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  1. I asked on twitter - Maybe with some retweets or follow up tweets they'll give some pressing info. -
  2. Went with the Purple/Yellow. Seemed to match the artwork better
  3. Wonder if they'll sell the 12" to non-subscribers. I'd be interested in hearing the John Nolan & Geoff Rickley track
  4. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Dessa's debut full-length album, Doomtree Records is issuing A Badly Broken Code on vinyl for the first time ever. Only 1,000 copies printed in this first run, so get them while they last. Includes double LP, gatefold packaging, lyric sheet, and digital download card. http://store.doomtree.net/product/a-badly-broken-code-10-year-anniversary-edition-2lp-dessa
  5. I've not gotten a shipping a notification yet and have tried reaching out via email multiple times, as well as their social media, with no response
  6. If you use the merchnow store (same deals) you can get media mail https://hopelessrecords.merchnow.com/products/bycode?code=LP
  7. He was about 50/50 on using a guitar during the latest headlining tour. However the NFG tour, he didn't use one at all. Seems like it may depend on the set.
  8. Finally got a shipping notification for my copy today! Hopefully some others did as well
  9. ask and you shall receive. Got this in my email about 30 minutes later
  10. I saw that this morning as well. Very weird that nothing has been said about it. I hope these ship soon.
  11. anyone after the Black With Splatter variant. looks like it's available again - http://www.memory-music.net/products/650443-anthony-green-would-you-still-be-with-strings
  12. Bad Rabbits - Mimi extras went up for sale yesterday, and it seems like all colors except blue are still available, including the rarer clear variant http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com/MOM040
  13. Also went to the Boston show a couple days ago, and it was excellent. He sounded incredible, and it was super intimate and fun. I would really try to swing it if you can. Also, here's a couple videos I snagged - Tex The Rock Johnson - This One's On Me -
  14. Picture disc and test press available from Matt's merch store - https://mdbcollective.com/store Test press - https://mdbcollective.com/store/matt-embree-2019-12-45-rpm-vinyl-record-test-pressing