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  1. https://www.memory-music.net/products/650443-anthony-green-would-you-still-be-with-strings
  2. Has anyone that ordered not received a shipping notification yet? Or have most of you already received them? I'm personally still waiting for a shipping notice and am curious what most people are experiencing?
  3. Up on the Dangerbird Site now - - Carnavas 2 x LP - Brown Translucent Colored Vinyl - http://store.dangerbirdrecords.com/products/650210-silversun-pickups-carnavas-2-x-lp-brown-translucent-colored-vinyl - Neck of the Woods 2 x LP - Yellow Translucent Colored Vinyl - http://store.dangerbirdrecords.com/products/650212-silversun-pickups-neck-of-the-woods-2-x-lp-yellow-translucent-colored-vinyl - Swoon 2 x LP - Red Translucent Colored Vinyl - http://store.dangerbirdrecords.com/products/650211-silversun-pickups-swoon-2-x-lp-red-translucent-colored-vinyl - Pikul LP - Blue Translucent Colored Vinyl - http://store.dangerbirdrecords.com/products/650209-silversun-pickups-pikul-lp-blue-translucent-colored-vinyl
  4. I emailed MerchNow earlier this week and this is the conversation. Overall not super helpful. They didn't acknowledge the situation as a glitch in the system but rather just the result of the fact that production is actually not being taken care of by MN. My Email - Hi MN Support, I preorder the Dredg - Catch Without Arms vinyl reissue (https://dredg.merchnow.com/products/v2/294916/catch-without-arms-vinyl), and the original expected shipping/processing date was 7/12. I totally understand that delays happen and things get pushed. I have purchased with you all more times than I can count, and everything arrives when it can, so no worries there. What I'm curious about is if there is a new expected shipping date as every day since July 12, just sees the Product listing page updating to the next day - ie. on July 12th, the shipping date changed to July 13th, on July 13th, it changed to the 14th, etc. And now its currently showing 8/11 and Im sure tomorrow it will be 8/12. I've never seen anything like this before, and believe it to be a glitch, so I was curious if you were aware of this? And either way, if you knew a more accurate estimated ship date? Thanks for your help and insight! -J MerchNow Reply - Hello, We apologize for the delay. The item currently causing this delay is not manufactured in house. They are sent to us directly from the manufacturer for distribution once they’re complete. These presales are set up by their respective band and labels. Often times they set up the manufacturing with expectations of the items arriving by a deadline, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan and we experience delays. These types of situations are completely out of our control and we understand how frustrating it can be. We are continually following up so we have continued updated information to provide. We assure you we will do our best to ship these quickly once they do arrive. We appreciate your patience and understanding. - Kairi
  5. WAVELENGTHS ~ 9/27 on Paxico Records ~ 14 homemade instrumentals ~ “Treat” is now streaming ~ VINYL pre-order is up! smarturl.it/vacationertreat -1st press Ltd to 500. -Animated record centers by Drew Tetz -Cover Photo by She Hit Pause .- Manufactured and distributed by Fat Beats Wavelengths is 14 previously unreleased cuts by Vacationer that "didn’t need vocals." "My memory gets fuzzy when I try to pin down the time of year this began, or which track was the first to come together. Let’s call it 2016. I’d been getting into a habit of home schooling myself in music production. I was compelled to become more self-sustained in my music-making and gratified with the recording quality I could achieve. My goal was to complete an album at home within my means. I have a modest music room filled with gear and records in various conditions that have accumulated over the years. It’s a stretch to call it a studio, but that’s how I treat it. I overhauled the room’s configuration to accommodate every working instrument and record them at a moments notice. During this time I was determined to complete writing for the third Vacationer LP, Mindset. Even though I was focused on that task at hand, I had ulterior motives to complete an original instrumental record for many years. So I worked on both projects in tandem. This is a close personal record for me. It was made for years in one room with all I had at arms length. I want to bring the listener into that room. I want them to smell the cedar planks and weed and feel the click of the tape machines’ record button under their index fingers. I hope they find all the enjoyment." - Ken Vasoli
  6. US Preorder - Bright Red Opaque w/ Black Starburst - https://refused.merchnow.com/ UK/EU - Clear with Black Splatter and Black - https://uk.kingsroadmerch.com/refused/
  7. https://circasurvive.merchnow.com/ New Juturna Variant - https://circasurvive.merchnow.com/products/v2/295709/juturna-white-brown-green New On Letting Go Variant - https://circasurvive.merchnow.com/products/v2/295712/on-letting-go-white-purple-green 2 New Juturna Tapes - https://circasurvive.merchnow.com/products/v2/295710/juturna-blue https://circasurvive.merchnow.com/products/v2/295711/juturna-orange 2 New OLG Tapes - https://circasurvive.merchnow.com/products/v2/295713/on-letting-go-pink https://circasurvive.merchnow.com/products/v2/295714/on-letting-go-yellow
  8. I think they're trying to get cash to finish funding their new album - but could also be a cash grab
  9. https://www.instagram.com/drewroulette/ dredg “catch without arms” limited edition screen printed vinyl release. (Sleeve only, no booklet) Now available at dredg.com Also 40% off all other items
  10. I was bummed I didn't see a media mail option when I ordered - cheapest option was $9.92
  11. Limited to 250 https://merchnow.com/products/v2/294917/catch-without-arms-autographed-vinyl https://merchnow.com/products/v2/294916/catch-without-arms-vinyl
  12. sorry - saw that post topic, but didn't realize the black vinyl had been posted in there. I can't seem to find a delete option, but if you know how, let me know and I'll delete it