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  1. I ordered Finch in November and recently droped them email to get some info on delivery date. Response was the following: "we are attempting to figure out the issue that caused this hiccup in our system". So they just lost it inside the CRM system. After that they sent me my order in this shitty white box without padding and 3 corners got bent because of that
  2. https://stores.allotment.pro/la-dispute/product/here-hear-iv-12-vinyl-red-w-blue-green-split/
  3. Her name is Toni Tiller and this is what she looks like 20 years later: But I imagined something like this (AI generated)
  4. Got mine today without any shipping nitification. Also I reveived only 1 instead of 2.
  5. You two must meet in Tokyo, take a photo and upload it here! Also October is an awesome month to visit Japan, I travelled all over the country several years ago.
  6. Colored is sold out but you still can buy it for 10$ more here: https://experiencevinyl.com/products/oppenheimer-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-3x-vinyl-lp
  7. Thinking of you Juan during this difficult time. I know there are no words that can ease your pain. Just know that we always be here for you no matter what.
  8. Deathwish is live. All the varians are shown + pressing info: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/converge/products/converge-the-dusk-in-us-deluxe-1 First Press 104 x White (Friends & Family) 312 x Clear w/ Black & White Splatter (Deathwish) 313 x Red / Neon Green / Blue 3 Color Striped (Kings Road) 307 x Silver / Black Mix (Closed Casket Activities) 507 x Transparent Yellow w/ Black Splatter (Rev) 512 x Black in Clear (P15) (Project M) 744 x Neon Green w/ Neon Magenta Splatter (Newbury Comics 1) 747 x Neon Purple w/ Neon Orange Splatter (Newbury Comics 2) 1012 x Red w/ Blue & Neon Green Splatter (Epitaph) ∞ x Gold Nugget Pardon my ignorance but what is "Project M"?
  9. Rammstein is an awesome and unique band. And you just spreading your negativity all around in every single topic. Almost all your messages are written with a negative note. This spoils the joy of releases for other users. Contribute something to the board other than complains and negative energy.
  10. Dude just complaining and crying about everything in every topic, just leave him alone
  11. Some elements of Rammstein's show are meant to shock and provoke. Just because you didn't understand something or didn't like it doesn't mean it's "awful".

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