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  1. Yes, you're right that it was on Crickets. I didn't realize that until after purchasing. Still cool though!
  2. Dredg Vault up for order. Includes a new Flexi of unreleased songs, Live CD, and a lot of multi-media - https://dredgvault.com/
  3. I think the underlined part is perfectly fine for him to do. We can all like it or not like it, but as the head of the band he can do whatever he wants. It's our choice if we want to get on board or not, and we have a right to express ourselves with whatever we decide to do - we weren't attacking him, but the public piece of art that now belongs to the world (both the album, and the album art itself). His retaliation to negativity is absolutely not OK for all reasons mentioned above and throughout the thread. And it's a bit too late for any of this, but when they originally went up (or even on this podcast!), I wish he elaborated in far greater detail what "what I want the aesthetic to look like on the covers." to actually mean. Like what sparked the change (we got a bit of the reason about Lover in this episode of the podcast), why these covers, what is the meaning behind the new art - literally anything, but we got none of that, and that doesn't help people digest change in my opinion.
  4. I listened to the whole episode. I think he is personally in a weird state with his life (which he also discusses a little). The whole episode, he had a bit of an "old man yells at cloud" vibe - which for many things I 1000% agreed with. And then there were other parts that just didn't make sense to me from a logical perspective, but when it comes to emotion, logic is usually not there, so I understand that too. But when they started talking about Apeshit - I got very hype!
  5. I shot them an email, and Corey replied - seems like he's still packing orders, so hopefully it starts moving soon! Thanks all!
  6. Anyone else get a shipping notice for this a few weeks ago (nov 11), but then have no movement other than label created?
  7. The green splatter was out of 500 according to the label. it's what they sold at all his in-stores when the record came out, and then they sold what was returned to the label afterwards, which was only ~50
  8. Hazy Clear w/ black splatter https://anthonygreen.bandcamp.com/album/boom-done?label=1925624035
  9. Sumerian records was affected by this too, and its supposedly the reason for the US represses of Violent Waves taking so long to ship.
  10. I feel like a complete dipshit - but at least I could take this photo 2 weeks ahead of most 😕