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  1. 3rd-ed. Also my copy has some small black splatter that feels like pressing machine color switch-over residue, rather than an explicit splatter pattern (#345)
  2. yea the colors are awesome! But agreed - I have them all already, and I dont see a need to start variant hunting now
  3. Dangerbird Represses are up - https://store.dangerbirdrecords.com/products/703832-minus-the-bear-omni-infinity-overhead-and-lost-loves-vinyl-lp-bundle
  4. These are not test pressings. It's just a randomly pulled unit from the run that got marked for Quality Control. It's not really anything. These copies are the same as all the others - they just got pulled for a random inspection by a line worker
  5. Here's the link - https://blueskynoisestream.com/products/live-sky-noise-2xlp-event-exclusive
  6. hardly - it's the exact same kind of livestream that everyone has been doing since 1/2 way through 2020
  7. Drew is really active on IG - have you messaged him the situation? Maybe he has a small amount of stock left that he could sell (although it would be cooler to replace for free)?
  8. Still for sale here - https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/delta-kream-exclusive-colored-vinyl?_pos=1&_sid=33fd53db6&_ss=r
  9. I would actually assume the opposite - that it's all just part of the black/pink mix run. If they were doing a full black vinyl run, it'd be announced. But thats just my guess.
  10. Not for this release, but for others CH did in the past - I also thought they were ignoring my emails, but they were getting sent to my spam folder. May be good to double check that filter and see if you have responses there. Hope this helps!

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