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  1. agreed! Nothing but positive experiences with their stores/staff
  2. I have no 0 info to back up the claim I'm about to make - but my guess is it will be in store only for Bullmoose to start (who knows for other retailers)
  3. Looks like Bullmoose (and likely other indie stores) are getting glow in the dark mixed in with the black variants. (could this be the "blue" in their latest FB post?)https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28095180/smashing-pumpkins-shiny-and-oh-so-bright-vol-1-limited-version-1-10-randomly-mixed-glow-vinyl-w-bl-poster
  4. Indeed a black variant is coming according to BullMoose -
  5. Clear Blue w/ Blue,Yellow & Red Splatter
  6. Ordered mine from Walmart on the day they went up and received it on Thursday (8/9)
  7. Just did a track by track back to back listen and struggled to find anything audibly different in the BSN Digital Remasters (and I'd like to think I have some pretty good headphones for this kind of thing). So for anyone who has the listened to the Digital Remasters - Can anyone point me to some good timestamps that are distinct differences from the original digital release?
  8. I honestly think it will be the blue splatter one because I heard/saw various threads saying the blue one started really low in available units to buy on merchnow, and the blue clear one specifically says 1000 world wide, while the cloudy clear one does not. But that's all I'm going off of. But to your point, the price definitely lends itself to double black LPs
  9. For sale on SRC - https://www.srcvinyl.com/circa-survive-blue-sky-noise-remastered-lp.html
  10. Bullmoose will update us soon! -
  11. and a listing on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Noise-Remastered-Circa-Survive/dp/B07DY289ZG/
  12. Damn LethalenForcer - just came on to say the same haha! Also Walmart - https://www.walmart.com/ip/Blue-Sky-Noise-Remastered-Vinyl-Remaster/143003205