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  1. $30 and free shipping, including international (I only tested the UK though).
  2. Sale at Rhino. Ends today (Dec. 8th). https://store.rhino.co.uk/uk/sale.html Not a huge amount of stuff, but the Earth Vs The Wildhearts reissue is reduced and there is a whopping £0.20 off The Queen Is Dead.
  3. This has been available digitally for a while, but the vinyl is due soon. He only posts on Instagram, so expect the announcement to be made there. https://www.instagram.com/cloudkickermusic/?hl=en https://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/album/unending
  4. Epitaph USA are claiming 20% of and free shipping, but I can only get it to give me free shipping. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/ Nothing on the EU site
  5. Rival Records in Leeds have a few hundred items on their Ebay page with up to 50% off. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sme/rival-records/Save-up-to-50/so.html?_seedid=264459753155&_soffType=SaleEvent&_soffid=5657499600&_trksid=p2047675.m2197
  6. It's $11 ($3.67 an item) , which sounds reasonable-ish, but they don't seem to be aware that when you buy more, the cost per item should come down significantly. When there's a sale on, you might want to splash out. However, 5 single LPs is $17 ($3.40) and 10 single LPs would be $32 ($3.20 each). I would expect the cost of 10 items to be less than $1 an item (in the USA). Their international shipping costs are par for the course for an item or two, but again if you want to splash out, they quickly become 50% and rising above other large international sellers. NB Europe ship all over Europe (except Germany where they are based and it is cheaper) for less than $12 for as many items as you want. It's the other way around to the USA and seems to me to be more representative of the actual cost to them.
  7. This level of understatement automatically qualifies you for the Great Britain & Northern Ireland Olympic 'playing things down and generally not making a fuss' team. How the hell do they expect to sell anything at those prices?
  8. @Dave Grohl - any insider information on European distribution? Nothing on BSM or Hobbledehoy. If there's a tour variant, is there anyone who can get me one?
  9. Not a deal again; just looking for some help. The Rhino UK store: https://store.rhino.co.uk/uk/ says free delivery for orders over £25 on pretty much every page on the site, but when I try and check out, it charges me delivery. I have used the site before and free delivery worked fine. You don't have to register or commit to anything before you can see the postage cost, so can people test this out and see if it is just me or if it is trying to rip off everyone? Thanks.
  10. British cellist Jo Quail playing with Thomas Hedlund at this year's Hellfest. She's great; I saw her support (and play with on Rioseco) Caspian in 1995. She also has new vinyl out: https://joquail.bandcamp.com/album/exsolve-vinyl-remastered-and-with-extra-track-plus-sheet-music-for-maquette-for-solo-cello
  11. The colour 'Live and Loud' was sold at Sound of Vinyl and Recordstore.co.uk. It looks like they won't be getting this: https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/MTV-Unplugged-In-New-York/69QV0000000
  12. An OP goes for many pounds on Discogs, but one of my favourite records of my teenage years (and a record better than everything that falls under the Britpop umbrella) has been reissued. Exclusive to Rhino UK: https://store.rhino.co.uk/uk/exclusives/earth-vs-the-wildhearts.html
  13. An album of electronic music inspired by the songs of endangered birds from Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean.