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  1. Mid-may https://takethistoheartrecords.limitedrun.com/products/695547-saves-the-day-in-reverie
  2. Counter on Merchnow says there are 10 products, but there are only 2 shown on the Thursday's page. Looks like 8 hidden.
  3. /500 https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/descendents/product/19539/9th-walnut-half-whitehalf-aqua-blue-vinyl
  4. Imagine bulling people for music tastes on a music forum. I started to listen to Underoath at the age of 30 and have no shame about it. That's a nice band.
  5. If you're into TOCS but feel that you might like something heavier, listen to The Changing of times. This was the last album they recorded with an old screamer Dallas, who prefer heavier vocals. I recommend you to listen to the older albums ONLY if you will like TCOT. If you want to listen to something similar to TOCS, then you will definitely like Define the Great Line. Further albums... I will avoid word "trash", but they are just different. Many people like them tho.
  6. Ok, that was actually funny. But other sentences were just an unnecessary humiliation. Not cool at all man.
  7. What an idiot I am. Why I thought that it will be Saturday? Bought from Amazon. Looking forward for EU variant.
  8. Knew that boxset for 20$ was pretty sus. Now we know the reason.
  9. Wow that's 6 am on Saturday in my place. Gotta set an alarm if other limited variants are going up the same time. Also all these colors are kinda boring except the EU one.
  10. I was asking Victory records (part of another label now) on IG whether they have plans to reissue some anniversary vinyl and they answered that they will do it next year.
  11. I have a strange feeling that I already saw that comment not far ago. Is it what people call deja vu?

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