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  1. Hey everyone - excited to come back here and let you know we have a selection from the Music For Everyone compilation now available on 7" opaque blue vinyl. It's available in the TBS webstore. Featuring 4 new songs and a download card. All proceeds from this go to the ACLU. Track List: 1. Taking Back Sunday - Just A Man 2. Answering Machine - City Of Glass 3. James Dewees & John Nolan - Believe In Me 4. Modern Chemistry - The Overthinker http://www.shopbenchmark.com/takingbacksunday/catalog/product/view/id/29452/s/various-artists-music-for-everyone-vol-1-7-blue-vinyl/ If you haven't heard the compilation, it's available at https://musicforeveryone.bandcamp.com/releases
  2. Hey guys - just struck out trying to get Brian Fallon's Georgia 10". I'm sure it's already been requested and I'm low on the list, but if anyone comes across one, let me know.
  3. I feel like I SHOULD lie and say there is, but unfortunately not, haha. All of those tests went out in previous promos like this. I don't even have any personal ones!
  4. Hey guys - Got a big year planned, so I'm trying to unload some back stock. I just marked down a bunch of stuff in the webstore. We have under 10 copies of the new Nolan stuff left. Less than 10 of the peach variant of The Acoustic Sessions as well. John Nolan - Sad, Strange Beautiful Dream LP - now $15 John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Bootleg - now $15 John Nolan for President T-Shirt - now $15 Noise & Rhythm - Ornamental - now $5 John Nolan - Songs I Wrote - now $10 John Nolan - The Acoustic Sessions - now $10 Hailey, It Happens - Aurora $1 CCR T-Shirts - now $10 All 7"s are now $5. Spend $25 or more and use the code VC2016 for free shipping. I also will be giving out signed posters (from all CCR artists, including Cassino) and test presses in random orders. LINK IS HERE PS - If you haven't seen it yet, I just released Call To Arms: Volume 2 to benefit Feeding America. Check that out and download it here
  5. Bump. New Cassino song on my Call To Arms: Volume 2. It's an acoustic version of a new song off of their new EP. Check it out at www.collectiveconfusionrecords.bandcamp.com Good things are on the way!
  6. Hey guys. New tunes from CCR friends, including a brand new acoustic Cassino tune off their upcoming EP. 100% of the proceeds for this release will be donated to Feeding America. At Feeding America, 98% of all donations go directly to helping those in need. Feeding America's network provides over 3.7 billion meals to 1 in 7 Americans in need of healthy foods to help them live more secure and stable lives. Call To Arms 2 features brand new tracks from friends new and old. Check out the tracklisting below. 1. Cassino - Bottlenecker (Acoustic) 2. Brian Bonz - Apparitions (Live) 3. John Nolan - The Devil Doesn't Care 4. Old Flings - Funeral Mixtape (Acoustic) 5. Rae Fitzgerald - Jackal II 6. Gameday Regulars - The Punisher 7. Travis Hayes - Empty Orchestra (Acoustic) 8. Chris Farren - Desperate Kingdom of Love 9. Tea & Water - Change Your Mind 10 - JD Fetcho - I Dreamt You Were A Singer 11 - Jared Hart - The Leo 12 - Noise and Rhythm - Crown Heights Grab it at www.collectiveconfusionrecords.bandcamp.com Thanks to Flesh and Bone Design for the artwork! PS - for those who don't know, Tea & Water is Dave from Firework's side project
  7. All gone. Just a handful of bootlegs left online... I'll have a few copies at Starland of both this weekend for TBS' Holiday Pop-Up-Shop. I'm also bringing some odds and ends from old releases (Cassino prints, Nolan posters, etc), some signed stuff, and every release I still have in stock. If you're in the NJ area, come by!
  8. Gotta love VC, ask for a favor, get it covered within an hour.
  9. Hey guys, I'm putting together Call To Arms Volume 2. I thought I had the artwork all lined up but it fell through. It's a great tracklist with bunch of musicians this board is big on. Any designers out there want to help me put this together? I'm thinking something very simple, with my logos etc. It's a charity compilation, with 100% going to Feeding America. So, this work would be considered a donation. Anyway, if you want to help out let me know and I'll get you more details. Thanks! Mike Call To Arms 2 coming before the New Year!
  10. Got back to everyone that PM'ed - I'm actually not sure which variant. I deleted my first order confirmation (which is how I ended up ordering again). There's a line if it's clear, and Juan is the only one that has asked if it's purple. When it arrives, depending on which variant I'll be in touch.
  11. So, it looks like I ordered two copies of this from Polyvinyl by accident. If anyone wants a copy let me know. Not even sure if that version is sold out or not.
  12. There's a chance there's a second label cleanly attached to the record underneath the bad labels. It's happened to me with a record I did in the past. All I did was peel off the labels with air bubbles and everything was cool. I'd say check on that before gluing extra labels on there.
  13. On the way to you, Thomas! Thanks again. In other news - this is basically SOLD OUT. I'm waiting for the last few copies to make their way to their new homes, then I will be putting up another 3-4 copies in the webstore. Once that's gone, these are gone forever. I'll update this thread before I put them up. Thanks again everyone for the support.
  14. Sorry if anyone was confused by that package. I'm happy to keep exchanging until I run out of colored copies. I'll throw in some extra goodies as well for the trouble. Email me [email protected] if you want to take me up on it. To the guy that didn't get shipping confirmation - don't be worried, they've been all sent out. But if you want the tracking # or anything just email me and I'll get it to you.
  15. Sounds like a mixup wherever you read - I have a few more colored copies. If you want to exchange email me. I won't be able to ship until the first week of Sept though.
  16. Ok cool. Thanks for understanding. Did you order the vinyl + boot package? Those were for the black vinyl.
  17. Everything should have been packed tight with a cardboard insert... Send me an email. Sorry about that.
  18. I dropped off every pledge and order placed in my store (as of this second) yesterday. If you ordered just vinyl it was shipped media, vinyl and a shirt were shipped priority. Any orders placed from here on out will be shipped after Labor Day. I'll be on the road with John for the entirety of the tour. We'll have copies of the record and the bootleg available, and possibly some of the older records if the space allows for it. Looking forward to seeing some of you out there!
  19. If you pledged, you'll be getting the PM exclusive - they're not all red but they all came out really great. Most are kinda translucent with dark haze/smoke. There are shades of brown/yellow, red, and green. The ones in the store are the standard black vinyl. I may throw in some extra stuff I have left over, as always. For the bootleg - the only difference is the cover/print that comes alongside it. The design shown on the page is the color scheme you'll get. These are actually a LITTLE bit rarer than the PM exclusive.
  20. I apologize we couldn't get these out by the release date, but after a few hiccups, all of the pieces are finally here. Orders will start shipping out tomorrow, with the goal to have all of the pledges out the door by Monday. Keep in mind I'm one guy here, so please be patient. For those of you who slept on the campaign, there are only about 20 copies of this in the store. If you want it and can't make it to the tour, grab it quick.