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  1. Yeah, agreed. I bought a few of these the last round and was really happy with them. The prices are expensive but seem fair for what you’re getting, and the condition grading and the shipping and packaging is a lot more trustworthy than what you’d find from some rando on discogs.
  2. /500 Clear https://undertowstore.com/products/santa-cruz?variant=48899638985022 /500 (according to BSM) Green Sunburst https://bsmrocks.com/products/pedro-the-lion-santa-cruz
  3. Very excited for this. I love the screen printed cover on the test pressing.
  4. I was able to grab one. I thought about coming here to post about it, but they were all sold out by then so I didn't bother. I'm pretty excited for it though. Expensive, but mwY are one of my all time favorite bands and it'll be cool to have an original Kafanov painting. I had missed the email this morning but my brother texted me about it at like 10:18 and by then, there were like 7 of the Bubblegum Brain variant left, and 6 or so of the painted sleeve with no vinyl. I think by around 10:35 they were all sold out. It's kind of odd that they paired these painted covers with the I Never Said I Was Brave EP. With the artwork style, I would've thought they'd pair them with some sort of special edition of the self-title EP or LP.
  5. If you’re looking to get rid of the slipcase version, I’d take it off your hands. Since the EP was announced, I’d been checking the website off and on, and just got back from walking the dog and now it’s gone.
  6. US store: https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/la-dispute
  7. Yeah, at the Salt Lake show, a DJ opened and played for 30-45 minutes. Doors were delayed by an hour or so because of "technical difficulties", being the first night of the tour, we were told, but Crosses going on about 2 hours after doors sounds about right.
  8. I got one in the mail too. This is a replacement because the original didn’t match the mock up and enough people complained, I guess? I definitely like the original one more.
  9. I was surprised they didn’t do a pink version when this first went on sale a few months ago. Since I already picked up the black version, and because the pink is $60, I won’t double dip, but it’s pretty nice looking.
  10. My habits have started to change, but mostly just in the past couple of months. I’ve been maxed out on shelf space for quite a while now, but hadn’t really slowed my buying habits until recently. I’d usually just let things build up on the floor until I would eventually do a big purge sale to clear up some space. Now, I’m trying to be more responsible when buying new records and ask myself, “do I want this enough that I will sell another record that I like and already own to make room for it?” I’m trying to go for the “ one in, one out” approach. I’ve also tried to be less of completist, unless it’s really a top tier band/artist for me. Do I really need 10+ albums of a band I’m a pretty casual fan of and have just kept buying their new albums over the years, even though I only REALLY like one or two of their records from 15 years ago. I still really like to collect, and appreciate all of that, but it just starts to feel like clutter at a point, and that doesn’t feel great to live in. One other way that I’ve been trying to change is I don’t really try to load up during big sales anymore. Despite things getting so over the top in pricing lately (which has also been a big reason to cut back), I’d always get sucked in when there’d be a post here about a big clearance sale, and I’d stock up on 10 records for $100 or whatever. I’m always looking to find new music, so I’d buy things that I had read about being good, or had heard a bit of and was kind of interested in. But, I’ve sold so many records over the years that I owned just because I got a good deal on them, and then they just sat on my shelf for years without me ever really getting around to listening to them. So, unless it’s something that I like enough to pay full price for (as long as “full price” is somewhat reasonable), then I try to hold off. A couple of things I’ve been excited about: I finally picked up a copy of Cave In’s Antenna, which was their only album didn’t own. I got a few early Japanese pressings of some old favorites from one of 1-2-3-4 Go’s recently collection sales (Springsteen, Peter Gabriel). IAMX released a couple of his early albums on vinyl this year for the first time, so I was excited to finally own those.
  11. New release up: https://madamezuzus.com/products/london-by-day-smashing-pumpkins-live-at-the-bbc London By Day-Smashing Pumpkins-Live at the BBC Dec 5th, 2014 It's surprisingly ONLY $30. There was an autographed version for $130, but it looks like that one is sold out now. Deluxe gatefold packaging - 2 LP Set Limited pressing on Smoky Yellow Colored vinyl Pressed on 180 gram vinyl Track List One and All Being Beige Hummer Tiberius Tonight, Tonight Drum + Fife Glass and the Ghost Children Monuments Disarm Zero Bullet with Butterfly Wings Fame Ava Adore Burnt Orange Black Billy Corgan:Vocals, Guitar Jeff Schroeder: Guitar Mark Stoermer: Bass Guitar Brad Wilk: Drums Recored live on 2014-12-05 at The BBC Maida Vale Studios, London
  12. Nice, excited to finally be able to get this. Did any of you that ordered it get a confirmation email?
  13. Individual LPs are now up for sale. No mention of if they are limited or not. ~$29-31 single LP and ~$41 double LPs. https://us.cloudshillshop.com/collections/omar-rodriguez-lopez-amor-de-frances-parts-i-ii-iii-iv
  14. Thanks! I usually end up working most RSDs and BFRSDs, but you guys always come through on the leftovers! I was able to get the one thing I was looking for this morning.
  15. I actually really like the gray and pink Aaron Turner poster. The black one not so much. I bought the poster at the Austin show and that one is pretty cool, though I forget the artist’s name.
  16. I'll definitely pick up a few of the individual records that I don't have. I'd probably be interested in picking up the volume 1 box set even, but it kind of makes it sound like the box sets will only be available as a bundle with all 4 volumes together?
  17. This is how I felt too. I listened to it a couple of times on streaming when it first came out and thought it was fine, but then kind of forgot about it. But, then I was going to go see them when they came though my town, so I gave it another try and found it a lot more enjoyable. I’m into it.
  18. Haha, yeah, that’s what I thought too. I looked it up and saw $44 and thought “oh well, I guess I’ll just get one of the uglier splatter versions,” expecting those to be $10+ cheaper. But then saw that those were $45?!! So I went with the clear.
  19. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/hopesfall-the-satellite-years-2lp-limited-edition-only-500-made-clear-vinyl Clear vinyl version out of 500 available from BrooklynVegan.
  20. I’d say that I like it overall, but there are a few misses on it for me. I haven’t really been able to get into the talk-singing that John does on Beneath the Rose and Choir. I like other bands that sing like that but so far it hasn’t clicked for me when he does it. Then there are a couple of the mellower songs that seem more like interludes than actual songs, so it makes it feel like there are only 4 or 5 actual songs on the album. It makes it feel kind of short. But, it’s growing on me.
  21. I was able to grab one right before they sold out. I wonder if these are the same versions they had for sale at the festival this weekend?

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