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  1. 28 minutes ago, stl_ben said:

    Heck I would even be happy if TheFutureEmbrace was just finally on spotify.  Don't make me get out my CDs!

    I really like TheFutureEmbrace as well. I’ve never gotten around to listening to Zwan for some reason, but I listened to that solo album so much when it came out. 

  2. 2 hours ago, OU818 said:

    the teaser is all Brother Sister including the colors of the original tour's poster. Plus Palladium upstairs isn't really a "farewell tour" venue for a band like this. (please don't make me drive to Philly in the winter)

    Yeah. I had heard as well that, since Aaron is already teaching, that these last two tours were going to have to fall within his breaks from school. So, a short Brother, Sister tour during winter break, then the full US farewell tour during summer break. 

  3. 10 hours ago, dirkrondo said:

    Apparently all of the orders through Electric Fetus got signed covers. A pleasant surprise when I opened mine up.

    Yeah, same. I was surprised when I opened it up, then looked back through email confirmations to see if I had known it was going to he signed, but couldn’t find anything about it. Pretty cool surprise. 

  4. Huh, if I'm reading things right, does the cassette tape version include extra songs? It specifically mentions 5 b-sides where none of the others phrase it that way. If you click on the hyperlinked portion of the description of the cassette, it shows 5 songs that are in addition to the songs on Kid Amnesia. 




    The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

    Trans-Atlantic Drawl

  5. 19 minutes ago, Jesus Of Suburbia said:

    That's true haha! Looks like whoever was in the warehouse that day just took the box they came in from the manufacturer and just slapped a shipping label on it and called it a day. It wasn't taped shut or anything when it arrived and it had a PO sticker on the side saying how many the box contained and what the box had inside.

    Haha! How many are actually in the box?


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