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  1. 5 year anniversary pressing on black & silver. Limited to 600 copies. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/chelsea-wolfe/products/abyss-12-vinyl https://evilgreed.net/collections/chelsea-wolfe/products/chelsea-wolfe-abyss-2xlp
  2. They don't pack very well and so sleeves can easily get damaged in the post. They also don't seem to check what they are sending out, so sleeves get sent out already damaged. Neither of these are unique to KR EU. Their customer service is hit and miss. They are bang average as large merch companies go.
  3. https://archive.beggars.com/buffalo-tom-birdbrain-30th-anniv/ Probably cheaper elsewhere. Bill & Pearl Jam playing Taillights Fade:
  4. So it does - I didn't read anything but the tracklist before I went into a 'buy but get it cheapest' frenzy. So far, Norman have the best price that I've found for people in the UK. Not sure I'll buy a boxed set just for Modulate and a bunch of other so-so albums that are already out on vinyl.
  5. I have finally given up on the possibility of their being a studio version of After All The Roads Have Led To Nowhere. The full electric live version does the song no justice at all. They used to play it with Bob on acoustic guitar, David on bass and Malcolm on tambourine and it is one of the best things the band ever did. I once had it on a cassette bootleg that I lost 20 years ago. Have been looking for it online ever since. Still getting this, mind. Bob rocked in those days. Would've liked a Modulate vinyl press for completion though.
  6. Are any other Essentials subscribers getting emails asking if you are willing to swap this months release (Buena Vista Social Club) for store credit? I got one a few days ago and now I have one that says they will give me store credit plus 20%. Looks like it has been oversold like they (used to?) do with airline seats.
  7. https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/787122 What happened with Emetic Records is a bit of a mystery. They told Discogs that none of the items they released were authorised by the rights holders (direct quote from Discogs management in the above thread). However, at the same time they were telling Discogs this, they were still selling some of these items in their own store. Also, some bands sold Emetetic records releases while they were on tour, so the bands must have considered them to be legit.
  8. It's not cheap, but it's up at Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Light-Shine-Limited-Clear-Swirl/dp/B089LYGVTF
  9. Haven't seen this posted on here. $50 / £40 4LP set: https://anthrax.com/persistence-of-time-30th-anniversary-edition/ I do like this record, but I hope they have done something a bout the terrible plonking bass sound on it. It's probably beyond a mere remaster, though.
  10. That's a shame. Dark Operative being unable to get records pressed would have been a tiny upside of all this.
  11. March 27th https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mould-180g-Clear-Vinyl-VINYL/dp/B084W685WY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=bob+mould+vinyl&qid=1583423262&sr=8-1
  12. All five Sugar releases (Copper Blue, Beaster, File Under Easy Listening, Besides and the Joke Is Always On Us, Sometimes) along with three solo albums (Bob Mould / Hubcap, The Last Dog And Pony Show and Silver Age) are all being reissued by Demon Records in the UK on clear vinyl except for Silver Age which will be on silver vinyl. Hubcap and TLDAPS haven't been pressed since their original release and copies go for a pretty penny. The rest are ten a penny.
  13. For any crazy Europeans, it's available in the UK store too: https://store.rhino.co.uk/uk/music/exclusives/1970-the-complete-fun-house-sessions-15lp-box-set.html
  14. UK: https://the-kundalini-genie.bandcamp.com/album/11-11 USA: https://littlecloudrec.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-kundalini-genie-11-11-pre-order Sounds like The Stone Roses to me, but I'm not an SR fan, so what do I know.