bunch of other people who don't have them; curious if anyone on the vinyl collective board has them in order to send to me. Of course, I'll throw $10 at Tenement through their bandcamp and whoever sends me the files will be compensated too. PM me. Thanks

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